reiko kaneko

designer reiko kaneko recently released two new pieces of gorgeous furniture: the ovangkol table and dapple light.

the ovangkol table seems to float in mid-air because it’s sturdy wooden top and legs float in crystal clear resin legs. i love the combination of heavy and light- it is such an elegant table, but still so warm and rich because of the wood.


the dapple light has a wood veneer shade and, on the inside, thousands of glass mirrors. inspired by a disco ball, the dapple light casts a dramatic shadow and creates an “explosion of light” thanks to all those tiny glass mirrors. click here to check out more of reiko’s work online. thanks, reiko!


As a lighting nerd, I’m in love with that lamp!

Surly, some crafty blogger out there can DIY it and share their methods. It might not look as great as Reiko’s, of course.


Holy cow! I have to have that disco ball lamp! That has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.


Incredible lamp!!! Love the simple outside and crazy inside!


I have to try to make a lamp like that! You know that sequin-covered fabric they sell? I wonder if you could attach that inside a regular lamp shade to get that disco ball effect? Hmm…


I love this – I have an obsession with wood veneer at the best of times and that coupled with the disco ball makes me squeal with excitement, at least inwardly…


I have a major crush on this lamp. When will it be available to the public?


I like that lamp.
If Reiko kaneko can open the top side of the lamp,light will like many stars at night.