sneak peek: scott engler


we have a tip from photographer melissa kaseman (she shot the place) to thank for the fabulous sneak peek into the home of  scott engler and his girlfriend marie. the house was built in 1900 in the castro section of san francisco and represents an archive of his travels as well as his fondness for taxidermy, singular books, odd likenesses of dictators. he’s also tried to “create a home that will entertain for weeks in anticipation of the next big quake allowing inhabitants to exit as the dust settles enlightened yet none the wiser.” click here for more full-sized images of scott’s place.  [thanks so much scott!] -anne

[notes from Scott: Some of the pieces include a chandelier from Lindsay Adelman, Lake Credenza from BBDW, Dining Room Table from Luke Bartels of Re-Find Furniture and Hand Painted Geometric Wallpaper by Tim Balon. Artwork by Jule Chang, Damon Sneed, Clare Rojas and Barry McGee.]









mrs boo radley

I love the shelving by the fireplace…and that chair! Oh my! Soft blue is so easy for me to consider as a color for our walls…


What a relief this light-filled space was after that first dark home on today’s Sneak Peeks! Definitely my preference and I love the quirkiness.


what is that creamy white paint paired with the brown entryway and what is the white on the door in the wallpapered room? loooooove it all!


Thank you for sharing this lovely home! Can you tell me anything about that sofa in the living room? It is so elegant yet looks so comfy…


Dead and severed bodies on the wall? Taxidermy is not cool, it’s violent and backward.


I love the geometric wallpaper! Where’s it from?


Taxidermy is a magical art that allows us to have the beauty of the Serengeti in our homes! Without the danger of lions!


Beautiful, but I’m quite surprised that a SF resident would keep all their dishes out in open shelves like that! Ah well, at least they aren’t above the bed.


I love this home! Could you please share the paint color and the chair manufacturer from the first picture. Thanks!

Jo in NZ

I know the home was an AT house tour, but man, the difference good photos make! Thanks for sharing here.


Beautiful house, taking away points because of the dead animals (nothing chic about that)


I’m moving into a home that has the same ceiling as yours, with rounded “edges”. I love the way you chose to paint your walls, stoping a few cm from the ceiling. It gives more heights to the room. I’m definitely doing the same thing.

Beautiful home ! Far too much clutter in the kitchen for me, but it is beautifully displayed.


adorable home! nice ideas, and that Mao sculpture looks so funny!

becky z-dub

love it! but i never understand why or how people put dishes on shelves. don’t they collect dust? it would drive me nuts to have to wash a bowl each time i use it.


Beautiful house, but are the dead animals necessary…brings the upbeat way down. I think bad karma as well.


Nice things, really like some of the ideas of the interiors! Have a look to my blog :), maybe you´ll find something for yourself.


Love: the brown. Unusual.

Hate: the dead animal trophies. Shamefully primitive and tacky. Especially ones with broken-off ears. (Butcher — the beauty of the Serengeti is that it’s NOT just in your hallway.)


Hey, thats a VERY beautiful house…Where can I buy this “RED STAMPS” poster?


Agree: Dead animals, not fashionable.
backwards and tacky.

Nancy Lee

I love seeing Lindsay’s light fixtures again! The hat tableau is perfectly charming as well.


like to see designers guild fabric on the first chair! x

Sarah Landwehr

Lovely home. I always appreciate the opportunity to look at (taxider
mied) animals up close. Usually vintage, I am sorry they had to die but glad that at least they can be marveled at and not be in the landfill. I think it’s worth noting that no one ever seems to raise objections about leather couches or sheepskin rugs…these personally make me more sad, esp. considering their mass production and that they pay little to no homage to the animal’s original form.


I could move in here. I hope all those taxidermy-haters are strictly vegan, otherwise they don’t have a right to judge… My favourite is the mao statue.


Sarah Landwehr makes an excellent point! I’m glad the dead animals can go on to continue providing some beauty.
Nice light through this place, that wallpaper is great too anyone know who the designer is?

scott engler

thanks everyone for the comments, positive and otherwise. the geometric wallpaper was handpainted onto the wall by tim balon who does amazing work. He can be contacted at 312.560.5001

Jade Travers

Beautiful house, beautiful light! Love the blue and red highlights… I even love your pets, i wouldn’t have them in my house but hey everyone to their own…


I know I am a year and a half too late, but this might be my favorite sneak peek ever. And my favorite house ever. I’ll move in any day.

Mike Bedsaul

What is the name and brand of the chocolate color in the entryway? Thanks for your time!