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sneak peek: office

by anne

when jill robertson‘s sneak peek arrived in our inbox we were very impressed – so much so that there was really no point in editing down the images – we loved it all! we knew we loved office and all the work they do (especially their pirate-themed posters for 826 valencia), so it’s fun to see jill’s creativity and style translated into her home. she and her husband jason have  always loved the idea of classic san francisco victorian, and when they bought their 1887 home for it’s architectural details, they realized they aesthetic was more modern and clean. they’re still experimenting and consider it a work in progress making me wish my “work in progress” could look like this! you can find additional images, and larger versions right here[thanks, jill!] anne

Office designed the pirate posters for 826 Valencia’s Pirate Supply Store (available online) All proceeds fund the nonprofit organization’s writing programs.

The rabbit painting is by Jason. (After 4 years, it still wasn’t finished … then he told me it’s supposed to look this way.)

Jason created the spirograph posters, inspired a mid-century magazine cover.


We always wanted a library ladder in our house; we never thought it would end up in the bathroom.

Jason designed this mosaic using Ann Sacks penny tile.

Dining room. Jason and I spent our 8th wedding anniversary in Amsterdam and happened upon a typographer Ewald Spieker‘s charming little studio. We asked him to create these stacked letters of his typeface, which read “Yes You Are the One.” Riri poster (1948) designed by Hans Aeschbach.

During this photoshoot, we noticed that there’s some sort of animal depicted in every room. In the kitchen, its a deer, owl, butterflies, birds and a crab. It wasn’t intentional, but I guess we like the personality they add.

Sun room

After a visit to the Viceroy Santa Monica, we created the pattern of mirrors to help open up the narrow hallway, and had the frames built out of different types of moulding. (Thanks, Kelly Wearstler.). The vintage chandelier is from a friend’s garage; we gave it a few coats of white spray paint. It’s a low-budget version of Tobias Wong’s much more beautiful white rubber-encased design.

This is our foster dog, Elvis. (The fact that he works in our color palette was a happy coincidence.)

We’ve collected dozens of books with covers designed by Dick Bruna, and we framed a few of our favorites.



We painted the silhouettes, based on cut-outs of my sister and I as kids (from Worlds of Fun in Kansas City).

Vintage 1960s Bally posters designed by Aunior.

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  • First I was going to say I loved the bed and bath the most, then I was going to say I love the dining room the most…but really I think I love the mirrored hallway the most. Nice!

  • This is a really beautiful house. I love the colors and that ladder in the bathroom is truly amazing.

  • everything about this is freaking GORGEOUS

    usually i never comment on sneak peeks (i just read and admire them) but this one i just had to comment on!

  • Whenever I finally move in to my own home this will be my inspiration point.

    These photos leave me breathless and happy.

  • i love this! and i am not a usual commenter either…but i just HAVE to know what color paint that is in the mirrored hallway? i love it!

    do you know?

  • I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a sneak peek before, but this one has given me so many ideas. Thanks for the inspiration! And I want dibs on Elvis!

  • I love everything about your space right down to the little details:) Thanks so much for sharing! My favs are the closet, Tile wall, cool reading room with tunneled shelves, White kitchen cabinets and marble counter tops, green butter fly images. The list goes on…..Lovely Space!!!

  • I LOVE the rabbit art work and the tile mosaic. Great ways of making something new out of more basic materials. Inspiring!

  • Holy wow! Stunning sneak peak. Really made my day (though it also made me pretty jealous).

  • Im one of the many lurkers that have been brought out of the shadows by this sneak peak.
    What an amazing home. Everything about it from the tile, to the art and the colour-match dog feels…..like it should be mine!

  • This is perfect, such an amazing space. Could we please have the paint colors? I’ve been trying to find the right green and that looks like a contender, and I love the dark grey in the living room.

  • wow, socks have been knocked off! so many great ideas. i really love the framed collection of book covers by Dick Bruna. well done :)

  • Yay for foster dogs! And see, this is proof that you can foster dogs and still have a gorgeous home! Beautiful!

  • Wow, this is an amazing home. I absolutely love it. This house has many beautiful attractions on its walls.


    He comes over sometimes to stay… Probably not anymore though, he’ll have to stay at 5 Star doggie resorts after becoming so famous.

  • I love this place and I think it is one of the most polished houses I have seen on D*S but I am wondering if it is moving a little way away from the DIYism that attracted me to D*S in the first place? It would be a crime not to post it but it’s feeling a tad inaccessible.

