sneak peek: barbara berrada


french photographer, artist and fashion designer barbara berrada runs the adorable children’s shop les zigouis (which you may remember from this post). in keeping with the french, her taste and styling is impeccable. we’re so happy today to share with you a sneak peek into her gorgeous home in rouen, france (about a hour and fifteen minutes outside of paris). we hope you enjoy the post and  you can find many, many more images right here. stay tuned for two more sneak peeks at noon and 1pm! [merci beaucoup, barbara!] -anne












Caitlin Kelch

Post on Barbara’s lovely ANYTHING are always my favorite. Thanks for sneaking back and sharing her dreamy home too! Very inspiring and just smiley!

Treehouse Collective

Love the mini footed tub! Have been daydreaming of building something like the Hinkle Shack and this would be the perfect luxurious “downsize”.


oh, wow! love the yellow bathtub, the photos and the house are absolutely lovely. is it me, or are french things really better? :)


really beautiful. rumpled, colourful, lots of lovely quirky detail and treasure. love it. siiiigh.

chapeau, Barbara, chapeau!


I love everything about this apartment–especially the mobile in the first picture. Inspiring post, thanks!


awww i love the child’s bed and comforter, I think what really gets me is how it’s made up…with little hands :)

Lucy C

Wow! I love this house. I’ve always shied away from using really strong colours, but they work so well here. I love the fabric on the duvet covers as well. Thanks for sharing.


That’s exactly the bathtub I’ve been looking for! Why is it impossible to find something like that in the States?


Wonderful use of bold color, and that bathtub is amazing! Thank you for sharing!


I LOVE the French aesthetic! Great sneak peak, I’m drooling over here!

Julia B

I love the spotty red duvet cover and the decorative cow-like kittie on the bed!


Love the use of the intense red walls and accents. I just found a great Benjamin Moore red for my bedroom (a little deeper than the one above), but so rich and luscious. It’s called “Caliente” – hightly recommend it if you’re looking for a red wall color.


I’m so adding her shop to the list of places I’ll be visiting next time I’m in Rouen… it doesn’t happen that often, but I’ll keep track of the website.

La baignoire est magnifique !! D’où vient-elle ? Et bravo pour le rose de la cheminée, c’est pourtant d’habitude une couleur que je déteste en décoration.


I LOVE the illustration with a sewing machine. wondering whose work it is… Thanks for sharing!


I have that spotted orange and white bedspread! It’s a duvet cover from Ikea and it’s delightful. A bit rough and linen-y to the touch but looks more expensive than it is.


BEAUTIFUL! My favorite (I think, it’s so hard to choose) is the mobile in the first picture. This is probably made by Barbara and unavailable to the public?


Love love love the throw with printed pennant banners on the grey sofa! oh please tell me where can i get a fabric similar to that?

Barbara B.

Big thanks everybody !!!
(I am so late , sorry)
Amesh, the banners fabric has been found at IKEA (but last year I think)


I love everything about this house! the colors are stunning and it all looks so homey!


dear barbara, what is the name of the paint you used in your kitchen? i live in southern california, and find myself endlessly inspired by our bountiful citrus, and would love to reflect that with a similarly warm and spectacular color!