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sneak peek: kristen davis

by anne

we first “met” kristen davis from her before and after colorful bar table, but today is a fun look into her great atlanta, georgia home. i think the thing i loved most about reading this post as i put it together was reading all the little “i painted this” or “i made that” touches throughout her home that make it really special. it probably helps that kristen is an artist herself, working primarily on children’s rooms, doing decorative painting and custom, hand-painted furniture (check out her adorable website). and as if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she spends the rest of her time on her small jewelry-making business. don’t miss more images of kristen’s home right here. [thanks, kristen!]anne

[above: i really, really, REALLY love color. my walls are always painted a different crazy shade (i think because my job calls for dealing with lots of neutral colors on walls a lot of the time, so i tend to pick out crazy ones when i get the chance to make the decision!) , and this particular color was in domino magazine a few months ago. it’s called “intense teal” by sherwin williams – i had to have it when i saw it.  even though i love a lot of color, i do try to adhere to a certain palette, and i like to use a lot of white to pop against the teal walls. most of my stuff is either hand-me-downs or things i have found on the side of the road or at thrift shops. this way, nothing is too precious (since i tend to switch stuff out a lot!). i spray-painted the silver stripes on this lampshade after i saw a similar design in a jonathan adler book. he’s my hero! also, i just found out that the sweet hand-painted mushroom box sitting on the side table was a game of tiddlywinks from back in the day. my artwork is stuff that i did in college, and a small drawing by my husband’s 6-year-old brother. ]

this chair was a little “before/after” project i did one weekend. i found the chair down the side of the road from my house (i think the neighbors thought i was crazy, lugging it about 6 blocks back to my casa). i decided to reupholster it myself, and it was QUITE the chore. it smelled really bad, so i had to end up replacing all the batting and everything, but i love it now. the hand-embroidered owl pillow was a lucky find at a thrift store as well, and the arch floor lamp was $5 at a yard sale (i re-wired it myself, too. one of my proudest moments in life was when i plugged the electrical plug into the wall and the lightbulb came on and i wasn’t electrocuted.). the other picture is of my little entry way. i’m always playing around with it; basically just using cast-offs from around the house to perch there.

this is a view from my family room into my dining room. this little bar was on a “before/after” on design*sponge a couple of weeks ago – it was another yard sale find that i re-worked. it makes me smile every time i walk by. most of this china is hand-me-downs or from thrift/antique shops. i love my turquoise tea set! i make sure all that the items on this chocolate brown shelf i installed and painted the same color as the wall are either clear glass, white, or turquoise – that way all my miscellaneous items are still cohesive when you look at the collection.

this is my kitchen! we are seriously lacking in the storage department, so my husband and i keep all of our pantry items on this shelf. i just try to conceal it all with baskets and trays (and i only leave out the “pretty” food, which is not so easy to identify, according to my husband). the “pot holders” that are hanging above the shelves are actually old shelf brackets that i flipped , painted and added hooks to, to make them into useful pot holders. also, we have mr. cat and mr. dog framed and watching over our food. i have had them for several years now, and they get a lot of commentary – mostly negative, but i love them anyway.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Kristen’s peek after the jump!

i was trying to make a serene, non-girly bedroom for my husband and i, while working only with the items that i already had in our house. i wanted it to be very peaceful, white and nature-ey. the only thing that really has color in our bedroom is the pale pink painting i did that is above the fireplace (ok, maybe it is kind of girly?). i hate to admit it, but i’m not sure what it says! i just googled “sleep” in french and came up with that phrase, and thought it was nice, so i painted it on there! i also hung a tree branch from the ceiling in our bedroom, because i wanted to “pull” the tall ceilings down a bit. the lamp is from CB2 – i like how it adds modernity to a sort of organic and old-fashioned space. sorry the bed isn’t made, i kind of like for it to be rumply, i think the wrinkles are pretty with the light coming into the room. plus, it’s natural, right?

this is a shot of our hall bathroom. it’s actually very bright and white in there, but the lighting is hard to capture because there is no window. the chalkboard is a piece i recently made with an old mirror and some chalkboard paint, and the “good luck, i love you” print is from bread & butter shop, on etsy. they have some great letter-pressed cards that i love to frame and hang. the small, circular thing radiating light is actually a picture framed of me and my mom when i was a baby.

this is a shot from inside our kitchen, looking into our dining room. i recently painted that large zinnia painting that is hanging on the wall, and i think it sort of echoes the colors that are in the kitchen. on the little coffee cup holder shelf, are some miscellaneous kitchen things including a giant white clothes pin, and one of my favorite wedding gifts: cream & sugar holders from r. wood studios in athens, georgia. i think they are so beautiful, and i love the color.

view looking into my kitchen from the dining room. we are renters, so there are a few things i would change about this house if i could, but one of the things i really love is the subway tile on the backsplash. in keeping with my love for color, i have a vintage le creuset pot that my mom gave me, and lots of miscellaneous towels and potholders from anthropologie (can one ever have enough of those?).

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  • I love the kitchen color! What is it? great house…as a new yorker, I am, as ever, jealous of the space.

    Also, I think your painting reads “nous dormons”–if so, it literally means “we are sleeping,” which is pretty sweet. :)

  • I love the dog and cat portraits! Great house. I wish you would come over and fix up mine.

  • YAY Atlanta! I met you through Trae awhile back when I was in Graphic Design with him… Anyhow- love the digs- and love that you are on my FAVORITE design*sponge blog- way to go! The kitchen light fixture is fab! I cannot wait to have a place I can paint!

  • I’ve had the Intense Teal color swatch hanging on my kitchen wall since I saw it in Domino. I’m still trying to convince the landlord to let me paint! I adore Kristen’s color choices!

  • I wrote down the Intense Teal color after seeing it in domino – waiting for the time when I live in a place I can actually paint! I love everything about this sneak peek – especially mr. cat and mr. dog.

  • I love the DIY ethic. I’m currently living in someone else’s home, so I dream of the day when I can drag home thrift store finds to my hearts’ content.

    (Also, my fiance came home a few days ago with a broken plaster mold of a cow’s skull that he found on the side of the road. I knew we were meant to be!)

  • OMG, I had that mushroom tiddly-winks box when I was a child! What I wouldn’t give for it today. Thanks for the wonderful memory!

  • Wow, I love your home specially the pink bamboo bar and the adorable owl pillow. Great job on the chair, I myself did the same thing a while back and god knows is not easy.

  • i’m glad you guys like my color!

    the walls in the kitchen are painted “chardonnay bottle” from martha stewart (at lowes). it’s one of my favorite colors, and i have used it a lot as a decorative painter as well.

  • I’ve never commented on a sneak peek before, but I had to for this–your space is great! It’s the perfect mix of charm, taste, while still looking lived in!

  • That cat painting looks exactly like one hanging on the wall of The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH, that I have been in love with for years and years. Where did it come from?

  • Love it Kristen, I would love to get you to come to the lake house and help me jazz it up some when we fi nally finish all the reconstruction
    Love ya, Meem

  • sarah-
    the cat and dog paintings are prints from a thrift store, but they are by gladys emerson cook…i’m sure you could find some! i love them so much – i need to get the glass replaced on the cat one :(

  • i recently saw the mirror you used for the chalkboard in a consignment shop in ct! almost bought it then and seeing your chalkboard, now i wish i had it! great place-

  • That is exactly the color of my kitchen – a color that everyone said wouldn’t work. From Uganda, thank you for this.