    • rebecca

      i try to make sure there’s a mix of homes on d*s: diy-centric homes (like kristen’s earlier today), aspirational homes (like this one), small homes, big homes, city homes and rural homes. hopefully the high-end ones won’t throw you off too much, and instead perhaps they can provide some inspiration for your own diy projects. i know i’ll be looking into framing some of my favorite old books (like the office home above)…


  • I love this space sooooo much. It’s probably the sneak peek I’ve gotten most excited about since I’ve started reading D*S. The combination of some classic detail but with modern, clean lines and fun graphic art and color is pretty much perfect.

    Also, so well edited – every photo and every angle looks like a piece of art, but never too stark or cold, either.

    And I kinda see where Rebecca is coming from (above), but as a very budget-constricted single twenty-something girl, I pretty much look at ALL interior photos as inspiration for what I can DIY. I certainly got a lot of ideas here.

    Thanks so much!

  • This home is amazing…but, that is the obvious! What I really want to say is that little doggy is DARLING!!!

  • Thanks, Grace…I was hoping the daybed was a wonderful copy or version of that expensive one!!!!

  • beautiful, i love it all.

    im wondering what the green paint color is in the bedroom…? my green kitchen did not turn out as i hoped. this green looks exactly like what i wanted.

  • Really really nice, I love the mosaic! Looks like someone loves Eames chairs ;) I counted to 5 different!!

  • I concur with Rebecca a bit on the inaccessibility of this space, but it is indeed lovely. And they do incorporate many DIY ideas that we po’ folks can try. It’s certainly an inspiring home.

    And with his head tilted just so, I think Elvis could have a future modeling as the RCA pup! :)

  • I love every room in this sneak peek. Especially the front living room. Does anyone know what color the room with the white bench/bed is? I love it and have been trying to find it! Is it gray? Brown?

    beautiful tile mosaic as well!

  • You guys can take complete credit for the house; but whatever you do, please don’t call that a work in progress. That is SO finished.

  • I’ve always wanted a library ladder too! Could you please, please tell me where you found the hardware.
    Simply beautiful space btw. And I too find lots of creatures popping up around my space. Although my dogs are not so well matched to my interior. Thanks for sharing!

  • Just brilliant. Incredibly accomplished integration of classic and modern elements.

    So I like it.

  • great job on your home.
    Has the bathroom been published before in an article about storage? It looks exactly like a photo I remember… I’ll have to dig through my archives to see if I can find it.

  • Would you mind sharing what brand and color paint you used for the green, blue and grey (in the first pictures with the DWR daybed)? I have been looking for the right shades of those three colors for my new apartment and I think you already found them!

  • Beautifully done; I love the Victorian/Modern combo. Very sleek, with lots of architectural interest. The ladder in the bathroom is a nice touch, as is the wall of storage. Many new ideas for me.

  • I have never EVER posted a comment, but just have to on this one. This is tasteful and perfect in every way. I love it.

  • Could anyone tell me where the couch in the spirograph-room is from? Lovely house!!!

  • I have a lot of books with great covers that I couldn’t bear to tear off for framing– never thought of framing the whole darned book. Great idea!

  • Oh my word. I want all of this, just the way it is. Well, I’ll let them keep Elvis…. So classic, lovely and soothing!

  • i love this sneak peek! where did you get the running bond floor tile in the bath with the great ann sacks mosaic? i just love it. is it also ann sacks?

  • Been drowning paint chips lately so I, too, dare ask.

    Maybe the Sneak Peeks should always include the paint names? Always a recurring them in comments.

  • This is just..WOW. I too have been a frequent lurker and first time poster but I just had to say WOW. Definitely aspirational and many polished DIYisms. The colour palette, bold graphics and modern, clever ways to accentuate the architectural details are brilliant. Thanks and I heart Elvis too!

  • hi — thanks for your really nice comments.

    paint colors:
    -dining room (blue) – Ralph Lauren Mystic River
    -front living rm (warm dark gray) – Behr Squirrel
    -living rm (light gray) – Behr Dolphin Fin
    -bedroom (green) – unfortunately, we can’t remember or find the color … (Jason thinks it’s Benjamin Moore; I think it’s Pratt & Lambert)

    bathroom tile floor – Voguebay Lavastone Mosaic

    bathroom ladder – from Cotterman Co. in Croswell, MI. This was installed by previous owners … Colleen, you’re right, it was featured several years ago in Real Simple

    greek key rug – Jonathan Adler

    bedroom green stem pillows – Orla Kiely

    brown sofa – Polder by Hella Jongerius for vitra

  • seriously, though, is elvis adopted yet?? i have a pug/jack russell mix and am looking for another jack russell.

