sneak peek: leslie siegel

today’s final post belongs to the lovely leslie siegel. leslie has been a prop stylist in the design industry for 14 years and is currently at work on a full-length feature documentary. but today she’s taking a break from work and sharing her park slope, brooklyn home with us. i am dying to have a meal in that cool dining nook (oh, the giraffes!) but there are plenty of great spots, so i hope you’ll enjoy leslie’s peek!

i’m heading out now for my birthday- the biz ladies are taking a breather today so we’ll be back next tuesday with multiple biz ladies posts and plenty of free tips and advice for small-biz owners.

[image above: I live in park slope, brooklyn with my boyfriend of 12 years (lloyd) who is a cinematographer currently making his first documentary film. our apartment is a bit of a mish mash and is still evolving which is why i haven’t included more room shots. after our brand new leather sofa from DWR was mercilessly cat-scratched, (our cat Phipps is no longer with us) I had to find creative ways to cover up the holes hence the throws, sheepskin and burlap attempting to look casual but layered strategically. The bird panels/screens behind the sofa were found at an estate sale in Connecticut. we bought like 8 of them and have them leaning all over the apartment. The wall sculpture above the couch was bought on ebay and is by Curtis Jere.]

[image above: The giraffe stencils behind our Saarinen Tulip table and chairs are by artist Jared DeFrancesco who also painted the wonderful deer and dots painting i sent earlier. He’s been busy doing commissions:]

[image above: The two lucite Usame coffee tables are by patricia urquiola (one of my design-idols, although these tables are unfortunately lint magnets!) for kartell. On our coffee table: a really great book on women designers is from the 2007 exhibit at Just Scandinavian on Hudson street. Also on the table: lines and shapes! — love it– hope to collaborate someday.]

[image above: The striped cotton and beechwood chair is by Les Toiles de Soleil. I know it’s for a deck or the beach but i like it in the livingroom (and i can pretend i’m on a deck or the beach) got it at calypso home. The pillow is from auto on washington street.]

[image above: the desk, lloyd and i each have inspiration boards behind the desk. lloyd is a pretty great doodler. we also have some of his childhood art hanging around.]

[image above: I love plants and work very hard not to kill them. i found the runner underneath at cb2– it is from the non-profit organization Conserve and is made from recycled milk pouches gathered around New Delhi, India.]

[image above: my vintage swedish spice rack]

[image above: our dresser (by blu dot). the art on the blu dot dressers: painting by david licht, collage by leslie, childhood art by lloyd]

Color Me Green

i took one look at that beautiful living room and knew it was in park slope before i even read any of the descriptions!

Margarita Lorenzo

Good solution for the cat scrachs on the sofa, i got a cherry leather chesterfield taht is getting ruin by my cute cat!!! so I may copy your ideas!! lovely and very cerative house.


Oh! That sofa is TDF! Please do tell us what the style and color is!


I love what she’s done. The giraffes on the kitchen wall are my favourite but great job overall!

Katie (Australia)

I also painted a door in the kitchen with chalkboard paint & it’s great. I make lists at the top & my daughter plays school teacher at the bottom. PS: I wish had your job :)


lint solution for table etc. wipe with dryer fabric sheet …


I particularly like the turquoise sofa and the orange/white spice rack – gorgeous!


I second the last comment by “my favorite and my best”…WHERE on earth can I get that spice rack?!


leslie, your place looks BEAUTIFUL! so much soul!


I love the saarinen table and chairs, I actually own an entire dinningroom set by his father, eliel saarinen, its been in my family since the 40s. I love anything Saarinen and Knoll.


Leslie Siegel = best eye in town
I want her to whip my place into shape..
and the giraffes- created by her very talented son Jared…( it’s genetic)


Leslie is the most gifted stylist around. She has shown up to many of our parties and whipped our food spread into the most impressive display.


Jared Defranscesco’s art is awesome. I want it in my room. and I want the white chair with the striped pillow.

Eve A

LOVE Leslie’s Style! I need to hire her to design MY home. Seeing she’s a childhood friend, perhaps I can convince her to help my pathetic ars….


Really cool! The giraffe stencils behind our Saarinen Tulip table and chairs are by artist Jared DeFrancesco are amazing. And so are the plants.


Great styling, Leslie has a great eye, she really knows how to form light and space.
Jared DeFrancesco’s Art is an eye opener and makes the room pop!

Francesca Rizzo

Is she the Leslie Siegel who made the short film “The Apology”? She and I met some years back when I presented it along with other films by women in a film event called “The World According to Girls”. It’s remained one of my favorite films and I would love to screen it again in another film event called Cinema-Femina: LOVE in early September.

Can you let her know?

Francesca Rizzo