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sneak peek: morgan satterfield

by anne

lesson of the day: never buy any one item for over $100. the result is what you see below, and it’s seriously amazing! everything in the home of morgan satterfield has been thrifted, bartered, from a flea market, from craigslist, and the occasional piece from the “as is” section of ikea, not to mention a little DIY love. (don’t worry, when she goes out of control with her vintage shopping, she puts some of her finds that can’t fit in the house in her brick house vintage etsy shop). both she and her partner jeremy are big fans of mid-century modern, but they also like to mix it up – with the fun part of thrifting being that you never know what you’ll find, and you don’t have to break the bank while doing it. we hope you enjoy their home today as much as we did. you can follow along with morgan’s continual work in progress [aka the house] on her blog, and you can find the complete set of images of her home here. [thanks so much, morgan!]anne

[above: The ceramic vase is part of the Raymor Capri line designed by Michael Lax that I thrifted for $1 – I had no clue at the time, but a lovely commenter on blog let me know! The vintage 70’s brown mushroom lamp was picked up at Amsterdam Modern in Los Angeles for $25, it still needs to be converted from its European electrical…it looks fab despite. The little clay head with his tongue sticking out  was a gift from Gordon Senior, an artist who I worked with on a public art project. The painting of the blond was thrifted for $3 at a church run rummage spot by my work, she is my favorite piece in my whole crazy art collection.]

Pretty much everything in the master bedroom is locally thrifted with a few pieces from Ikea (Vinstra bedframe, Ludde sheepskin, Jorun blanket, Hovet mirror) and the kilim rug is from ebay (20!).


I just won the Rejuvenation Make Your Home Your Own with this space. Awesome! The floors are original – we refinished them and left them natural white Oak. We painted out the fireplace in Behr’s “Dark Cavern” and built in the book shelves. Everything is pretty much thrifted or gotten from Craigslist, including the art. Its still a work in progress – we tend to switch things up and move things around CONSTANTLY.

The white couch is a new addition. It was the artist Juli Carson’s old studio sofa and was going to be thrown out. I had a barter deal going with a local flea market dealer and he went picked it up and had it recovered in a really nice and supple white vinyl. It ended up costing me about $52 in fabric – I’m glad we save such a nice sofa frame from the dump. I can’t believe I own a white sofa, but it cleans up with a sponge. The coffee table is from the Long Beach Flea market and the Eames lounger knock-off is from the Palm Springs craigslist – $50!


The overhead lamp is from Amsterdam Modern and is totally retractable. The dining table is thrifted – I had to beg, lie, and plead to buy it around Christmas time from a very unhappy thrift store manager who wanted to keep it for the stores ugly Santa display. Its Danish and BEAUTIFUL! Maybe one of my favorite thrift store finds. The tulip chairs are from the Long Beach Flea Market, I’m selling them to get 6 black eiffel bases for a set of 6 cream Eames side chairs I just got. If anyone is interested and located in Southern California – holler at me. I bought the blond portrait for $5 off the street from a guy in downtown LA who was set-up near Saint VIncent De Pauls.

A lot of the kitchen is original to the house (including those nutty turquoise faux bois laminate countertops and metal Youngstown kitchen cabinets that we restored). We installed the black VCT floor before we moved in. We must have ripped out about 5 layers of old nasty vinyl flooring to get to the original white and rainbow speckled laminate that had just totally disintegrated. We bought the O’keefe and Merritt stove off of craigslist to fit the 40″ stove gap and it was delivered by 5 burly sexy fireman! Too bad they are TOTAL liars. They said it was in great working condition, but the oven is dead. We had a couple guys come out to look at it but no one knows how to fix it. We haven’t baked or made anything needs an oven for over a year and a half.

We also built that little breakfast bar with the open storage and Brown Jordan faux bamboo chairs. It was an awkward space, but I love how functional and space saving the bar is!



CLICK HERE for the rest of Morgan’s peek (8 more pictures) after the jump!

The Eames lounger knock-off is from the Palm Springs craigslist – $50!

The Solid Oak Frame is a little bit of “conceptual” art I picked up at the thriftstore. I think its hilarious, most folks think its odd.




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  • Amazing! Such an inspiration (I’m currently making over my own space with a “no new purchase” rule)…I’m particularly taken by your lamps!

  • I’ve probably spent 4 times as much on home decor and my apartment looks about half as cool… I can’t decide if this is inspiring or depressing :) but bravo!

  • When I first read that everything was from a flea market or thrift, I was picturing a space crammed with various “stuff” – a collector’s crowded home. But this is so beautiful and spacious and simple! I love how it works out like that. A compliment to the owner for her constraint and sense of unique loveliness!

