sneak peek: caroline lubbers


caroline lubbers of goldfish marketing spends a lot of time behind the scenes helping promote some of our favorite designers, but today we’re excited to turn the tables on her and show off her home in today’s sneak peek. she and her family live in chicago in a 1915 condo that was rehabbed 10 years ago (they have been their 5 years and are currently putting the place on the market). caroline has created a wonderful palette of bright color mixed in with neutrals where one can rest their eyes that fits in nicely with her love of old things with “previous lives.” you can check out more from caroline on her blog, whipped, and don’t miss additional images right here. [thanks, caroline!] -anne

[in the words of caroline: I am quite a practical person so the things in my life are almost always comfortable and usable.  I am also very nostalgic and love old things with a history.  I prefer family antiques, hand-me-downs, used books and finds from estate sales… anything with a story behind it.   Over the past years, I have been lucky and have found myself surrounded by wildly creative and talented people that have most certainly influenced my style.  Professionally, I have been fortunate to work with such creative geniuses as Katrina Markoff of Vosges Haut-Chocolat and Ebony Snow Chafey of Snow & Graham.  Personally, I have been influenced for years  by old friends including Stephanie Waddell of Agnes & Hoss and artist Maria Vettese, to name a few. ]


Instead of a headboard, we have a piece of Agnes & Hoss silk stretched around a large canvas and hung on the wall.  The pillow is also one of my favorite Agnes & Hoss patterns, Jellyfish.  The bedside tables are antiques painted white and dressed up with Anthropologie nobs.


I love swimming and the sea.  Our bedroom was designed to create the same peace and calm that I get from floating in water.  On the dresser I keep my blue glass bottle collection that has been mostly scavenged from Michigan antique stores.  Tucked next to them are a few shells and a rock found on beaches during recent vacations.


My daughter Vivian and I each have antique dressing tables.  Mine belonged to my great grandmother.  Hers was a find from a small shop in Portland, Oregon.


When we moved in 5 years ago, the one thing I wanted to do was redo the kitchen.  Somehow it never happened.   I did make a few changes like adding chalkboard paint to the back door.  I use it the top half for menu planning and list making.  Vivian uses the bottom half  for her own musings.


I keep my main spices on the counter on top of a simple white tray from CB2.  Somehow, everything seems more organized when sitting atop a tray or dish.


The painting on the wall is by Chicago artist Rob Funderburk.  He painted it on the back of wood taken from a set at the Goodman theatre where he had a part-time job.



Living room fireplace with decorative cover, tile work.


The sunroom chairs are an antique store find and sit around a hand-me-down cherry wood table from my parents.   Our built-in bookshelves and fireplace add to the vintage charm of the old condo.  We never did hook up the gas fireplace as I find the iron fireplace front with the white brick and square tile just as pleasing.

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On the deck.. we bought a bunch of buoys when we were in Key West, hung them from ropes and have them hanging down around the plants. [right] Our small entryway is painted a bright orange.  I love the pop of color when you walk in the house.  It is energizing in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter.  One of the main reasons we bought the condo was the sunroom that overlooks historic Graceland cemetery.  Graceland is famous for Louis Sullivan tombs and as the final resting place of many notable Chicago architects and founders.  I like to joke that we have permanent, quiet neighbors


We love entertaining and luckily have huge built-in cabinets to store all of our glassware and serving ware.  The table and chairs are from my childhood home where we gathered in the formal dining room only at special occasions and holidays.  In my house, we use it everyday and allow normal wear and tear.


We kept the nursery simple with all neutrals.   The prints are from Marisa of Creative Thursday. Hanging over the side of the crib is one of many Jellycat friends.


Above the bar is a pin-hole camera photo taken under the Chicago El train tracks that run near our house by a local artist.

Beth S

beautiful home! how do you keep your bar together (glasses and bottles so low, oh my!) with a toddler around?


Beautiful! I love the bedroom, it looks so relaxing!


Hey, you have a chicken pot-holder! I have one too. Cluck cluck.

Love the grocery list/calendar/easel door.


Gorgeous – all the pretty turquoise makes this one of my favorite sneak peeks so far.


what a beautiful, simple, comfortable home! i love the antique dressing tables, and vivian’s gorgeous red hair!


Maybe it’s because I’m from Chicago and have similar taste, but this is by far my favorite sneak peek!

I’ll have to keep my eye open for condos on the market near Graceland Cemetery. *wink,wink*


This is absolutely stunning. I am about to renovate part my condo….basically make my home a creative and calm haven. Very inspiring.


your kitchen is the perfect turquoise! do you remember the name/manufacturer?

our little love nest

WOW… I gasped at the gorgeous-ness of this space!! Super ambient and lovely. I may have to put some photos of this one in my scrapbook of ideas. LOVE it!


I just love the red flowers against the turquoise.

But I have to admit that I’m a little worried the bar isn’t quite childproof.


A peaceful lovely home. Looks totally lived in, not out of a magazine. I like the idea of salvaging pieces, obviously she is a sentimental person.

I, like her, have never had to keep things out of reach of my toddlers. I have taught them to respect their home.


What a beautiful, calm, friendly-looking home. Gorgeous, thoughtful things everywhere!

