sneak peek: harper of proud mary


first we had molly‘s place, and now it’s harper’s (the other half of proud mary) turn. her fabulous apartment is on king street, the main drag of downtown charleston,sc in a completely charming area. the 200 year old building that was formerly a bank and hotel was recently renovated, and all i know is that i’m crazy about all the great exposed brick. don’t miss the rest of the sneak peek which continues after the jump, and click here for more images of this great space. [thanks so much, harper!] -anne

[above: Eames rocker from DWR, Striped pillow is Proud Mary and the painting in the background is from Joanna Wardell, an old family friend.  ]

My favorite seat in the house.  A perfect spot for reading and having morning coffee. The batik doll is from a recent trip to Jamaica. Pillow is Proud Mary


My dining room also serves as my office.  The light in incredible and the huge window looks out onto King Street and my neighbor whom we call “Halo Boy” (he plays a lot of video games).

My husband’s office and standard Ikea bookshelf


I had the duvet and pillows made with a purple ikat from Reprodepot and a soft pink from Mood.  The dream catcher is from a recent visit to Wyoming, my husband says it gives him bad dreams!

The drawings on the stairs were done 30 years ago by my grandmother’s friend.  They are all of Pawley’s Island and Georgetown, South Carolina.

The “Bertoiaesque” chairs on the terrace were picked up on the street in Brooklyn.  We’re trying to stick to palms and succulents … much harder to kill!


Wow, there is great light here. The wall in the diningroom kills me. Love it.


Oh, this makes me miss South Carolina so much! I also adore that dining room wall. Lovely space. Makes me want to go surfing on Folly Beach and eat shrimp and grits. : )


Love your place! Do you by any chance know what company put those stairs in? I’m looking to have a banister like yours put in, and I just love how yours look.



Why can’t I ever find chairs on the side of the street like the ones on the terrace???

Great home, thanks!


I love the cobalt lacquered wardrobe and the exposed concrete wall. Awesome.


Tip for Harper’s garden — try bigger pots. The bigger the pots, the more moisture can go in, and the longer said moisture hangs around. …Indulge a little — *wink.


I bought the living rug from GDC Home in Charleston ( I’m not sure who the manufacturer is but they have a ton of great area rugs!


what amazing space…you have an awesome place!!!


I adore the deep blue armoire. I’ve been wanting to paint a couple small pieces that hue and it was very affirming to see how smashing it looks!


Seeing the cable railings is torture. We are wanting to use them for our build at Birch Hill and they don’t meet safety codes in Canada! Love them!


i love all of them ,especially the south Carolina drawings they are amazing and decorated nicely ,and the book shelf from ikea ,will buy one when i go next time ,


I like the addition of the Yellow “pod” in your husbands office. It’s a must have for any household. It makes me feel so artsy.

Stacey Brawner

Great home – where is the light in the dining room from?


who doesn’t want to live in a space with exposed brick? love the light. it’s a place you can breathe in.


Dear D*S I wrote a comment yrstarday about the exposed bricks and somebody cut it off.!! I touhgt this is free blog when everybody can say whatever he wants……but I made a mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That favorite seat in the house looks so very comfy. Like Rosa commented, it looks like one of her dolls, but *not*. I know Harper had nothing to do w/ripping off Pomar’s design, just makes me sad to see it.


I’m not sure about the light in the dining room or the banister. We were lucky to move in with those fixtures already installed!!

Regarding the doll. I had not seen Rosa’s work before. It is wonderful! The doll in my house is a souvenir from a recent trip to Jamaica.