before & after: julie’s cabinet

this before and after comes from julie of bangs, a beard & ballyhoo (i love that blog name). julie and her fiance inherited a dilapidated linen cabinet when they moved to san francisco, but it was a horrible hodge-podge of brown, blue and red chipped paint. after sanding the heck out of it and cleaning it up with some white paint, they added a yellow interior and a beautiful elly nelly wall graphic in ash. it looks like such a cheerful place to store bedding and towels now, great work julie!

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This is really fantastic – I love the use of the wall graphic on top of the paint – I had never considered that for inside a piece of furniture!


Wow…just fabulous! Love the bright yellow and white color combo and the flowers!


So cute! I love that you thought to use the wall graphic on the inside of your cabinet… great job!


Very pretty, but it throws me off that the flowers spring forth from nowhere. I would love to see the design continue cohesively down to the bottom.


i heart that strpe-y plaid blanket! can you tell me where it’s from? please?


mh – the blanket is so soft and perfect. it’s a vintage find from a shop called “lazy fish” on block island, rhode island.

katie – right now, the cabinet is in a corner of the living room. for some reason it didn’t seem to belong in the bedroom. i’m fickle, so that may change.

thank you for all of the kind comments!


Woohoo! Julie you’ve done us proud!! Our Meadow wall graphic looks super. We are delighted to see it get such a great treatment, so what we want our customers to be doing with our designs. Thank you!! Cheers, Elaine & Nell :o)