weekly wrap up + emily eibel

the design season madness kicks into full gear tomorrow so i’m heading out today to get myself ready for 5 full days of design show after design show. tune in on monday for icff coverage, followed by the stationery show and surtex- it’s going to be a packed week! until then, i wanted to add some artwork that i’m currently loving from artist emily eibel. based in brooklyn, emily makes really interesting stitched artwork. click here for more information and here to shop her work online. until monday, i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

[ps: thanks to readymade for the fun party-free interview today]



oh beautiful!! Something about these have such a Saddle Creek feel…i really like them!


Did she do the music video for Bright Eyes’s “Bowl of Oranges?” These remind me of that so very much. =)


Just wanted to thank you all for all the hard work you do! I really really enjoy reading the varied and interesting posts. Honestly this site makes my day!

THANK YOU!!!!! & I hope you all enjoy your weekend too!


I really look forward to your entries! I saw a stop motion of a girl dressing in various pieces of a designer’s collection. Was this on your blog? I’m desperately trying to find this!?


this works makes me fall in love again with thread and needle!! the wonderful is use them instead of a pencil or a paintbrush!!