Love this sneak peek; thank you so much for sharing with us!

The Lil Bee

Such a cute idea to paint the door with chalkboard paint. I painted my office in chalkboard paint and love it…but a door would be great for shopping lists. Her use of blue is also really beautiful, and normally I’m not a fan.


That little Miffy bunny apron is so sweet! Where can I get my hands on one?


This makes me miss Chicago! And your daughter is adorable!!


YAY, I am currently painting my spare room a really similar color to the bedroom. I love it. Different purpose though. My room is going to be my boyfriend’s (who is in the process of moving in)’s “comic book” room.


I adore that blue bedroom. I need that fireplace screen. And I wouldn’t mind a drink. =)


wow … i don’t know where to begin with all these beautiful, beautiful images!
the cooooooool blue is bright but seriously soothing …
my heart melted seeing Vivian at the vintage dressing table … absolutely precious and emotionally stirring!
and the brilliant chalkboard door … i totally should have done that when my boys were that size! they all reach over 6 ft now … hmmm … maybe they could have the top part now and i could have the bottom!
many smiles and thanks,


Love the colour in the bedroom! Beautiful, beautiful space!


Love the bedroom and all the wonderful sunlight in the dining nook…!


I’m loving all the shades of blue in the bedroom and the chalkboard door. Adorable!!


i have to ask… is the crib antique or is it from a store? thanks! gorgeous house! and thanks for the tip about putting olive oil, salt and pepper on a little tray. i keep trying to hide them in the cupboard and my husband keeps pulling them out. a tray will be a nice compromise and i won’t think it looks so messy.


vivian!!! What a cutie-pie. Love the apartment too!


lovely colours throughout the condo. love the decorative fireplace cover and sunroom chairs. your little ginger, vivian, is also lovely.


I absolutely love the blue spaces in the first few photos!! It’s my favorite color and I love the blue walls and matching dresser and bottles!


Your bedroom is the same colour as my living room… so pretty!

David Toms

Beautiful place! What block are you on? I probably ride by your area on the way to work everyday.


underwater indeed! what a cute little girl as well. yay for the red heads!


i love the door! i’ve been contemplating painting something with chalkboard paint looking for inspiration. i think i may have found it! so charming!


Funny how the first ingredient on the picnic shopping list was gin. Cute apartment


Does anybody know what the pale teal paint colour is? I want to paint my bedroom that exact colour.


The china on the table (red rim flowers in the center) was the china pattern I grew up with that my mom had. It became our everyday dishware. Sadly, all that I have left are a few chipped cups, but it had a long good run.


Thank you all for the kind comments! I wish I could each and every one of you over for a fresh baked cookie and cup of tea.

Some answers….
– The crib is not an antique, it is a hand-me-down from a friend, originally from pottery barn.

– The “Miffy” apron and mobile came from my in-laws who live in the Netherlands. There Miffiy is known as Nintje. Sorry – have never seen the stuff in the U.S.

– I am going to go to my basement and dig up the paint colors for the kitchen and the bedroom… watch for a later comment.

– For Gillian and David Toms… we are on the corner of Montrose and Racine. You really can buy my condo :)


Your condo is so Chicago. I have to admit, I didn’t read the entire intro before looking at the pictures but by the time I got to the jump I thought “She lives in Chicago” and smiled. And then went back and read everything.


Wow, I am in love with the yellow walls and dark crown molding. Definitely putting that in my inspiration notebook! Beautiful post.


“Somehow, everything seems more organized when sitting atop a tray or dish.” That is so true, and such a genius idea!

I am going to put all of my oil and vinegar bottles on one of my many trays as soon as I get home.


This condo is so well put together…with the color schemes and furniture. Also, the simple decorations make the condo look classy.


I’m a Chicago girl too! My condo is in Roger’s Park. Anyway, I would also love to know the bedroom color when you get around to it. Thank you!


The house is great, feels warm and welcoming but best of all is the colour of Vivan’s hair! How I wish my hair was that gorgeous colour.


Your home is lovely and very inspiring! I love the shade of blue in the bedroom – what color is it?


i use to have chalkboard paint in my bathroom but i might put it on my kitchen door. i love that idea. your space is so calming.


Love this home. Love it love it love it. (And now I want to mimic it mimic it mimic it — please do tell us your paint colors if you can!)


I love the condo and hope it sells quickly for you – quick question: where did you get the bamboo print curtains in the bedroom??


Love that blackboard door and your kid drawing on it and the beautiful way the photo was framed!


my sister Vivian is also a redhead :-) it’s like seeing her when she was young (and i wasn’t around yet, haha)


I found the colors!!! We sold the condo and are moving. IN the bottom of a drawer I found all the bedroom color swatches! Here they are, sorry for the delay:
All Ralph Lauren Paints
Bedroom Walls – Lynx Lake SS49
Bedroom Dresser – Kamaka Island SS65
White Trim – Whitecap SS05

Bamboo Curtains – They were a big square of fabric that I think they call bedspreads from Urban Outfitters. They make great curtains with a little easy sewing.


Can you tell me what kind of chandelier is hanging in your bedroom? I’ve seen those a bunch of times but cannot think of a name or where to get one! Thanks!