  • I too have been compelled into first-time commentary. The mirrored hallway is genius. And the colour scheme is so gentle and calming. I love this house and will be taking many inspirational ideas away for my own home…love it!

  • I love the doorway in the first photo and the mouldings in the second… also loving the mirrored hallway and the mosaic tile wall!!! Stunning! Great inspiration.

  • I’m drooling with envy. What an amazing place !!

    I’ve just bought a house, and am on a budget to redecorate it. I found tons of ideas here: the mosaic in the bathroom (amazing !), the added molding frames in the living room (inexepensive and so great !) and the overall uncluttered, breazy impression. I don’t care if I can’t afford the Eames furnitures; I think that the brilliancy of this house does not lie in its expensive furnitures, but in the way colors and spaces are organized.

    It’s indeed my dream home !

  • Love the grey paint color. Love it even more now that I know it’s called “Squirrel.”

    Love Elvis’ color palette, too.

  • Oh gosh … this is exactly my aesthetic! Classic architecture mixed with the clean, minimalist lines of modern furnishings. I love, love, love this!

  • I’m surprised no one asked about the nameless blue painting! I recognize the artist from an old old copy of Juxtapose Magazine, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name! A little help?

  • this is a weird question but i need to know, is that ‘the curious incident of the dog in the nightime’ in the shelf near the head of the bed? thanks :-)

  • This is an amazing sneek peek, definately one of the best I’ve seen – so many amazing examples of great design and individuality.

  • The painting is by Jim Houser — an artist from Philadelphia with an inspiring story. He’s one of our all-time favorites.

    Bedside books are McSweeneys Quarterly (issue 13), a book of Truman Capote’s short stories, and Life with Picasso (that one’s there for the pretty cover.)

    Sorry, Beck, our lives now revolve around Elvis — and he’s part of Office — so he’s not up for adoption. But I hope you add another dog to your family!

  • I’m joining the Elvis fan club too!

    This is my favorite sneak peek so far. I have a long narrow hallway, too, and I must try that mirror idea. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • I love your dining table and chairs. Would you mind sharing your sources for those? We have a table from Room and Board ( Hancock) that we have had a hard time deciding on chairs.
    Your style has given me inspiration.

  • What a beautiful home – I would LOVE to live here – the color palette is so soothing and the respect for the architecture of the original building shines through with the modern touches.

  • I noticed in the hallway they painted a chandelier white to replicate a designer one. A suggestion – Plastidip, cheap from any home improvement store can help achieve the look they were going for. it’s so much fun – you’ll be dipping everything including the dog.

  • It’s all so well done. the thing that has me the most impressed for some reason is the framing of the books from covers designed by Dick Bruna—well all of it, really. warm and comfortable.

  • I think what truly makes this home out of reach for many of us women is the fact that the husband is a designer, too.

    Unless there is a hidden, unphotographed room with an old leather recliner, exercise equipment, and college-days posters, Jill has a decorating advantage many of us can only dream of!

  • WOW! I am dying over all of the furniture….dying!

    And the World’s of Fun siloheuttes? Genius! I am a KC native and totally remember the portraits you could have done. :)

  • Wow! My home has very low self-esteem if THIS is a work in progress! I love it all, but especially all those great, iconic chairs in those rooms with so much character! And the awesome WOF reference, of course.

  • what a beautiful home. ours has such a similar color palette, but is like the ugly step sister to this one. I have a dark grey dining room, and have been trying to nail a color for the family room. ive got it now!! thank you soo much for sharing!

  • Wow, this totally blew me away – completely perfect in every way, there is some serious envy going on now ;)

  • great place! great color! and aaawww my god elvis its soooo lovely! :D great work with the penny tiles and the bathroom! i also want a library ladder in my place, even in the bath!

  • Do you happen to remember the brand name & color on the walls of your sun room? Thanks so much, I LOVE your house!! So beautiful. :)

  • Too safe and gooey for me.. Target-esque. I see why people addicted to HGTV and this web site would go for it though…they think this is Adventurous!!! LOL Nicest part- the foster pup! Hope Eivis got a great home. What I do appreciate is all the time, effort and no doubt frustration that went in to this home. Still- too staged for me to feel comfortable in.

  • lovely place! do the frames with the books actually hold the entire books or just the covers? where are they from, I’d love to put up some lovely covers myself.

  • What can I say, everybody else pretty much described what they loved already. All I can say is “I love every aspect of it”. A real GEM.