weddings: floral focal point idea

i love looking at weddings that have unique design elements to them, so i thought i’d share a few fun decorating ideas from this beautiful wedding today. photographer ashley garmon sent over these photos of sarah senter’s wedding and i loved the ways sarah and her husband used a simple flower display rack filled with roses as the focal point for their aisle. it’s such a simple idea, but it looks so striking behind them, and then as guests left, they were free to take roses with them as favors. i’d love to try this with huge flowering cherry blossom branches, or some other leggy stems, but these roses are perfect for a wedding. i hope you’ll like the rest of sarah’s wedding details (including wedding invitations by alyson fox, a good friend of sarah’s) below. thank you to ashley garmon for sharing these photos with us.

[if you’re looking for more floral ideas for your wedding or home, check out sarah’s how-to video for weeder’s digest this week]



so many lovely details, the light on the bride in the last photo is romantic and beautiful…gorgeous wedding

Jay Tee

This wedding is lovely, lovely, lovely. When I have one, I want it to be like this one. And I love all those roses.


What is the wooden box filled with? Are those notecards from guests?


I love the idea of the address file! Do you know what type of cards were placed in there? Could guests leave notes?


The photography is really amazing. Great shots!


Where are the rings from? I’m getting married soon and have been looking for rings like these.


So pretty…I love the dress! Where did you find it? Or is it vintage…?


her dress is amazing, perfectly matched with those necklaces. best wishes for them!


Awwweeee. So personal…that’s what weddings should be about right?

Bethany Rose Hildenbrandi

That dress is just beautiful! very classic!


I love that last photograph. So romantic and sweet.


Why haven’t we seen any photos of your wedding yet?



i explained earlier- our wedding is going to be in the fall issue of martha stewart weddings, so we’re not allowed to share photos until the issue hits stands.



i love everything about this. makes me want to have a do-over wedding.


so gorgeous. im just starting to gather ideas for my wedding!! it is going to be a 1920’s theme and so many of the details in the picture are perfect!


Oh, what a beautiful dress! I’d love to know more about it…


SO beautiful. the bride, and the photography!! i love garmon’s work!


Beautiful! Love the dress & necklaces together! Perfect!

Sarah S.

Hi everyone! This is so fun for me to see our pictures here… we just got back from honeymooning and what a surprise!
Fyi: the dress is a John Galliano i found randomly at Neiman Marcus Last Call, and knew it would be perfect with just a little bit of work, mainly changing out some of the buttons and making a belt for it.
My wedding band is from Erie Basin, a shop in Brooklyn with a website that i Love; Adam’s is from Eliza Page, a shop in Austin where we live, and the designer is Jamie Kelsch. Thanks for all your super sweet comments!


Wow, this wedding in particular sure got around in the blogosphere! Still beautiful.

Abby D.

Sarah S. I am in love…madly with your dress. i’ve been looking all over for something similar. my fiance and i would like to have a small, using reused items at our wedding. obviously, i’m searching for a used dress. Would you be interested in selling your dress for a great cause?! :)
Abby D.
email me @ if you could. thanks!


Can I have the exact same wedding? I provide the groom, of course :o)


I recognized the card file right away. It’s from lovelydesign. I love Sharilyn’s work! Beautiful wedding!

Gina Dudics

What a gorgeous wedding. I hope to get married in my hometown of Austin one day – maybe I will have mine at Laguna Gloria too! It is great to see such simplicity and creativity together.

Miss Perfume (

I love the whole look and feel of your wedding!!! You are beautiful! Those roses are spectacular–you’ve inspired me. May I ask the name of them? My florist says Esperanza, but I don’t think they are. Help?

Thank you. :)


Miss Perfume: if you’re referring to her bouquet, I believe they’re called Amnesia roses. I used them for my wedding and they’re absolutely stunning and quite hardy-my bouquet and arrangements lasted over a week!