  • impressive! Your home is lovely and you should be so proud most of your things are thrifted! Bravo. I’m in awe how amazing your space is. It looks like you spent a fortune. Thanks for the fun commentary too.

  • Amazing!! your space looks so fun, love all the thrift store/flea market finds. very inspiring!! thanks for sharing.
    also, are the tulip chairs still for sale?? because i’m very interested :)

  • I love everything in this house! All the danish wood furniture especially… It’s good inspiration for me in my own home, and I’m very much a thrift it/find it kind of person, but currently leaning a little too far towards cluttered collector.

  • Beautiful! I can’t believe everything is under a $100. I wish I had such dedication and patience to find all those great pieces!

    Where was the office desk from?

  • gosh i would love those white chairs… but i don’t have any room for them! lame. oh well.. maybe when i move ever. but your house is truly inspirational. my mom was always digging stuff out of the trash or yard sales and refurbishing them.. everything has a story. its awesome. thanks so much for sharing.

  • Love this sneak peek! There is little in my house over 100 too! I think a limited budget makes for creative choices and can result in the best interiors (like Morgan’s).

    Is that “there is just interior design and furniture” print by David Shrigley? Where did it come from? I love it.

  • Love this! I actually have the lamp in the last photo (found on craiglist, schlepped on the subway from Harlem). I never thought I’d see it’s twin!! I rewired it myself and it has a special place in my heart, so it’s delightful to see it in such a beautiful home.

  • Were the six Eames chairs under $100? Original Eames pieces are generally pretty pricey, even if bought one at a time… I’m either dubious, or in need of this girl’s sources!

  • I love Morgan’s space and have had her blog in my reader for ages! I’m reading her blog as often as she posts; not only does she have impeccable, eclectic taste but also a great sense of humor.

  • I just love this! I’m a firm believer that all good things can be thrifted and loved taking a tour of all of your thrifty goodness. To me, it’s the thrill of the hunt, too. :-) Great job on furnishing your place.

  • i love to see a home made of vintage and thrifted finds! i too would love to know where the david shriggley print comes from…i think i need one!

  • There is a fantastic Okeefe & Merritt repair on Lincoln near Pico in Venice. They are very experienced. There is no reason why your oven shouldn’t work. They last forever.

  • I don’t know if the prices are helpful of just plain saddening that I can’t get that great of a deal in DC. But your apartment is so inspiring; maybe even too inspiring. I’m scouring craigslist right now.

  • A home full of spirit and soul. Utterly beautiful. I am so praying that a d*s reader can give Morgan a recommendation for oven repair and get that beauty going again!

  • Oh man thanks guys! I’m so psyched.

    I actually stole the $100 rule from my friend Maya – who also has helped me score some amazing stuff on craigslist with her tenacity.

    I don’t mind knock-offs and not everything is in great condition…and I like to haggle haggle haggle. I do have my DREAM pieces I hope to find one day.

    The $100 rule is a good sort of base rule to think of when shopping even if you have to fudge it a bit. I guess you set it to whatever your budget will allow for. Mine allows for about $100.

    I made it. Its a fake David Shrigley!
    I love his work but can’t afford it – so DIY.

    I hate to even say it…but they were free. They came from a school that was tossing them – they had desks attached and are a little beat up.

    Nope – I wish. It was an open box imac discounted after the new version came out. It was my big investment at $700 – and since I don’t count it as decor, its not part of the rule.

    Thanks all – I appreciate all your nice comments. All the positive internet stuff makes up for the crappy part of physically living in retirement hell.

  • I want my apartment to look like this. This is exactly the style I’ve been trying for. This makes me really happy.

  • Now, that’s decorating. I can’t bare most of the art (especially her fave from the first photo–yikes) but the house and furniture are beautiful. Inspiring.

  • Where did you get your couch recovered? It couldn’t have been under $100!! I am looking for an inexpensive person to recover some wingabck chairs in the NYC area.

  • Harriet,

    I traded a bunch of furniture to have it recovered by a dealer I was bartering with. He had his guy do it in orange County, but I don’t know how much he paid. The sofa frame was free and I paid $52 in fabric overage.

  • The Brick House (trickmybrick) is my daily read. Not only for the beautiful pictures and house, but also how funny and real Morgan is when talking about trying to make her home her own.

  • What kind of vinyl did you use on the white couch?? It looks great and I need to recover some chairs I have. I’d love them to look this good!

  • Wow…I have to tell you guys that I LOVE ebay and craigslist and it’s pretty funny, b/c I just posted today some great things I’m looking at on ebay on my blog. But anyway, this home is really beautiful, and quirky too. I love it!

  • Hey Morgan!

