olivia mew

by Grace Bonney

when it comes to the world of plush, textile-y figures, i’m not normally a big fan. i can see why others would enjoy them, but they’ve never really been my cup of tea. but, every now and then i find one that really catches my eye. fibers major olivia mew from concordia university sent me these soft dolls she makes and i was instantly taken with them. not only because they’re cute, but because i feel like they’re textile-representations of half the people i see on a daily basis in my borough (minus the antler hats). olivia says she likes to focus on “angsty teenagers or people getting eaten by bears” and i love it. it reminds me a little bit of what jen corace‘s work would look like, in soft doll form. want to pick up one of olivia’s pieces for yourself? click here to check out her etsy shop. thanks, olivia!

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