sneak peek: jorey hurley


it seems that everyone at hable construction has the golden touch, and today we’re lucky enough to have a look inside the new york home of hable textile designer jorey hurley and her architect husband. their apartment reflects their passions for travel, boats, dogs, their daughter as well as their work as designers. it also weaves together his new england background and jorey’s bohemian, artistic roots in northern california.  the result is fun, liveable and inspiring (hello, photo wall!). don’t miss more, full-sized images here, and tuned for another not-to-be-missed sneak peek coming up at 1pm! [thanks so much jorey!] -anne

[above: Nursery- Decorative pillows, canvas storage boxes, and canvas storage bushel are from Hable Construction. The silhouettes are a fun DIY project, and make a great gift.  Sofa is from Design Within Reach. ]

The decorative pillows, chair fabric, and canvas storage boxes are all from Hable Construction, where I work as part of the design team.  We’ve ended up with a map theme in our main room.  We collect globes from different time/political periods.  They’re handy when you’re listening to the news and want to understand where someplace is.  The nautical charts are of the San Francisco Bay and Narragansett Bay, both places we love to sail.  The chairs are vintage Danish and the sofa is from Ikea.

Dining nook: We’ve collected a bunch of antique prints of places we’ve lived and visited—most came to us as gifts from my father-in-law.  We’ve mixed these in with photos taken by my father and brother, who are both film-makers/photographers.  The table and chairs are vintage Danish.  The clock is an antique ship’s clock.  The bag and scarf are both made by me.  The scarf is digitally printed habotai silk— soft to touch and ethereal in the light.  The bag is painted with green leather dye, so when it gets scuffed, I can just slap on a fresh coat!  The striped bowl is made by my mother, Nina Else.   She’s a ceramic artist who mostly does large abstract sculptures, but she’s given us a few functional items for our home.  The airplanes are framed pages from a book of Jeffrey Milstein’s work.  I’m terrified of flying, so I purposely keep beautiful images related to air travel around to remind me how much I like to travel despite my fears!  The botanical sun prints are by Rinne Allen.  She does Hable’s photography, and she takes the dreamiest, most inspiring photos of nature.

The quilt and the pillowcases are by Hable Construction for Garnet Hill.  The decorative pillows are by Joseph Frank and the lamp is Tolomeo.  I made the fabric banner; the pattern is inspired by an aerial photo of an oxbow river.  Digitally printed on cotton percale.  The wood wall is made of stacked plywood shipping crates from U-line.  It separates our sleeping area from a storage area—we left the back of the crates open, which makes for lots of storage space.

Um, this is kind of an Ikea commercial—even the art!   We customized the changing table a bit by painting the doors blue and adding knotted-rope door pulls.

Paint is Cook’s Blue by Farrow + Ball.  Doorpulls are “monkey’s fist” knots, bought on Ebay.

I set up a second work area upstairs near where I print fabric, to keep all of that away from our toddler’s little hands.  The prints are pages from a Hugo Guinness artist’s book, from John Derian.  The money is a selection of small bills from countries we’ve visited over the last few years.  The canvas stool is by Hable Construction.

This is the view looking back towards our entryway, kitchen, dining area, and sleeping loft.  The apartment has a short mezzanine level.  We use the front part of this as a sleeping loft and the back part as storage.  On the top left are a bunch of my newest printed silk scarves hanging over the rail to dry before being washed.

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We spent a weekend setting up this photo wall right after we moved in.  It’s essentially a ton of the “clips” style 4”x6” frames at Ikea filled with our favorite snapshots.  We add in new photos and take out old ones every couple of months, so it’s an evolving portrait of our family’s life.

We organized out books by color.  A great project for a rainy day…… The built-in bookshelves were red Formica, which is difficult to paint, so we covered them with opaque white adhesive film from Canal Plastics to make the loft space brighter.  The ice-cube-shaped lights are from Ikea.

This antique oriental carpet was a wedding gift from my mother-in-law, and it has been the cornerstone of our décor in several apartments. Our dog, Biscuit is a 7-year-old Boxer mix.  She’s traveled with us to more than a dozen states.  Obviously this has tired her out, so she’s taking a snooze.

