wedding bells: a shop horne wedding

i absolutely adore getting a peek at well-designed weddings so i was thrilled to hear from alissa and ryan at shop horne about their recent nuptials. after seeing their incredible sneak peek (which is, to this day, one of my top three favorites) i was curious to see what sort of beautiful decorations they would come up with and of course, i was not disappointed. this is one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever seen. i’m so thrilled that alissa and ryan, and their wedding photographer jose villa, were kind enough to share these images with us. i hope you’ll enjoy the beautiful design details as much as i did. before we launch into the images and alissa’s descriptions, i just wanted to add that alissa and ryan’s wedding took place at san ysidro ranch in montecito california, was designed by lisa vorce of oh, how charming!, their flowers were designed by mindy rice of mindy rice floral design, and photographed by jose villa.

ps: there are WAY too many pictures here to edit them down to any fewer than 20, so please be sure to CLICK HERE (or click “read more” below) to see the full set, which continues well after the jump!

[The tumbleweeds were handpicked by my mother and father in West Texas and shipped to California for the wedding and I think they were an awesome addition to the decor (especially those that were done chandelier-style). ]

[Evan and Christine of Yellow Owl Workshop did all of our wedding paper products and I want to hug them and kiss them everything was so beautiful! Chris even hand painted our menus and our invitations!]

[The little silver cups that you will see in some of the images were made by Miranda Meilleur (they have our wedding date inscribed on the bottom) and were our wedding gift to our guests. HORNE will soon be carrying her silver bowls]

CLICK HERE for more beautiful photos from Alissa and Ryan’s wedding after the jump!

[Our rings but they were made by Ted Muehling (Ryan’s favorite Jeweler) as were my earrings.]


mrs boo radley

Be still my beating heart…

This is SO LOVELY. I’ve never found tumbleweed to be so inspiring…until now.

ABC Dragoo

My goodness, I love the home-spun personal feel they have exuded in every little detail.

Lovely indeed!
ABC Dragoo


honestly, weddings usually bore me to tears–i’m just not a wedding girl. (bring on the tar and feathers!) BUT–this is really stunning. it is so refreshing to see a celebration, which seems to truly represent the two people getting married (as far as i can tell). it’s hard to go wrong at the san ysidro ranch, but all of the little details are beautiful. i love those hand stamped bags! congratulations!

Bethany Rose Hildenbrandi

what a personalized, BEAUTIFUL wedding!



I love this! So personal.

Weddings can totally be a bore, if they’re the classic “box” weddings with an unknown DJ, David’s Bridal bridesmaid gowns and over priced catering.

The best weddings I’ve been to have been DIY, including my own. We made EVERYTHING, and spent under $5000 for our big day. I think the photography took up most of the budget!


paging martha stewart!

this is so beautiful, and genuine and happy! I have to say it seems like a pretty expensive affair, but it’s nice to see someone willing to spend that kind of money and support so many artisans in the process.

love it!!!


These pictures have me swooning !!! What a fantastic wedding ceremony! Congratulations to the couple! and wow! wow!

How daft...

I wonder who they will select to design their divorce proceedings?



wow- there are no words. except i’d copy everything if i got married again.

Julie Diehl

Where oh where did they find the church pews?? Are the rented? I need to know!! Gah! This wedding is incredible!

Julie Diehl

Where oh where did they find the church pews?? Are the rented? I need to know!! Gah! This wedding is incredible!


I totally echo the sentiments of Lauren, above. The wedding is beyond beautiful, but all I can see is $$$. It is hard for me to imagine this wedding done on a budget- a dilema I often see in “great” design.


i absolutely love to see exquisitely designed and meticulously planned events that, at the reveal, appear effortless and casual…this is breathtaking.


Maybe Mackenzi is missing the point of the ease of style of this wedding and how anyone in any part of the country can use these photos and adapt to their own surroundings. This design is inspired to say the least and quite breathtakingly beautiful.


this is easily the most gorgeous wedding i’ve ever seen. breathtaking!!


stunning! i heart jose, he is the kindest person you’ll ever meet. this wedding tops the list!


