before & after: veronica’s night table + jason’s barcart

this first before & after comes from artist veronica diago. she enjoys diy projects and decided to apply her handiwork to a project for her son. she picked up an old night table from a garage sale and transformed it into a cool modern table- complete with airplane detailing for her son’s “obsession”. veronica’s little boy is one lucky duck. great work!


CLICK HERE for jason’s bar cart makeover after the jump!

this bar cart makeover comes from design director, jason caldeira. jason came across an old, rusted bar cart in his back alley that had “too much potential to pass up”. he’d never done any sort of restoration project in the past, but decided to give it a shot.

jason cleaned and sanded the cart down, spray-painted it white (the only color he happened to have on hand) and covered it in snow & graham paper for the tray surface. and voila! a new bar cart ready for cocktail hour. great work, jason!



The bar cart looks amazing, but I wonder sturdy the surfaces are when it comes to regular use, since they’re covered in wallpaper. Is the wallpaper vinyl? Is it topped with glass?


I absolutely love the night table!
Imagine the possibilities! Flowers…Vintage Camera’s…Vintage hats or dresses…
What a perfect idea.


the night table is perfect. i love how she repeated the chest’s curved corners on the airplane images, and created a nice visual rhythm with the opposite, off-centered knobs.



I have a question about the nightstand (which seems kinda high for a nightstand and seems much better suited to its current setting): I notice there’s only one small handle on each drawer. Is this sufficient to pull them open? or have they been transformed into shelves? Inquiring minds want to know!


hmm. while i appreciate the creativity, not feeling today’s set of before and afters – collectively they feel a bit junky. but maybe i just don’t quite think the initial items were really salvagable in the first place. am i alone in this thought? sorry. normally i am amazed by your selection, grace, but not today.


visualingual: the bar cart graphics are covered with clear contact paper (which I added after taking the picture) to help seal it off. The entire paper surface is adhered to thin board, not directly to the cart, in case I feel like changing out the pattern. (Which I know I’ll do – I can never make up my mind.)

The makeover is far from perfect, but it was a fun process nonetheless.

Thanks d*s!


The night table is fabulous. made me smile. Perfect for a boy, but really I want it for myself because it looks so cool.

Veronica Diago

The wood is really light, so the drawers do slide easily. It is a little high though. I was tempted to cut it in half and add a set of long, pointy legs to each piece and get two tables instead of one, but two drawers weren’t enough for my boy’s papers. His bed is a little tall anyways.

Thanks for your comment anonymous and thanks to everyone who liked my table !

Your bar cart looks great Jason !


Jason’s table is great! It’s a perfect inspiration for enough of the filling up landfill and use /reuse/re purpose what we have on hand. And, Veronica my little dude gave your night stand a big wow.


Love them both. The night stand is so groovy. I was wanting to redo some of my sons’ furniture and am glad to see this first.


Wow. I can’t get over that nightstand! It takes me back to how cool flying seemed when I was a little kid. Stunning job!


i love the bar cart – just charmingly simple. wouldn’t change a thing!


The night table is the best thing I have seen on Design Sponge yet, and an amazing transformation of a very uninspiring ‘before’ piece.


The night table/bureau is so clever AND cute! Love it! The bar table is a great idea for those of us who love the bold graphic wallpapers but have that fear of wallpaper commitment.