Nursery windowsill: The lamb is dry-felted wool, made by my cousin Sara who does amazing things with fibers. The curtain is by Tord Boontje.

Nursery door: Imprint of our daughter’s hand made when she was just a few weeks old.


Lovely! I love so many things about this home — the drawer pulls, the art and the way it’s hung together, the river banner…

katie Stephenson

Hable is my most favorite! I just ordered their espresso beads Hombre bag and I’m so so excited to get it in the mail. Pretty pricey for a pool/diaper bag but I know when I think about a purchase that much, it’s the right decision. Beautiful, beautiful space.

Tara E

I love how the simple, open space shows the clean lines of the Danish furniture, and all the family and personal touches. Beautiful!


When I first spied that Ikea art-on-canvas image of tiny pussy willows, this placement over a crib is exactly how I envisioned it should be.
Well done.


Gorgeous! Where can I order the scarves? I want to give them as gifts for a wedding party…


This is such a lovely home. The nursery is great inspiration! I have a quick question: are you happy with the Ikea crib? I am expecting and thinking of getting one but have had some bad experiences with bookshelves from Ikea. But the price is enticing.


my favourite shot is the entry way of life photos and those gorgeous scarves!

i understand everyone’s fascination with colour organization of reading material. but how do you find anything? does anyone actually read those books? i’ll stand out from the crowd and shout “organize your books according to topics and/or authors so that you’re more likely to read them!” not everything has to be perfect. perfection is boring.

having said that, i’d love to see the backs of the storage crates :)


Hi Stephanie, We’ve been totally happy with the crib—it’s basic but sturdy. And the price is Ridiculous.


Sandra—the backside of those storage crates hides All of our sins :-). And yes, my husband can’t ever find his books.


woah! Great spaces! I love the globes in the window of one of the photos. I love that these rooms look lived in and have a lot of personal and vintage items without looking overwhelming and cluttered!

Brigitte Yorke

Jorey – could I ask where your lovely green bag is from (Pictured on the table in the dining nook)?


Brigitte—I made the bag myself, but I don’t have any plans to produce it right now. The green is Cova Color leather paint, from Tandy Leather Factory. You could acheive a similar effect with a basic leather tote and a careful paint job.


A belated Happy Birthday! Grace thank you for all you bring to us in the world of art and design!


i love your photo wall… is that a string grid that supports the frames? how did you set it up?


that lamb is super cute, does your sister sell her works?


S—my cousin Sarah does sell her felt and yarn. Her Etsy site is


Meka—The string grid doesn’t support the frames. We laid out the string grid first and then put a little nail at each intersection and hung the photos on the nails. My husband is very good with dimensions.


everything in this house is gorgeous! i especially love the books arranged by color. great on the eye :)


I can’t believe I am asking this, but what kind of stroller is that?


Nicole—it’s a bugaboo. we went cheap on the crib and expensive on the stroller, and have been happy with that decision.

Erika Huddleston

Jorey, those photos lined up on the wall are amazing! I am so happy about your little girl, too.
=) Erika


beautiful space!
*i second the cheap crib, expensive stroller decision – we also got an ikea crib and a bugaboo stroller and are so very happy with both!

Kay Hable

Jorey, I was so excited to see your beautiful home when I pulled up my favorite website. After watching you work with my daughter, Susan, at Hable Construction, I knew that you would a lovely place… I can see again how carefully everything is planned out.. especially your wall of photos.. only you, could have them lined up so perfectly! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.. Kay Hable


What a great place. The curtain in the nursery is amazing, as is the mosaic & I love the photo wall (I used to do something like this, many years ago, with my room, in kind of a collage style). Thanks for sharing your lovely space!

yvonne cao

Hi jorey.
what did you use to hang those bazillion “clips” style 4”x6” frames at Ikea ?
btw, your house has gorgeous decor. :)


I love your photo wall, josef frank pillows and dining area — BUT those who still buys IKEA should look into their sourcing and manufacturing — cheap comes at a very very high price to humanity and our collective futures.


i love this one. i love especially the airy colors in the living room. the creams and pinks… lovely!


great space… love the colors.
Btw it’s not an oriental rug, it’s a persian rug, very different.