I was really impressed by their hand drawn map of the Santa Barbara/Montecito area.


oh my goodness – you weren’t kiddin’! this is a beautiful wedding. going back to look again :)


Hey SFB – I agree that the hand drawn map is pretty amazing. It was actually created by Alissa’s father! Chris tweaked it a bit and printed it by hand, but the true credit definitely belongs to her dad for that piece.

jose villa

i gotta say this was one of my all time favorite wedding to photograph. What I loved most was how in LOVE these two are.. such genuine communication, made my work a whole lot easier .. hugs you two!!!

jose villa

wedding photographer to the love birds !

Julie Wolfson

I can’t stop looking at the photos- gorgeous.


if you guys think this wedding looks like a lot of money… you don’t need to browse far on the internet to find it seems far less wasteful than many celebrations. i love the personal touch.. it looks as if they have used items from their own home to give it so much style. and when the artist is in your family it would be silly not to use them! they have made it a celebration of themselves so well. so many people think they are doing that by just throwing gobs of money at the occasion, and to me it seems they just threw themselves into it… It’s really sweet.


San Ysidro Ranch- Wow- pretty pricey. It’s beautiful, no doubt, and these folks obviously have the taste to go with the money. But if you have the bucks to go there, you can create a pretty spectacular wedding anywhere.


wow. just…wow. the images are breathtaking! I love the cozy vintage feel and warm feelings of each photo. It mustve been amazing! This is by far one of my favorites on here too


I’m totally in awe. Every detail is well-crafted but still casual and un-fussy. I love the vintage element! What a perfect day.


Gorgeous beyond words.

That little bench with the blue cushions.. I want!

Expensive, without a doubt, but definitely inspiring.


just wanted to throw in my 2 cents: sometimes a nice location that already has beautiful surroundings can make something look more expensive than it is.

our wedding looked deceptively expensive in some aspects of the reception- and people kept coming up to me being like “wow, grace, you guys went all out, right?” but we didn’t. just goes to show picking a beautiful location and calling in favors from friends can sometimes save a buck, or two or three.


So beautiful. I didn’t realize that I was holding my breath until I got to the end. The wedding must have been amazing in person.


The pillows on the pews is a brilliant idea! It makes the guests feel cozy and comfortable in what normally feels like a formal event.


This is truly the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen photos of in my life. Seriously. Bums me out that all my husband and I had money to do was a courthouse wedding.


this is so beautiful! really elegant….
i think what is being perceived of as “expensive” is actually just good taste. thoughtfulness and creativity can go a very long way, which is very apparent here. congrats to ryan and alissa!


Amazingly beautiful! I can’t believe people still have tacky “bling”-ed out weddings when there is the option to make its so personal and special. These guys have taste- the menus, the rings, the tea-stained ribbons! swoon.

alissa & ryan

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for kind words. This was the best day of our lives and we are so glad we can share the images with everyone. We were fortunate enough to work with some amazingly talented people that helped us create this very intimate affair (45 people) so we also want to say a special ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped us make our wedding day great.

KG – The dress is a Peter Som dress (not really a “wedding dress”) made from cotton! It was so comfortable.


Thank you for showing us how pure and causually elegant a wedding can be. The details express the joy and realness of the day!


Quite obviously the most charming wedding I’ve ever known of! Congrats, it really seems that your love and personality is only emphasized by the design of your wedding. Charming, thoughtful, stunning.

bitter single girl

This melted my bitter single heart, weddings can seem so excessive but everything here seems to serve a purpose and there is no mass-produced crap. I’m off to update my profiles, what keywords would snag me a man like that?


this is so lovely! simple, yet it is screaming with love and personal style. i love the little paper packets!


The most beautiful wedding photo I’ve ever seen!

Alison Events

Lovely, Lisa you rock it every time! Jose you are sooooooo good. Sometimes I wish we lived in LA so we could have access to the lovely rentals you all have.


i second all the compliments said up to this point… but i have one question: where did you get your cake stand?! i want—NEED—that stand!


I have a friends wedding coming up, where I have been asked to do the invitations and seeing these has certainly given me a lot of inspiration. Jose Villa should be proud of the photographs. Fantastic.


Wow. My wedding is just 3 weeks away, and I’ve got lots of little handmade touches happening – this was just inspiring!!


will someone please tell me where i can find such a beautiful chandelier as the one over the cake? it makes my heart flutter! :)

such a darling venue & so thoughtfully appointed!