sneak peek: clementine press


today we’re getting a sneak peek into the 1937 garden courtyard apartment of richenda brim, better known as clementine press. the 580 sf studio is slightly smaller that her previous one bedroom, but the charm of the mantel, built-in bookcase and French draws drew her in on first sight. the challenge remains how to organically incorporate her printing and music into the living space, but i say she does it all quite nicely. don’t miss additional images at the end of the post. [thanks, richenda!] -anne

In the “bedroom” I tried to keep it simple and spare to balance out everything going on in the living room. Even though the place is small, I really feel like I’m in another room with the bed tucked behind the bookcase.



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I have picked up some vintage pieces over the years that I love. I bought the wall unit from a friend and found the drafting table and metal office chair at a Los Angeles consignment store. I saved the coffee table from the trash at my old apartment. The rest is probably recognizable as Ikea basics. To maximize space, I created an office in an alcove off the living room with a simple desk and an Expedit bookcase.


The art around the apartment is by friends and friends of friends. There’s a framed print by Grant Wiggins in the living room and a print by Christine Nguyen over my bed. You can also see a few of my collections around the apartment. On the mantel I have candles made by a friend from vintage molds she finds on eBay. My pelican postcards are in a display case made from an old suitcase that I inherited from a gallery I used to sell through in San Francisco. In the living room a portion of my artist book collection is on an Ikea shelf that they have (sadly) discontinued.


what a gorgeous little space! i’m glad to see i’m not the only stacking my trays of type on top of one another. what is your press sitting on? i’m looking for a good stand for mine. . . .


love the little blackboard in the kitchen! love to know where u got it! so cute.


yay for the hatch show “gravy” print – I bought the exact same print on my last trip to nashville and it is in also in my kitchen!


The suitcase used as display case is fantastic!

I also like the blackboard painted on the wall beside the stove.

…a beautiful, cozy home.


3 for the hatch print. it came with my husband and is in our kitchen. :) lovely space.


Thanks for the nice comments everyone! And thanks for inviting me Anne!

The chalkboard is indeed a wall decal from Spell It Out designs on Etsy. I highly recommend it!

Laura – my press is on a machine table from Global Industrial. I wanted something sturdy enough but not too shop-looking since it’s right in the living room.


What a cute home! I know what it’s like to live small :)
And, could you tell me what kind of guitar the red and white one is?


Thanks Annemarie. Living small isn;t so bad. I like seeing all of my life in one place! The guitar is a Danalectro ’63 – one of the recent vintage reissues.


I love the old suitcase with pelican postcards. I also love that little table in the hallway (photo 2) – where did you get it?