sneak peek: birds of ohio



missi pawlecki and brian caviness met in ohio and migrated to california to start birds of ohio. their collection of vintage print and pattern swatches was created help provide inspiration for designers. and beyond being big fans of their work, we’re also huge fans of their home! the house was built in 1962 by joseph eichler. it is a post-and-beam structure that allows large expanses of glass–walls of glass. they love all the natural light, but joke that the drawback is that you have to wear sunglasses in the morning if you want to watch tv. click here for more images, and, as always, you can find all of our fantastic sneak peeks right HERE. {thanks, brian and missi!} -anne

(photos by Hirofumi Inaba)

[above:  This Danish Mid Century Couch is from a house in the neighborhood. The owner had passed away and his daughter was trying to sell the furniture with the house. The new owners were not interested, so we lucked out. Come to find out our cool next door neighbor, who used to be a screen writer for TV shows Bonanza and Combat back in the day, was a good friend of the original owner of the couch. He recognized them when he stopped by one day. The pillows are part of the recessionary sewing projects my friend Krysta and I have been making. The vintage Formica coffee table is from one of our favorite vintage stores, Out Of Vogue. I guess they supplied the TV show Mad Men with a lot of their furniture and props. We picked up the print on the wall at an estate sale]


The chairs are vintage Paul Mc Cobb, hand-me-downs from a Great Aunt. The couch is from Crate and Barrel. We were trying to find a simple couch we could afford (not easy these days). Then we found this one, but it was supposedly discontinued. But, lucky for us, they still had frames left and we were able to pick the fabric we wanted. The pillows are from Urban Outfitters, ages ago. The ceiling fan is from The Modern Fan Company.  We picked up the tree print over the dining room table at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.


Our kitchen still had the original cabinets and appliances when we moved in. So we just spruced it up a bit and updated the appliances (when one started shooting sparks.) The previous owners left us the large globe ceiling lamps that came from an old church. The black pot is by Timo Sarpaneva. We have cooked many yummy soups in this pot. The pottery above the cabinets is by Jonathan Adler.


Our Office also doubles as a 2nd guest room, or for nap time when we have been looking at pixels too long. This is our goofy dog, Max. He has the most enormous ears and we love him for it. The pillows are made from left overs from our vintage swatch collection. The prints above are another estate sale treasure.  [right] If you can’t tell, we kinda like birds, hence the name of our business, Birds of Ohio.  Anyway, this bird print is from the 60’s by David Weidman.  We got it at the Melrose Trading Post Flea Market.  The cute bird cutting board is a gift from our friend, Laurita. She got it at Urban Outfitters.  The pottery above the refrigerator is by local LA Potter Jon Scott.


This Vintage graphic wall hanging is another excellent score from the Rosebowl Flea market in Pasadena. The pottery is Eva Zeisel. She is 102 years old and still going strong. She just came out with a line of Rugs for The Rug Company.   I guess the key to a long and productive life is to be passionate about something. The cute little iron owl was a Christmas gift from our friends, Krysta and Matt. They found it at Tortoise on Abbot Kinney in Venice.


We got our bedroom set from Room and Board.  We found the wall lamps at Out of Vogue. We were supposed to be buying Christmas presents for other people, but instead we bought these for ourselves. Oops! The guitar is a Kalamazoo from the 30’s. The wood has aged so perfectly that it sounds like warm butter. The artwork is a series of photographs given to us by our friend Anna Cox. as a wedding gift.


This is our guest room and library. The bookcase is the Index Four Bookcase from Design Within Reach. The vintage lamp is another great find from Out of Vogue. The hand-screened print from the 70’s was produced by Newsweek to honor the Font Designer William Caslon. Looks like Newsweek sent these off to potential advertisers as a gift.–another great find from the Rose Bowl.


We picked up this Danish side table down the street in the Orange “Circle”. Being from the Midwest, we sometimes miss the history of things. Everything out in California is relatively new. But, lucky for us, we live about a mile away from the center of  “Old Town Orange,” which is filled with quaint antique shops and turn-of-the-century Victorians and Bungalows. The glass vases are from back in Ohio. Ohio State University had a good glass blowing program, so from time time they would have student sales. The plant life is from branches that fell off our Eucalyptus trees. [right:] The bedrooms in our house are 10’ x 10’, so we maximized space by designing these desk/shelving units from Infinite Storage Solutions.  to fit our space. We splurged last year and got the Eames Management Chairs. Why not? We will have them till we die. If we live as long as Eva Zeisel, we will really get our money’s worth. The Eames shell chair with leather cover is another vintage find. The Mountain Goats poster was designed and hand Screened by our friend Clint Reno. Clint now does gig posters for everyone and their brother. He is quite the talented illustrator.


The 1st thing you see when you enter our front door is this open air courtyard. We love the fire pit that erupts out of the ground. It is a good place to hang out with friends and roast a marshmallow or two. The print, as you walk into the house, is an original Charley Harper print titled “Ptarmigan.” He was a fellow Ohioan and bird admirer.


I ned to know the paint colors! Those greens and that yellow are fab!


Grace, this is a fabulous post! Eichler, Adler, Harper…this couple definitely speaks my language. Thanks for sharing Missi and Brian.


LOVE the courtyard and fireplace. And can somebody write a DIY for the stripey pillows on the teal couch? They’re lovely!


