kitchen love…

in the kitchen with is on vacation this week (kristina is in amsterdam, lucky!) so i thought i’d share some beautiful photos from artist bobbie burger’s kitchen. talk about color- woo! that would be one cheerful place to make dinner every night.

bobbie’s paintings give the kitchen a bold blast of color- i love the way she isn’t afraid to inject some seriously intense color into her home. if you’d like to see more of bobbie’s work, you can contact the bau-xi gallery in vancouver which represents bobbie. thanks, julie! [all images from canadian house and home, may 2009]



love love LOVE the yellow! The kitchen paintings are amazing! =)


Her artwork is so beautiful! Especially with the contrast of the white.


Incredibly upbeat without being too sugary. LOVE IT! My fav kitchen from DS in a while.


holy cow. love it. totally want to lean on that farmhouse table and eat a peach.


OH. WOW. i melt in my chair. this is amazing, the light! the sink! the clean lines and the yellow! i’m usually not a fan of humongous paintings, but this is just amazing.

Uncle Beefy

Yeah, it’s okay I guess. But I’d prefer something a bit cheerier. And more light too. ;)

(I don’t think you could have a bad day in that kitchen! And that yellow is a much nicer shade than my “harvest gold”… so sad.)


Table- awesome, yellow accents- awesome, I love it all!!!


Bright, sunshine-y yellow + fire engine red = a beautiful, beautiful combination. Thanks for sharing this kitchen!


Fresh and clean – I love the yellow accent and the beautiful artwork hung on the walls. Fabulous!


What an inspiring and bright kitchen! It makes me want to choose a “theme” color for mine.


Someone talk me down so that I don’t try something drastic involving my tired, old stove and a few cans of yellow spray paint. TOO adorable!


The paintings are working perfectly in this space. Such a great, clean design, love the addition of wood, contrasted with sleek, modern surfaces.


BAAAAAA! Yellow oven! I’m just going to step over here and throw a tantrum and see if somebody will buy me one.


I love the vibrant yellow bursts in the kitchen. one of the best modern/traditional spaces I’ve seen in a while.


This looks lovely! The bright yellow really pops out at you.


You know, I was just thinking again how much I miss Domino and then I saw this post! I love that kitchen. I just bought a farm table with a wood top and chipped black paint legs that I am crazy about – now I know how to work it into my dreams of a modern kitchen. Thanks Grace!


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a comment here…but this kitchen–it’s amazing! Adore the simplicity of the table. And the windows are wonderful. All together, great inspiration and I really appreciate the fact that the elements themselves are so simple, but put together create a little explosion!


so very amsterdam. beautiful. van gogh in a kitchen almost!


I have the stove – love it! You have now made me sad I did not get a color – the design is beautiful even in stainless.

karen Berg

Wow, I just felt so happy looking at those pictures. Yellow is my signature color. What a great use of it. Amazing how much joy and light emanates from those pics. Thank you for sharing.


If I walked into a house and it had that stove. I would buy it on the spot. Not that I am partial to yellow or anything…

kim miller

Amazing kitchen! Awesome use of color! No way does the counter need color…that would be over done and would detract from the perfection.


As a certified kitchen designer, I’ve tirelessly advised my clients to think in terms of decorative layers and to include artwork, REAL artwork, in the kitchen! This is a wonderful kitchen. It sings, it’s joyous, it’s happy! I love to see a kitchen that is connected to art in a significant way. Love it!


if the walls are light yellow, cabinets are white, what color should be my countertop? can anyone help?

Roy, Marie-France

Que c’est beau, les couleurs me ravissent