    Love your home, just wondering where did you get the screen saver calendar for your Mac? I love those little details and how even that is retro. Also, I love the art work and since I am in a temporary apartment for only one more year, it is great to see that you don’t have to make such a huge investment in art, and still find some great finds. Thanks for sharing!

  • Any info. on the lamp next to the TV? I saved one exactly like it from my neighbor’s trash. It’d be great to know more about it. Love your place!

  • wow. one of the best i’ve seen on ds – really inspiring. please give the story behind the framed letter (?) artwork (?) in the second to last picture.

  • This is SO how I want to live! I could basically move right in (if the Brick House was not across the ocean. And already occupied..humhum). I love the play of colour, the mix of vintage pieces from different eras and the general cosy feeling. Lovely!

  • Morgan, I’m moving to LA without any furniture and would love any other thrift store/flea market recommendations you have!

    Absolutely unbelievable home!

  • I just bought the exact same mid-century dresser with 9 drawers and 5 legs, that you are using for credenza to house the TV, from http://www.missionmod.blogspot.com/ but sadly it wasn’t under $100. I still feel like I got a great deal! Nice job, the entire place is rockin’!

  • I love love love that oversize curvy orange chair. You mention you found it on Craigslist but is there any manufacturer name ? any idea if it’s a knock-off of any designer.

  • The weird paintings you have acquired really do something amazing to the space. They are super quirky and fun to look at, and the colors in them are beautiful! I absolutely love it!

  • I am so impressed with how resourceful you are, and feel like a spoiled brat that I have actually bought things in my house. That doesn’t take nearly the creativity that you have with your great eye and willingness to persist in finding what you want! It looks beautiful.

  • I have a serious crush on all of the lamps. I live in San Diego and work in La Jolla, so I’m defintely going to be checking out The Corner Store. The home in general is just stunning. My favorite sneak peek so far!

  • Love the eclectic yet clean and modern nature of this home! Personally not a big fan of all the animal skins, though :) I also have that mushroom mixing bowl in the last picture before the jump, mine isn’t in as great of condition but its still one of my favorites.

  • This IS my favorite sneek peak thus far! I love how all the shelves only hold a few items. Elevates them to a level of importance. I also love the random portraits and placement of them! Very cool.

  • Morgan,

    Beautiful. Your place has a great soul.

    And I’m in SoCal and want those tulip chairs with all my being. Please email me so we can chat.


  • Don’t give up on your oven! I have an Okeefe & Merritt and the oven stopped working once when the gas was turned off in our building. Turns out that their is a switch or some really easy fix, but people who aren’t experienced with these types of stoves don’t know about it!

  • Check out Antique Stove Heaven on Western Ave. in Los Angeles. 323.298.5581. If they can’t fix your oven, nobody can.

  • Ashley,
    you might have to get out of LA for thrifting. Go to the flea markets at PCC and Long Beach!

    Nelson of Kingston, Inc is what the tag says…I’m not sure though…

    email me from the contact page on my blog. I don’t have your email…and I’m not sure how to get.

    Jo in NZ is right!

    Thanks everyone! I’m so happy you dig it, even with all the weirdo art.

  • Love this space, of course! All the white works so well I want to buy paint and cover all my color.

    Best of all, I love the sense of humor shown in some of the art pieces. “There is no love there is just interior design and furniture.”- Funny!

  • *gasp!* What a surprise it was to see the two bowls – one black and white, one orange and white – because I have a teal version! I bought it from a restaurant in Portland that sells antiques too. Can’t remember the designer…Danish, I think? Anyone know?

  • i knew a guy on hollywood blvd at van nuee…bdk appliances…he would come out and fix my grandmoms oven try them…

  • You have an amazing home! Moving into my first home in a few months and cannot wait to take the $100 rule into effect!!

    Are your Bertoia chairs knock-offs? I’m obsessed and have been looking around – but cannot find them for cheep…

  • @nevadadaisy: the name you’re after is cathrinholm (or catherineholm – you’ll see it spelled both ways). She’s Norwegian.

  • hey! i just recently saw an ad on craigslist la for an okeefe and merrit – it seemed inexpensive and i think it works too!
    just thought i’d let you know! LOVE your style, so cute!

  • I was about to say ya right on the nothing under $100. But then I realized I too have purchased Harry Bertoia, and Eames knock offs for under $100. Congrats on such a great space, I love it!

  • Can someone tell me if /where I could buy those two 60’s looking bowls -one orange and one black, with the “leaf” print on them? I’ve seen them in a few other sneak peeks and I find them fantastic!

  • I realize this post was made a few years ago and I would appreciate any advice. I have a 1950’s Tracy white metal cabinets and I am exploring how to refinish them. How did you repaint your metal cabinets? PS we also have a 40″ stove from the 50’s in our kitchen as well. In questionable condition..but still works