I am so happy to be sharing with you all today. I am currently exploring my new life in New York, where I have moved to live out a long-time dream of designing and creating handmade goods to sell. I find inspiration for my work mostly in daily life and in my surroundings. With a camera in tow I spent a week weaving in and out through parks and Brooklyn streets making new discoveries and hunting to be inspired for my next project. Meanwhile, I was learning my way around my new neighborhood, Park Slope. Below I have shared my process for creating simple mood boards that I use mostly for color and texture inspiration. Throughout this week I want to take you all on a journey through my daily New York life and I will share my love of textiles, color, and design. Later in the week I will include two small DIY projects for your home. Thank you, Grace, for having me!


[image above: Mushroom ring on Union Street/ Vintage table runner in Emily’s Apt.]

Chelsea’s outfit and morning snack/ Bouquet of tree peonies from Amy

Village Apt./ 7th Avenue Donuts

The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens/ Greenwood Baptist Church

Sweet Melissa’s Bakery on 7th Ave/ Friends

Mini Mood Boards

These images above are bits and pieces of inspiration (captured on my journey through Park Slope) that have been paired together to evoke a certain mood. I learned this process from a great professor I had in college, Pamela Wiley. Pam is a professor of Fibers (more about the Fibers Department tomorrow!) at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I often go through my old photos to find images that tell a whole new story when combined. This is a great method for planning the color and mood of a room, a party setting or even an outfit. These simple pairings would also be nice framed and hung on a wall as your own artwork.


I absolutely love the idea of grouping photos together to evoke a mood. I’m definitely going to try doing that for inspiration! Thanks for the tip :)

danielle & ryan

Reading your post from bed on a Monday morning is such a treat, only we wish you were here.


What is the yellow thing in the image of friends? it seems attached to the woman’s clothing?

I like this idea by the way, I just can’t stop looking at the protruding yellow thing.( I feel a bit silly asking.)


Welcome to Park Slope, Haylie! I am from Savannah too. You will love living in NYC. And now I am totally craving one of those donuts…


I just got back from cyprus and that vintage table runner is exactly the kind of traditional embroidery work they still do there,in a village called,what a pleasant`s just such beautiful work..


I have loved your whole week’s blog! Your collection of creations and inspirations have always been beautiful and inspiring! Glad all is well!


Love all the photos- they lift my senses and inspire me. you have an eye for detail and color! I’ll be keeping my camera in my purse from now on…