before & after: heike’s outdoor hideaway

today’s final before & after belongs to d*s reader heike from sweden. after having new windows installed, heike was left with pile of old windows. rather than have them continue to take up space in her workshop, heike decided to reuse them for an entirely new project: an outdoor hideaway.

after some planning, handy-work, and help from friends, heike created this incredible outdoor hideaway that’s perfect for enjoying the summer weather and catching up with a good book (or with friends over a drink). it’s so great to see people who are inspired by something seemingly left over and fit for the trash- and end up imagining (and creating) something new and beautiful. thank you to heike for sharing!

ps: just a reminder- sarah‘s weeder’s digest column is moving to friday so stay tuned for her new post tomorrow afternoon.

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;) Hideaway? Hide? In a 4-sided building? You’ll be found right away.

But very cute


This before and after is stunning!! My Airstream studio in the backyard dreams are being rivaled by this fantastic project.

sara b.

fabulous! i just love it! i think i could live in it – i would love to sit and read or make jewelry or craft the day away in there. what a wonderful find!

Crystal Cierlak

I love the pop of pink and the unusual shape of the chairs. It looks more like art installation than practical furniture. But that may be part of it’s charm.


I love this! I can just imaging sitting and playing scrabble with a friend on a rainy day.


I would love to make a greenhouse out of those windows! This is such a great idea.


Beautiful, love the white with the hot pink chairs. The only downside I can see is that it might get awfully hot with all that glass


That was just tooo cute !! I love it, thankyou for sharing.
I found a “tam tam” chair (like the one used as a table on your picture) at a flee marked last week… I love the shape!


This IS really beautiful. I’d go the greenhouse route, too…but that’s because I’d love to start my plants a little earlier–winter is way too long here.


So super cute. I love the pop of hot pink. Would love to see a hot pink and white rug w/ a killer pattern go on the floor!

lmullock: I’m guessing Sweden is one place where you can get away w/ so much glass and not worry about the heat. Must be an awesome place to hang out at night in the summer when the sun is still up!


this is SO cute and brings back memories of jazzy girls club meetings in my shed…

i like this grown-up, way more fabulous version (much brighter too)!


that’s such a pretty space for a club house! iced tea, summer reads and I can stay in that thing for hours!


This is simply gorgeous outdoor furniture. I liked the Pink outdoor chairs very much .


so creative, nice work! of course being a photographer, I can’t help but think of what a great backdrop it would make to a garden party shoot ~ especially all lite up inside at dusk. awesome re-use of materials!


great idea of transforming old windows into a hideaway. but i thought that the furniture spoiled it. it could have been something that match the nature and the house itself.


I love that idea, the room is great, however the furniture only brings one thing to mind: Barbie.


this is cute. i wouldn’t call it a hideaway though, it has windows on all for sides, nothing hideaway about that,lol.


i have those pink gumdrop chairs, and only wish i had somewhere as neat to sit on them in. they are SO comfy, too! and stackable!

Sarah Fox

I have those chairs AND the stool. Crazy, they are on my balcony and I love them. But I love this house more.

Benjamin Marcus

If those are the old windows, I’d like to see the new ones. Makes me want to design completely around salvage.


Where are these chairs from? Everyone has commented on them but no one has mentioned. I think this is incredible!


This is sooo terrific. Now I just have to find someone who is replacing their windows! Oops, AND, someone who can build the house, LOL!


WOW this is such a brilliant idea ! and I LOVE those pink chairs – they really POP with all that white – its too cute !


What a great idea! I love the simplicity of it – great for sitting out in the sun, but also for sitting out and staying dry in the rain.


I LOVE THIS!!! I found a ton of windows on craigslist (for free, SCORE!) that I snatched up just to do something like this. Incredibly awesome.


do you have the plans for this for sale. if so i would love to purchase them… i have to have someone make it for me so they asked if i could get the plans.let me know. thank you