new: trove window films and wood veneer

i first saw trove‘s nature-inspired work at the 2006 icff and was instantly smitten with their colorful, but sophisticated, wallpapers. so i wasn’t surprised to find that i also love their latest collection of window films and wood veneer.

trove’s new window film is a self-adhesive design that comes in three different textures, for varying degrees of opacity (and privacy). i love with their butterfly print (above) and am hoping to convince ac to let me use it in our bathroom. on a different note, i would like to know where that room above is and when i can move in.

trove also recently introduced a new line of printed wood veneer wallcoverings, made from renewable materials. they have that warm glow that comes from wood feel, but without the obvious wood-grain effect that you often get with veneer. so lovely.

click here to check out both of trove’s new additions online and to contact them about purchasing…


A far cry from those creepy geometric window films my grandma had in her basement! These are lovely!

Lisa Occhipinti

I recently read about these (Met Home? Dwell?) and love love the birds–it’s as if you can hear their gentle fluttering. How swell to have that in your pad?


these window films are fantastic! i also love the butterflies–i think i may need them for my bedroom. :)


sadly, there’s no there there. on the trove site, there’s just two photos (the same as above) and no details on size or pricing. at least, not on the ‘new products’ page to which you’ve linked.


I clicked on the link and couldn’t get any specifics about pricing for the window films. anyone know?



Wallpaper is $13 square foot [retail]
Window Film is also $13 square foot [retail]- super easy to install.
Wood Veneer $45.00 square foot [retail]

(thanks to marlene for the pricing)



That pic of the bird print on the window is amazing!

Annie May

Oooohhhh! I was just looking at these yesterday! Makes for a much better view than the stained stucco on my neighbors house!! Love it!


For months I have been looking for something to cover the windows in my closet, and this is perfect!! I love these window films, especially the butterflies!


Wow…my one window is 8 sqr feet so this film would be like $104. I’d love to see pics in a real persons house! Can anyone guess if it would block my neighbors from seeing into my house at night (when i have the lights on)?


@cajeta – i have semi-transparent windowfilm in my bathroom (not these though, a birch/leaf pattern that’s less opaque then these) and no-one can look in, ever.

PJ Hoover

Beautiful, Where are they sold? I didn’t see prices or a way to purchase them on the site. These window coverings would be the perfect compliment to my Decorative Wall Treatments. Beautiful, I want some for my own home!

Evelyn Garver

Saw an ad for Azha (butterflies) window film. Do you have a catalog? Thak you. Evelyn Garver