vera neumann at anthropologie

by Grace Bonney

yesterday i hopped on the subway and headed into the city to check out an exhibition of vera neumann‘s work at anthropologie in rockefeller center. vera: a new look is a beautiful exhibition that celebrates the life and work of designer and artist vera neumann. best known for her colorful silk scarves, neumann produced an incredible amount of work in her lifetime (over 20,000 scarves and 7,000 pieces of original artwork), some of which was on display at anthroplogie last night. while visiting the vera company in atlanta, anthropologie discovered stunning screens and drawings of vera’s and decided to showcase them in their store, along with a wall-full of her vivid scarves.

i really enjoyed seeing these black and white screens of vera’s work. even before they were realized in their final form, vera’s drawings are exuberant and her brush strokes have such a sense of energy and vitality. and when you add her sense of color on top of it all? unstoppable. i’ll be a vera fan for life and it was a real treat to see a collection of her work, and drawings, together like this.

inspired by vera’s designs, anthropologie recently launched a lovely collection of home goods and clothing based on original vera artwork. the design team created plates, cups, trays, skirts, blouses, bedding and dresses. the ‘we heart vera‘ series is now available online at anthropologie (the bedding is available at select stores)- you can see a sampling of it below, but you can also click here to shop the full collection online. it’s so nice to see a company going beyond using a classic designer’s work and actually recognizing, celebrating and honoring their talent.

there are many more pictures from the event below, so be sure to click “read more” below to see the full post. thanks to sara goodstein at anthropologie for letting me poke my head in a little early to grab some pictures!


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  • i just found some vintage vera linen tea towels yestaerday and they are so cheery and pretty. i am definitely headed over to check this out!

  • oooo
    Thanks for taking all of the great photos for those of us who can’t make it to the exhibit.
    As a vintage fashion shop owner, Vera’s designs are the one thing I can’t part with! She’s my current design ‘weakness’!

  • i have a half dozen tea towels that we found when we cleaned out my grandmother’s house. they’re wonderful! I also scored an original scarf in the tiniest little town in Colorado once. Thanks for the head up on this, i do indeed *heart* Vera.

  • So nice to learn more about her as a designer. I just scored one of her scarves at GOODWILL of all places. Still had the original sales tag on. Perhaps I will wear it today.

  • I’ve always collected vera scarves as well, but i only have about ten… what i wouldn’t give for another fifteen!

    thank you for posting this, grace!

  • I’m so upset I didn’t know about this! I work right next to that anthro, and vera is my absolute favourite scarf designer. Do you know if they’re keeping the display up, or was it only an event for that night?

  • Thank you so much for this post! I am so excited :) I also collect her scarves. Vera was amazing and I agree that it is so nice to see this celebration of her work!

  • Looking at your photos I thought I recognized her signature. I went to my scarf drawer and sure enough, I have one of her silk scarves. How wonderful to learn more about Vera! Thanks for posting this Grace!

  • I owned a few vintage Vera scarves at one point. They were so pretty I hung them on my walls. Now where have they gone…?

  • WOW this is so fantastic and inspiring!! Great colors and patterns. And I love the picture of her working alongside her cute daschund pup.

  • very cool! I work at anthropologie and have been a fan of the Vera stuff we get in. Her designs and styles are very original.

  • My Omi collected the scarves, and had bath towels too in pretty shades of blue. I still have 3 of the towels, and they look great.

  • I have always loved Vera’s work! She used such vibrant colors, it always makes me smile.

  • grace–

    thank you so much for posting this! it has made my morning and is so inspiring! will definitely check out the show.

  • Love love love Vera. I’ve got several of her scarves, some “borrowed” from my mom and others found thrifting. A month or so ago I found a shower curtain in pristine condition.

  • Apparently, I have a set of 8 Vera napkins; I got them at Value Village. I just liked the strong, graphic design…flowers with a butterfly motif. I saw the “Vera” in the corner, but didn’t know anything about the designer. Now I do. Thanks for the post!

  • I mean, it’s all beautiful, but those screens – I’d light them from behind and hang them in my house like a shadowbox. Amazing.