WOW. Such amazing colors and i love the repeating orb shape throughout your house (lights, vases, prints) I have the round globe lights in my house as well and it’s fun to look up into them and see the reflection of the room. You really scored on the couch from your neighbor. That teal blue is fantastic!


beautiful house! i especially love the open courtyard and that fire pit.

Annie May

What a beautiful + fun home! I absolutely love the bedroom wall sconces from Out of Vogue! I’m so excited for the new source, I was not familiar with them, but am so excited to check out their showroom:-)


Hi, can you tell us more about how the fire pit functions? Is there a gas line that leads to it, or is it simply a hand-built fire? Thank you!

our little love nest

oooh my!! In my dreams I have that open air courtyard and the awesome little fire going outside. That is amazing. That turquoise sofa purchased from a neighbor is so perfect with it too….sigh*


I used to live in Orange, and window shop at Out of Vogue in Fullerton. LOVE your home, So.Cal perfect. I think I know where you neighborhood is too — a great tract of houses. Lucky!

Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All

I really like what they are doing with their space. The linoleum flooring gives them a lot a flexibility to use wood and color to warm things up without being overwhelming. oh, and note to Crate & Barrel: please bring back that couch! ;)


LOVE THIS HOUSE! Just enough “things”, just the right “things”. Nice.


So jealous! You’ve done a beautiful job. For fun my husband and I drive around that neighborhood and dream of the day we can afford one of our own. We love the Circle too!


Wow. The first Sneak Peek that’s gotten me to pop out of the RSS reader for a while. Absolutely awesome/gorgeous!


Geesh, I want that huge kitchen window. And throw in the bedside lighting as well.


oh my god, I LOVELOVELOVE that turqouise sofa in the first photo, everything else is awesome too but that sofa is too beautiful!


Cool house. I could never live with all that linoleum though.


LOVELY house. But what really caught my attention was your dog MAX. He looks just like a Carolina Dog/American Dingo and I just ran an article in my magazine about them. You should take a look. Here’s a link to my blog entry with photos, and within the blog post is a link to the article in full:

america blasco


just wanted to let you know I tagged you in my blog today. I tagged you because you are an inspiration; and that, to me, deserves recognition!


thanks for everyone’s kind words about our home, we have spent the last 6 years renovating, it seems to never end. here are some answers to the questions above:
paint colors : not sure, we painted awhile ago
pillows: very easy, just used some natural canvas then used a wide dense zigzag on my sewing machine and used wool embroidery thread then just sewed the lines
fire pit: there is a gas line with a valve, then we light it with a flame.
max: thanks lowcountrydogleah, we rescued Max about a year ago, he was a year and a half when we got him, we were not sure what he was, we thought he might be a pharoah hound mix, but he looks exactly like the dogs on your blog!

Jenny Sauer

it’s a small world…

i just wanted to congratulate Missi on creating such a beautiful home. i am so envious! Missi was my boss years ago when we both worked for a large fashion retailer in Ohio. she is super talented and has amazing taste for sure!

Lisa Occhipinti

Often with home decor editorials I’ll like a lot of what the owners did but think, hmm I would change this or that, but not so here. Missi and Brian’s home is a capsule of perfection! (in my taste, at least!). Many thanks to them for opening their home!


First, like Kristan this was the first place to pull me out of my RSS reader in awhile too!
Absolutely stunning while being perfectly understated and fresh. Love the palette, the vintage wall hanging, that turquoise couch, the lamps in the bedroom, etc. etc.
Impeccable taste!

Corrie Sullivan

Brian and Missi, the photos are amazing. I love your home and I feel honored to have enjoyed many a fun design day with you both there. yah for Birds of Ohio!


Thanks for the comments on our house! There has been some interest in the paint colors we used. Here they are (all Dunn Edwards paint):
Front Door =DE5520 (“Crocodile Tears”)
Walls (most)=DE5525 (“Pale View”)
Master bedroom walls =DE5505 (“Natural Light”)
Kitchen walls =DE5493 (“Floating Lily Pad”)


Missi and Brian—I’m pretty sure I know exactly where you live…Yes that sounds creepy! One of my best friends is on Woodland….I won’t give exact address but let’s just say it’s between La Veta and Larkstone…Email me, I would love to say hello!


I think this is the house I was considering buying about two or three months ago when I was driving through the Fairhaven Eichler neighborhood. it’s fucking gorgeous and everything is all original. Downside is I’m only approved for a $250000 home and this one was running for almost three times that! YIKES! Maybe someday.


Hey Brian,
Nice house. Very good to see you prospering.


Beautiful house. It’s exactly how I would do my own home…in my dreams! I like the sideboard in the photo with the iron owl and Ziesel ceramics. Is it a vintage piece?


I live in Orange, on Shaffer in fact and it is nice to see such a fine representation of Orange. You have a truly lovely home.


The unit that the TV sits on, does anyone know a place to get one like it? Thanks! Love the colours of the house


Beautiful. The house itself is a dream, but the couple has done a phenomenal job decorating. You guys have impeccable taste.


I love the forest painting above your credenza. Would you mind sharing the artist?


Hi Missi, Brian and Max! Your house looks incredible. Congrats on all the hard work. You are correct, it never ends. We hope someday to bring little Ben out to meet you and see the place. Miss you! Tony, Kate and Ben.


oh. my. god. i am a very jealous person right now. this house is the epitome of all i want in a home. the mid century furniture, the enormous glass windows, the beautiful pillows and a fire pit! i’m just awe struck!


i love this house! it reminds me of the house in the pixar animated movie, the incredibles. gorgeous!!!!