sneak peek: fiyel levent


fiyel levent of levent and romme has been living in this apartment for the last three years, in clinton hill, brooklyn. she went to high school in the area and ever since then have been enamored with the architecture. it was a rather dangerous neighborhood back then, and that was only ten years ago, but has changed a lot since then. so after returning from scotland where she completed a creative writing degree, she decided it was time to move back. and with the help of a friend, found this place in the same building (convenient for meeting for drinks). fiyel jokes that generally she tends to like whiter colors and interiors with modern furniture, but somehow this apartment turned out to be the complete opposite – but still remains cozy and comfortable. click here for more images of fiyel’s lovely home, and here to find all of our sneak peeks! {thanks, fiyel!} -anne

It’s the fourth and top most floor of the brownstone and we have a skylight in the bathroom and in the hallway. There are three or four huge trees in the backyard so it often feels like we are living in a tree house of some sorts. My boyfriend (turned husband) (who is one of the founders and partners of Situ Studio in Dumbo) and I didn’t change anything, really, just painted the living room and bedroom white. We had mixed feelings about the blue and orange kitchen, but after having painted the two other rooms, decided to just leave it. We also left the red room as it was, a tiny little space in the back of the house which we turned into our library, and which is the messiest room in the apartment.

I didn’t have much when I moved here, only a few pieces of furniture such as the dresser in my bedroom which used to belong to my grandmother and her sewing table which I use as my computer desk. Gradually, I began to collect things and since I didn’t have that much money to buy furniture, everything was either inherited, found on the street, bought for less than $300 or we ourselves made. I try to edit our belongings, but it’s difficult because I tend to have emotional ties to every piece. It’s a bit of a clutter house right now.

My grandfather used to be an art collector in Finland, and the two wooden Chinese dolls are from him. The painting of the two donuts in the living room, made by Jonna Johansson, was a wedding gift from my aunt who happens to be an architect in Finland. The Mies Cantilever Cane chair was something we picked up off the street. It was very disheveled looking and I re-caned it myself. My husband is from Turkey, so his grandmothers sent us many carpets/kilims which we’ve put in the living room and bedroom. We also have many plants in our living room, two of which were presents from my husband, a rubber tree plant which was given to us by my mother, and a seven foot tall fern which we found discarded on the street. So it’s a bit of a jungle.




The headboard and the coffee table are my own designs, and my husband designed and built the bed as a wedding present. He also bought me the little table by the bed for one of our anniversaries, I forget which one. Since we live on the top floor, there is only one small window in our bedroom and the ceiling has a slope. It reminds me of living at home in my parents’ house, where my room was in the renovated attic space. We don’t get much light in there in the morning, making it quite difficult to get up, particularly in the winter.

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Right at the beginning of our relationship, my husband went to India for three weeks and came back with bag full of gifts, little statues, bowls and things. They are strewn throughout our house. The clarinet and the skies I found in a junk shop upstate, when I went tubing for a weekend with my best friend last year.





Oh MY! I LOVE that kitchen. I love that kitchen I LOVE that kitchen. Oh SO inspired now…


Love the turquoise wall color. The style is kind of retro and modern at the same time. Would love to take a closer look at that headboard, looks cool!


Fiyel–Do you know what fabric the pillow on your living room couch is made from (the octagon print one)? Thanks!


I love the room with all of the books. In my last place I had a wall full of books from floor to ceiling and it felt like a library. I know – it’s very anti-Kindle. But I like to think of myself as post-Kindle!


Love how every single thing seems to have a loving history. And it’s not called cluttery. Cosy is the word!


This home is very charming. It looks very personal and authentic, not just styled–but still lovely!


Where did you find the mortar and pestle? I’d love to purchase one.


would love to see the whole headboard it looks very uniqe,also loved the statue of the man and woman on top of your shelf.


Those hardwood floors are amazing – original to the building? I love the zip line photography hanging in the bedroom!


I love how you set the tone with the dark backdrop for the computer screen…if you can’t beat it join it right.

Beautiful headboard aswell.


lovely photos. Can you share where you got the hallway table in the last shot? it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for, with no luck. Thanks!


This home feels so intimate. Headboard looks dreamy. Unique and lovely place!


I loved your headboard! And it being a wedding present makes it even more special! What is it made of?


I love how the shoes are integrated into the design. Storing shoes is always such a pain; this is a better way to do it. Sadly, my dog cannot be trusted around shoes, so all my beautiful shoes must be stuffed in the closet’s deepest depths.


I love how the rooms have pops of color. The blue and orange kitchen, definitely works :)


Thanks for all the nice comments! The pillow was purchased from West Elm years ago; it’s made of cotton. The mortar and pestle is from Sagaform, designed by Pascal Charmolu, and the table is from a Chinese furniture store on either 18th, 19th or 20th Street (don’t remember which one) between 5th and 6th.


Love your small dining table! Where did you get it?


there are too many things to comment on. your style is fascinating, clever, and sophisticated in your arrangements. love it. right out of Domino!!1


So pretty! Not cluttered at all , just romantic and sweet and clearly very happy. Good for you.


How adorable is this home. It has so much character. loving the color combo in the kitchen


Oh, I miss living in the city and being able to find great furniture to renovate out on the street. Now I live in the country and actually have a great workshop space, but it’s amazing how you never come across great furniture at the side of the road here, it just lives in people’s garages for all eternity… Very nice sneak peak


Me likey too, sophisticated in a simple, effortless way. I especially like the outspoken white rooms. It doesn’t look cluttered at all!


I love the whole thing, but particularly the coffee table, headboard, and your unique designs.

Gwen Bell

This one is a stunner! Gorgeous paint job, incredible sense of spaciousness _and_ coziness. Well done. – @gwenbell


The colors in the kitchen are absolutely gorgeous!! What color blue did you use on the walls?


The whole place is gorgeous, but I’m especially covetous of the layers upon layers of rugs in your library. I really fell in love with them while in Turkey last spring. How sumptuous!


What color is the wall in the room with the open back shelf with red cups & onions? Agree 100% with all of the positive comments regarding your kitchen! Really nice!