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bar cart roundup

by Grace Bonney

summer has finally arrived and the time for gatherings with friends is here! nothing beats lounging around with a good friends and a good drink, but not everyone has room for a full-fledged bar in their home. so, in the interest of facilitating summer drink get-togethers, i thought it would be fun to compile a roundup of 48 great bar cart options in the market. a small group of you have been demanding this roundup for the past few months so i’m happy to finally push this live today.

a quick note about barcarts- these days the particularly cool looking modern bar carts seem to cost an arm and a leg. so i’ve tried to include both the highs, lows and in-betweens in this guide (as well as a few small, stationery bars). that said, i’ve also included a special “fixer-upper” section of the roundup devoted to good, basic, affordable bar carts and trays that are just begging to be upgraded with a little DIY love. you know, a coat of paint, a piece of wallpaper on the shelves to dress it up. so, if cost is an issue (and these days, it’s pretty much an issue for most of us) be sure to scroll all the way down the guide to check out this special section. they may not look pretty on first glance, but they are perfect for customizing and making your own- without breaking the bank. need some inspiration? here are two great bar cart makeovers from d*s readers right here and here.

[TOP image above, clockwise from top left: luxembourg trolley in apple green $487.50, circa bar cart $1309, cetra trolley $639.54 (so cute), cosmopolitan bar cart $125, panton bar boy $3210 (my fav), vintage ‘jamaica’ rolling cart $4500, colorful acrylic bar carts $1100 each, gastone folding trolley $766.70]

[image above, clockwise from top left: vintage paul mccobb bar cart $3800, polished nickel bar cart $999.91, vintage faux bamboo bar $5500, formosa tray table $49.95 (great for small spaces and small parties)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: duncan bar cart $700, butler tray and stand $139+ (great for small spaces), gable bar cart $299.49]

[image above, left to right: sydney bar $399.99 (safe for the outdoors), three tiered serving cart $95.79]

[image above, clockwise from top left: capri bar cart $639 (safe for the outdoors), modern serving cart $64.90 (i’d paint this sucker a bold glossy color, with a lacquer-like finish), bordeaux bar cart $119.95]

CLICK HERE for the rest of the bar cart guide after the jump (including the budget-friendly fixer-upper selections)

[image above, left to right: acacia mini bar $399, wine bar $499]

[image above, clockwise from top left: flytta kitchen cart $129 (you could add a basket in the bottom to give a bit more character), minibar $319.99, vintage italian bar cart $2400, chantry bar cart by martha stewart for bernhardt (call for pricing and local availability), butcher block wine cart $199.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ghibli trolley $545, neu home round serving cart $64.99, cetra trolley $640]

[image above, clockwise from top left: sloane leaning wine bar $299, B52 cart $1225, aria trolley $55.20, madaga wicker bar $349.99 (you could place a piece of wallpaper or patterned fabric under the glass top for more detail), espresso wine cart $159.99, essex bar cabinet $499, cucina d’vino cart $850]

[image above, clockwise from top left: happy hour bar cart $1122, newport kitchen cart $129.99 (i’d swap the hardware for something like this), black rolling cart $159.98, mendoza wine cart $175, ]


[image above, clockwise from top left: light oak wine cart $79.99 (i’d paint this white with a cool black and white or brass drawer pull), forhoja at ikea $99.99 (this guy’s big, but perfect for a longer kitchen with a bit more space. the diy possibilities are endless), espresso bar cart $190 (a little pricey for diy, but could look super chic with a glossy red coat of paint), 2-tier wine table $59.99 (this one gives me the creeps as is, but i think it would be super chic in a dark navy blue finish or with a simple coat of crisp white paint), 4 shelf cart with towel rack (don’t be afraid to try carts made for the bathroom- they’re great for small spaces! you could even add decorative decals on the glass)]

[image above, left to right: vineyard wine table with glass top $120.88 (imagine this painted a crisp apple green perhaps?), traditional cherry serving cart $40.57 (i’d love to strip this and paint it a sunshine yellow or a crisp white)]

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  • I ♥ bar carts. I blogged about them for work last year when I was trying to convince myself I had enough room in my apartment for one. I’d have to get rid of something and re-do my living room in order to accommodate one. Which I really want to do, but won’t. Sadly, my pretty bottles of chartreuse and St-Germain, etc. just languish in a cupboard.

  • Love the roundups!! this is an awesome one. You guys save me so much time! thanks for putting this together and doing all the research for me :)

  • THANK YOU! What a great list and very inspiring to go down to my basement and fix up the old one that came with the house. AWESOME!

  • Richard Schultz makes a great outdoor bar-cart and the Neue Gallery sells a beautiful Marcel Breuer “Tea Trolly” …$$$$ though.

  • Yeah, bar carts kind of are the holy grail of furniture. They just have a way of looking darn good just standing there no matter what you choose or choose not to keep in them.

  • Oh, yes. Bar carts. I use one as my kitchen island, since our kitchen is *tiny* but I had to have an island. I love bar carts. L.O.V.E. Thank you for this post, reminding me that there are so many beautiful ones out there – where can I fit another one??

  • Just started reading your blog. I am actually a fashion blogger but am getting increasingly interested in design. Love your blog and these are so useful in Japan where there just isn’t enough room!!

  • Weird, I was just combing the internet for a bar cart and then this post goes up-I think it was fate! Thanks for sharing, you made my hunt so much easier!

  • So I have been trolling craigslist for the last million years trying to find a cart to use as a kitchen island. THANK YOU for this post! I just snagged up the JCPenney cart online (and also used this coupon code for free shipping: JCPCFRTH).

    At that price who could go wrong? Thanks again for the great picks!

  • Hey, that was fun! I’ve never even considered a bar cart for my home. However, I could make great use out of one to hold some of my art supplies. The areas to hold wine bottles would be good for rolls of tracing paper. Hmmm, now which one do I pick……..

  • I got a fantastic bar cart (brass with glass shelves) at goodwill for $12! They’re a staple of 1960s homes, so to do it on the cheap, scope estate sales and thrift stores. In fact, I found 3 the week I bought mine!

  • I just picked up a chrome and glass classic bar cart at Pottery Barn this weekend. Love it! It is being discontinued so I got it for $200 (originally 500)…great deal if your local PB still has one in stock!

  • I have a serious weakness for bar carts- I always seem to find amazing gilded vintage ones but they tend to cost way more than they should considering their condition

  • I have a lovely three tiered Gold Bar Cart that I LOVE. Thanks for exposing me to the many different styles and types of cart. Happy Entertaining to All!

  • These are great. I am wondering if there are any before and afters of the old 50’s vintage carts that need a coat of paint and something (fringe?) to perk them up?

    • deborah

      sadly we don’t have any before & afters with bar carts other than the two i linked to above, but if we get any in, i’ll update this post with the new links :)


  • Thank you so, so much for this roundup! I have literally been googling “bar roundup” for months to no avail. You are a peach!

  • Hi

    where can I buy the white roundup bars? they have a black version in it too? first picture next to an orange criss cross bar!