sneak peek: teresa of madison and grow


teresa grow is the principal designer and co-founder of madison & grow, a company specializing in award-winning hand drawn prints and wall-coverings based on nature. her house in silver lake, los angeles is mostly made of thrift store finds or stuff she’s made herself (read her descriptions to find out just how creative this gal is). i just know i’m suddenly craving a teal blue dining room and galvanized metal table. don’t miss additional images from teresa here, and you can find all our fabulous sneak peeks here. {thanks, teresa!} -anne

[above: another view of the living room. the painting on the left is by jennifer hill, another terrific los angeles painter. the oval painting is also by kim west and the stripe painting is mine. spent about 5 years being obsessed with making stripe paintings! the sofas are from a vintage shop in the valley. I found the big E at the pasadena city college flea market, i had to get it!  we named all of our first year’s patterns after women close to us with names beginning with e.]

this is my living room with a fabulous vintage gas stove, we can turn it on and off with a switch. The wallpaper is madison and grow, madison pattern in the dijonnaise color way. all the artwork in the house is either mine or friends work.

my dining room, the wall color is dunn edwards, riviera. this color seems to be a theme of 2009 for me! the table is galvanized sheet metal that i made years ago for an art project and converted to a table with saw horses. the sconce light i made out of a funnel and washers.

this is our mother ship where a lot of cooking takes place, the kitchen is open to the living room so we have great views when cooking too.

here is a favorite antique painting i have on long term loan from my friend eleanor ( a pattern was named for her because of this fine deed as well as many others ) my dresser and yet another flokati rug.

i’m really excited about the zoo keeper and the bear painting by kim west i just bought it!  kim lives in los angeles and just finished a mural downtown on traction ave., if you are in los angeles check it out!

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peonies still life with my favorite coffee mug from zabars, i’ve had it since college and just made the realization that i should just buy more and get rid of all the others i don’t choose every morning. simplify! [right] this is willie with madison and grow manhattan collection papers.

this is our back garden dining spot under a rubber tree. the fabric is from ikea, i suppose i am still not over stripes.

this is the deck on our silver lake house, it faces west, we have terrific sunsets every night with views of the silver lake reservoir, the griffith park observatory and the hollywood sign!   we basically have a hodge podge of furniture from thrift stores ( a favorite is the saint vincent de paul thrift store in downtown los angeles) lots of sunset cocktails happen here for obvious reasons!


love the use of color- a lovely entertainment for the eyes.


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Jessica Svendsen

I love your dining room table, and I am trying to make one exactly like it. Where did you purchase the saw horse legs?



That vintage gas stove in the living room makes me weep with envy.Do you have a resource for more of those? I am about to start a remodel on a house in Fort Collins, CO and would love to use something like that.


can you tell us who makes the yellow and white wallpaper on the wall behind the Kim West Painting? I love it!

Uncle Beefy

Well, Teresa is a lovely lady so her home comes as no surprise really… but I’d thrown down with her to get that dining room table! Too much! :) And she made it? Well, that just makes it a little harder to like her. And that view ain’t helpin’! ;)

LOVE the Madison & Grow papers too! :)


What a dream house. The views are overwhelmingly beautiful.


Where can I find the wooden dresser under Eleanor’s painting?

Susan Lo

Lovely home! Can you share the dining room color?

victoria vu

teresa, your home is beautiful! i hope you’re doing well. it would be nice to see you pop in at rachel’s office sometime soon!


I would love to able to find a vintage gas stove like yours. Did you find it or were you lucky enough that it came with the house? If you can, please let me know. Thanks.


Teresa, GREAT place! Just my style for sure. I’m a fellow Los Angelian and I’m moving in August so I am on the hunt for great furniture on the cheap… lots of flea markets and thrift stores. St Vincent de Paul’s is always a lot of fun but can be hit or miss these days. I’d love to know what some of your other favorite stores are but I understand if you want to keep them a secret. ;)

teresa grow

thanks victoria! i have a wallpaper package for special delivery to the studio! and to anyone looking for a very talented architect who just had a house on the dwell tour this weekend in l.a. check out:

oh and hello rachel!

teresa grow

thanks to everyone!

uncle beefy! you too can have a table like mine, send me an email or better yet come for a visit when you are in l.a. and i will show ya how

the saw horse legs come from a chic little spot here in l.a., le home depot

the dining room walls are dunn edwards; riviera

my apologies to kim west! i forgot to put a link to her website:

i refuse to divulge all my secret spots of where to find stuff! but that said the jewish womens council thrift stores are terrific and a great org. to support! also, all along sunset between downtown,echo park, silver lake there are loads of little shops , craigslist, yard sales.

fireplace came with the house!

rug is ikea

thanks again everyone and thanks to grace of course! xo teresa


gorgeous! what beautiful light you have. it looks like a very happy peaceful home.


Love the table and the wall colour… the glass cake domes are lovely…


but those are hydrangeas not peonies. beautiful either way!

Tom Kor

The flowers are hydrangeas, not peonies. The paintings are great and the elephant painting was a great find.


Was anyone else able to look at work on the Kim West site or was there just a picture?

Also amazing home, I love it!

Christy Jackson


I was intrested in seeing if you would kindly let me know how to build a table like yours, I think it is just lovely. I live in Texas and will probably never get to see L.A., but i would love to have a little piece of L.A. in my apartment.

Is it very hard to do?

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me!


Beautiful ensemble!! Would love to know where you got the red letter “E” displayed on top of your shelf…

Thanks for your lovely design inspiration!


Good info. Lucky me I ran across your website by chance (stumbleupon).

I have bookmarked it for later!