sneak peek: jill crawford {update}


a couple weeks ago the sneak peek into interior and graphic artist jill crawford‘s c.1956 LA home was a huge hit. we were so excited to post it, that we completely forgot that jill was going to send over some more images. so today is deeper look into the place jill and her husband have called home for the past five years. they bought the house from the original owners, but did a lot of work inside to take advantage of the views outdoors – every room now has 1 or 2 pairs of aluminum and glass french doors opening to the outside. the result is a clean, warm, modern look, with a bit of 5-star hotel design creeping into the bedroom and bathroom. jill’s work with murals (many which take scale out of whack from the norm) started as a way to deal with short term rentals and without a big budget. her favorite to date is the yellow one in the living room – between the colors and the natural light, it’s such a happy room. don’t forget to check out jill’s first sneak peek here, and once again, you can find more of her work on her website. [thanks again, jill!] -anne







Wow! I’m in love with that shower. Any idea where that tile is from?


I need to know about the Tile as well. Awesome.

And this just proves Ikea kitchens can be amazing if you have a good sense of style!


the tile looks like wallpaper made by Graham&Brown from their Contour collection. any chance that’s it?


Love love love the entryway and the kitchen – but totally dislike the yellow edging in the living room on those panels/cabinets. If they were mine, I would re-surface those in a good blond wood, and modernize the space a bit.


Whoa, the tiles in the shower, looks like jewels or something, love! Stylish home!

margaret fagan

so beautiful! how is it possible they have the exact same taste as me?!


I am one of the tile fans. I want a shower like that. The rest of the home is beautiful too, I love the colors. I love the furniture, I love the art.


Cool looking space.. I like the kitchen especially. And the shower tiles, like many others have pointed out.


I love, love your place!! Nice style. I will keep coming back to this page for inspirations.


Wow–I think that bathroom is one of the most perfect I’ve seen in awhile. Love the simplicity and subtle beauty of it.


the tile is probably from ann sachs if the house is in la.


Grace, Do you think Jill will let us know what tile it is? I really want to order it for a bathroom I have. Thanks!

Jayme Ludwig

I think this has to be my most favorite sneak peek of all far. Everything about it is so exquisite and clean, yet warm. Not to mention, exactly my taste. The fireplace and shower are GORGEOUS. Incredible work.


This is a lovely & extreemly chic home. I think it’s my favorite I’ve seen here. Nice work Jill!

Jill Crawford

Tiles are from Susan Jablon Mosaics: I did a custom blend, and I don’t remember the exact proportions, but about 57% Spectralight A10, 30% Spectralight A11 and 13% Fusion FS10 (mother of pearl iridescent.) Hakatai has something similar.

The kitchen uses Ikea cabs for the uppers and the insides, but the bottoms are all custom walnut fronts. Bathroom cabinets are totally custom.

And Jayme Ludwig, if you want to buy the house when you move to LA, just let me know! :)

Thanks for all the lovely comments! –Jill


I know the bathroom tile is from Susan Jablon. I believe it’s called White Out. I ordered samples after seeing Jill’s bathroom!


… and oops, I see Jill Crawford has already answered.


I ordered samples from Susan Jablon (using Jill’s recipe) and also from Hakatai. Just wanted to mention this for anyone else contemplating this tile – it’s beautiful and they are pretty much identical so you can’t go wrong with Hakatai or Susan Jablon.


i love how it’s very modern but also inviting and homey! love the white and yellow, amazing! and the coffee table is fantastic :)