wedding bells + cute invites

even though our big day has come and gone, i still get a kick out of beautiful wedding design. so i was thrilled to hear from emily henrickson and her groom keith cotton about the cute details at their march 2009 wedding- namely their stationery.

designed by mok duk, their invites had such a fun, playful feel- a mood that was carried out in other details (like the various mustache photos).

speaking of fun wedding invites, this fun wheel invite from lauren venell’s wedding, via do it yourself. i love the wooden details.


and last but not least, check out this doozy of an invite below, designed by matt dorfman for his 2008 wedding. it’s long, but i love all the typefaces and getting to hear the full story of how they met, along with the actual invite. [via i do it yourself]



these are so inspiring. and the story in the last invitation? gave me CHILLS! great way to start a friday!


Is it bad that I’ve got tears in my eyes? That’s so beautiful (and damn clever!)


YAY, I’ll never get old of wedding related goodness- especially fun and funky goodness! I love that last invite- and it is pretty similar to mine and my husband’s story- took us 6 years to finally share the same zip code :)

krista - urbanite jewelry

that is, by far, the most AWESOME wedding invite i have ever seen! i teared up. (maybe this has something to do with the fact that i currently live an ocean away from my beloved?)


That last invitation and story are too perfect. I love the last line (…and eternity to follow)!


gave me chills and made me tear up. this is so sweet and it reminds me of me and my husband.


I so love these invites. And I too will never get tired of seeing these cute and clever ones.

Claire Bock

This is the best wedding invitation I have ever seen and as someone who has been in a long distance relationship for 4 years I truly appreciate it!


Love how playful the approach is…
as far as wedding invites… these take the cake on ‘inspired’.


I agree with Krista. It is by far the best invite I’ve seen!


Love it so much — especially the last line “dinner and dancing and eternity to follow” — that’s how touched I am :)

nole @ oh so beautiful paper

The last invitation is one of my absolute favorites – it made me all teary towards the end. I also posted their RSVP card, which is equally as cute, in case anyone is interested…


I’ve gone all teary after reading the last one! Love it..especially the final line!


It’s cute and entertaining. But oh my god, a six year long-distance relationship? Sounds like hell!


That last one is the coolest wedding invite ever. It didn’t make me teary-eyed, though. It made me think, “I wish we’d thought of that”!

Annie May

So amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this! Such personal touches that really tell the unique stories of each couple! I’ve been thinking about planning my wedding for over a year…think this may be the post that really gets me going:-) Truly inspiring!


the last one is super cute. great typographic execution of a great story. very sweet.

Another Kristin

Wait, after all that, they’re not getting married in New York??

nicole hetzel

last invite – incredible! my situation is soooo similar, but i’m not engaged yet. still at the, honey move in with me? stage! hahaha : )


That last invitation = best wedding invitation ever.


I am tearing up at my desk. Such a great weekend starter. Love the Jill/Matt story.

kate b

lovelovelovelove that last invite! so cute! love all the different typefaces, they really reflect the story and how sweet it is :)

Uncle Beefy

I’m pretty sure this kind of charming is illegal! But in the best possible way!

Melt my heart….killing me softly with their song. Sigh.


I’m happy to read that I wasn’t the only one who was touched by this wedding invitation ( I feel too sentimental sometimes).


I wish I was creative enough to do something like that last invitation for my wedding. It is amazing


I’m just going to join in on the love fest for the last invite. Best ever! LOVE IT. Unique idea, executed to perfection.


I have to admit, I shed a tear… or two. This is so original! and it’s very well made so it doesn’t become tacky at all. KUDOS!


What a very modern love story! Those little wooden stumps are beyond adorable especially on their bed of moss.


L’Amore! L’Amore!
I’m crying all over this computer
(borrowed) and my pink eyed pit
bull Lavender!

Such a tender sweet story and invite. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful illustrations and colors in the mok duk invitation on the top.
I will check out their website right now!


I think all of us in long distance relationships now have happy, relieved smiles on our faces and a renewed sense of hope that it will all be worthwhile…!


such an romantic invitation. it makes me want to have a wedding and i really dread weddings. and the story, wow…makes me feel better about my long distance relationship.


Cyd’s is the best! and everything emily does is so charming. happy new life

mrs boo radley

LOVE the invite! My husband wrote a clever love snippet that we placed at each of our guests’ place settings at our reception.


What a great article! I love the first print showcased – the colours are amazing! :)


AWESOME! I love it! I love it! I love it!
The presentation is great, but the content is what makes the presentation so great!


They typography on the invite is amazing – love it! (and the story of course) :-)

alex sunday

i love matt and jill’s invitation!! almost made me cry because it’s so funny and sweet and honest. :)


Absolutely incredible, the invites, the cake, the picture, all of it. This is so fairy tale like. The picture of the two says a million words. Loving, playful, the child in the back ground, it’s original, modern, old all in one. Great.

becky z-dub

don’t even know them, but i got teary reading the jill and matt invite. love it!


Dinner and dancing and eternity to follow made me wanna weeeeeeep. So nice.


Adorable. I’m a) planning a wedding and b) did long distance for five years. I’m tempted to steal the idea. So cute!

cute invites

oh … .. my cute designs like the whiskers of the bride, very creative and funny, I think unique wedding invitations … extraordinary …