before & after: brooke’s folding screen headboard

i am absolutely nuts about this makeover from brooke of playing grown up- mainly because i see screens like this on nyc streets all the time and never thought to do something like this with them. brooke won this lovely screen at an antiques auction and decided to get down to some serious sanding and painting. after a little elbow grease and hard work brooke had a shiny new headboard! throw in a cute puppy and i’m sold. great work, brooke!

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Great Idea! I would never have thought to use a screen as a headboard.


Sweet puppy! And the makeover is beautiful. Great idea!


Wow… really really nice! Looks very similar to a very expensive terrace railing from India that I have made into a headboard that is also the same color! I wish I would have seen this before I bought that railing piece!!! Amazing! Truly! *kicking myself now*


I absolutely LOVE that idea. We have two windows above our bed, but I’ve still wanted a headboard…just something you could maybe see through. That is a fabulous transformation!

Jake Harrison

This brilliant! I LOVE the screen’s pattern work!


I love the turquoise colour she chose for the screen, so summer-y. And oh geez, is that puppy ever cute!


Great idea! I also love the pillowcases – thanks for posting the link Grace! :)


Gosh I wish I had the creative mind to think of something like that! Awesome!


this has been one of my most favorite before and afters! I love the color and the silhouette of the screen!


Beautiful headboard… But, more importantly, what kind of dog is that puppy? I want!!


Turquoise and yellow is quickly becoming my new favorite color combination. Looks great!


Turquoise and yellow is quickly becoming my new favorite color combination. Looks great!


CUTE! Our bedroom is turquoise and yellow, too. Remember that Blueprint spread? Love it. So good for both men and women, and so cheery.


I loove this. Very pretty, I wish I could find screens on the streets out here, because I not only want one for the intended purpose, but now I’m thinking a headboard would be pretty snazzy.


Great idea and love the color! That pup is not half bad either! Precious!


Wish I could live in a house as cute as that. OH WAIT! I’m going to!!! in 22 days!


That is just lovely. May I ask what brand and color the paint is?

Thanks in advance!

Stephanie Zink

anything with a puppy that cute wins my vote!


I love this! So darling… How did you make those paper flowers that are above the bed? They look like they are hanging on a string!! Did you buy those or make those?? I want the scoop on those pretty little things!!!


Brooke! Looks cute… especially Buckley. Hope you are enjoying decorating your new house.


love the colour choice!
danielle: pomlove at does similar paper decorations in a variety of shapes and sizes


Loving this headboard! Also loving the flowers about the board! what are these and did you make them too?! Great job!


brilliant. the color makes the whole look. well, that and that cute DOG!
I did something like this but used two twin size headboards that i got from housing works thrift shop auctions… two headboards side by side behind a king size works perfect… so love your blog.


come on we all love the colour enough suspense what is it??!!


Very pretty pattern on the headboard. Would look nice hanging in a window, too.

Our headboard is a sheesham wood folding screen we found on the street. One top piece was missing, so we just removed the other three.

Brooke Premo

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!! I really did have a good time doing this project.

BTW: Our little puppy is a Border Collie and they are the best dogs ever!


great item- but i think she should hang it for a more dramatic presence. half the screen is wasted behind the mattress… the tissue paper pom poms would look fantastic overlapping a taller headboard!


Oh. Em. GEE. That little puppy is so cute, cocking his little head! Oh, and the headboard isn’t so shabby either. ;]


OK I am pinching myself – because I used to OWN a screen identical to that one & I decided to sell it in a yardsale because I didn’t have room for it anymore & because it was broken in places but it was extremely windy that day and it got completely destroyed : (
But OMG if I had even just thought about turning into a headboard – LOL then I would have had room for it !!!
Anyway this is SO gorgeous
REALLY wish I would have thought about it myself – LOL


This is so nice. I love the colors.
I should try this, I don’t have a headboard.


So pretty….where did you get the flowers – I love them.


wow, that is a really cool idea! i love the sunshiney yellow & the blue together. and those pillows are too cute, as well as the puppy! ;)


Beautiful! I have a wood screen (not nearly as gorgeous)
that I want to do the same thing with…how did you mount it to the
wall? Thanks!