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diy wednesdays: camera strap cover

by Grace Bonney

in our ongoing quest to customize every object we get our hands on, we’ve tackled all sorts of random things around our home (ikea furniture, curtains, bedspreads…) so it’s about time that we finally got crafty with one of the items we spend the most time with: our camera. don’t get us wrong, we’re not ashamed if people know we use a canon, but we don’t feel the need to advertise it like we were nascar drivers. hence our desire to cover up our logo-heavy strap with something a little easier on the eyes.

have fun!
derek & lauren

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here’s what you’ll need:
a pre-existing camera strap that is begging for a facelift
a small piece of fabric that is at least 23” x 4”
measuring tape or ruler
sewing machine
rubber band

1. choose your fabric


2. measure your existing camera strap. these instructions are for a standard dslr strap with the fabric portion measuring 20.5” long by 1.5” wide.

3. cut your fabric to 22.5” x 4”.

4. fold in the short ends 1/2” and press. fold over another 1/2”, press, and stitch down with your sewing machine.


5. with right sides together, fold your fabric in half lengthwise and stitch down the entire length, 1/4” in from the raw edges, forming a tube.


6. turn your tube right side out (using a handy loop turning tool if you’ve got one).


7. press open the seam.


8. slide the strap cover over the existing strap. the vinyl piece at each end of your camera strap is a little wider than the fabric part, so you’ll need to fold it in half as best you can and secure it with a tight rubber band to make feeding it into your new fabric strap cover a little easier.


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