before & after: 2 chairs and a dog bed

the salvation army is always home to some great finds if you dig a little bit. d*s reader mandy key in providence found a set of chairs and took advantage of a local fabric store’s sale to make them over. i love the yellow frame- great work, mandy!


with summer upon us, i’ve always got outdoor furniture on the brain. d*s reader rachel williams took this sad deck chair (that she found on the site of the road) and gave it a fresh, modern update with $4 ikea fabric. she hemmed it with upholstery tacks, sanded the frame and gave it a quick coat of varnish- and tada! brand new chair. great work, rachel!

this clever makeover comes from d*s reader erin mcguire- she turned an old tv into a colorful dog bed for her favorite furry friend. such a fun idea….



That daisy fabric — I swear I had twin bed sheets that looked exactly like that. Love all three projects :)


The tv stand turned dog bed would also make a great puppet theatre for a child’s room!


Hey Gaby,

I see everyone who recovers their furniture so cute, but I’m wondering if they actually do the recovering themselves. I have some great chairs I want to recover, but I don’t want to completely ruin them because I have no idea what I’m doing. Do you have a tutorial or know of one that shows beginners like me how to spruce up the fabric on our antiques? Thanks! Love your blog!


Yup! My parents had sheets in the same pattern as the dog bed!

Soft Spoken

That chair and TV stand are so cute together. I love that lime green color. You should show pictures of the entire room before and after with the new furniture.


I LOVE the dog bed! That is awesome! Who’d have ever thought of using an old tv!?


The sheer genius that is pictured on this blog BOGGLES MY MIND. I came up with the idea recently to use my kitchen Hoosier as a bookcase instead and just coming up with THAT idea nearly blew out my brain. But this stuff! Unbelievable! Humbly, I bow before you.


LOVE the dog bed – how cool! The yellow chairs are great, too.


They are ALL amazing, but the dog bed is just great ! It would also be a good way to hide a cat litter box!


Maybe it is something with name…”stephanie” it’s cute, but i also don’t get it???


does anyone know what you call that type of deck chair? i would really like one but am not even sure how to look for them since i can’t name them.

great job with everything!


the dog bed is just seems very impractical. it would only fit a small dog inside and the stand is just so large and clunky

the chairs on the other hand are great but i dont think i would of painted the wood on the first chair.

Sarah Hawley

LOVE the yellow chair. So cute. It doesn’t fit into my home, but it would be adorable at my parent’s home out on the patio. So sweet.


The TV thing is pur GENIUS. That would be perfect thing to convert into a cat litter-box hide-away as well….


The dog bed is such a clever idea! I love the little drawer on the front. Between this and the painting from earlier, I am filled with inspiration.


I’m so glad most of you liked the dog bed! It was super fun to do and a piece of cake! The “curtains” on the front are hung on dowels and slide to the side for the dogs to enter. When it’s not in use, the curtains close to hide the actual cushion inside. And my 70 pound lab fits nicely inside, believe it or not!


I’m pretty sure my head exploded from the idea of the old tv dog bed. So cute, so clever, so innovative!


Great Befores & Afters ~ but why no pic of the doggie in the bed?


My parents had the sheets from the dog bed too, and I have the one remaining pillow case on my bed right now! I had to go grab it to compare. Cool repurposing, too.


This is my computer desk – totally! It holds all my computer bits and printer and junk. Grammar!


We need to see the doggie IN the doggie bed to get the general idea and the cutest picture!


LOVE the second chair. It went from a ratty looking chair to a Designer beach chair—FABULOUS!


Thanks for the (few) deck chair accolades! It was a super easy and cheap project.

Robyn, I’d just be searching for a plain ol’ “deck chair” if I was you.