  • I’ve been collecting Vera for years–thanks so much for posting about the exhibition! I never would have known. Her work has such a vibrancy. I know she’s best known for her scarves but I’m a much bigger fan of her designs for the home: tablecloths covered in cherries, napkins with beautiful butterflies…and over the years I’ve even scored sheet sets (unopened! with tags!!) that now grace the bed in my four year old’s room. Hooray for Vera!

  • I don’t say this often but HOLY CRAP THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL. I especially love the duvet and the long leaf painting pair. SO much awesome.

  • My mom always had Vera scarves and I wish that I still had them now. Thanks for sharing this Grace and sparking some great memories. I will have to keep my eyes open and hope for some Vera finds on upcoming thrifting trips. What an amazing exhibit … wouldn’t it be great if it traveled to other Anthropologie stores around the country?

  • How great that Vera is in the spotlight like this! What an amazing designer. I have lots of Vera. Mostly scarves I buy to sell in my vintage shop but never get around to because I hate to part with them.

  • I love the leaf prints – her art is goregous! I now have to go look through all my vintage scarves again ….sigh…gorgeous!

    I am, however, rather disturbed by the way the pieces are displayed. I like anthro’s unconventional style, but there are a million ways they could have achieved that look without putting GIANT thumb tack holes in the scarves.

  • In high school every old lady in Florida wore polyester Vera back in the 70’s…it was a look for oldsters…now it’s back. It’s retro, and it’s still old fashioned to me.

  • LOVE VERA… I have stacks of scarves and 2 sets of napkins as well as a blouse that has corn on the cob printed on it… NEVER WORN.

    So glad she is getting this exposure.

  • Love Vera! I set my table with her napkins and have made my collection of scarves into beautiful pillows for my shop. I am a HUGE FAN!! Thanks for that post with such photos!

  • Just found your site a few days ago!

    Thank you so much for telling us (and showing us) your adventures with Vera!!! So cool!!!

  • It was a privilege to be present on Thursday at Anthro to witness the tribute to a female icon of fashion and art and see Susan Seid who has given life again to “Vera”. We can look forward to a world of “color”

  • Would anyone know where to purchase the beautiful silk Plumage lamp shade #860050?

    Anthropologie use to carry it.

  • I own some of her scarves and I love her designs. They’re so beautiful they’d be great as framed art. Her look is as fresh now as it was originally.

  • i have a framed piece of art, perhaps a silk screen not sure. it is signed Vera with the classic vera signature, it is titled, Celebrate the Seasons of the Sun, it is diveded into 4 quqdrants with 4 different seasons of the sun

    does anybody know anything about it

    please e mail back to me

  • I have just discovered my first Vera scarf in a local thrift shop! I paid .99 for it! I have enjoyed looking at your wonderful pics. Thanks!

  • Oh my! Love this post. I love Vera with my heart. Her style and colors are so amazingly pretty. Can’t wait to see more from Anthro.

  • I just adore Vera.
    I have kept and sold quite a few vintage Vera items over the years including tea towels, sheet sets, scarves, napkins and even a Mikasa bowl.
    But today I was able to purchase the lovely duvet. This will be a most cherished possession for many years to come!

  • I have Vera question…should I remove the laundary tag from the scarf I have? It sticks our of the triangular shaped scarf when worn. Will removing the tag take away from the value?

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Vera, she was a wonderful woman and a true icon. It’s nice to see her name live on.

  • I have a Vera question…
    I just obtained a Vera Scarf that is signed with just her name, Vera. It was done for F. Shumaker Co. and is from the Hattian Collection and is called Side Street.
    Any history on this would be appreciated and Thank You!

  • I have Vera bath towels. They are so pretty that I can hardly bear to use them…lovely violet and blue flowers and a great big Vera signature at the hem.

  • I’ve scoured the internet but can’t find my skirt! It’s vera skirt, above the knee with sunflowers all over and her signature and lady bug, but I can’t find it anywhere! Any ideas? It couldn’t possibly be the only one, it has the size inside, so I’m sure plenty were made. I also wonder its worth. Very sweet and airy. It’s making me crazy, I’ve gone to all the sites and can’t even find one similar! Any ideas?