vintage silverware garden marker

last week i posted esther coombs new ‘upcycled’ plant markers, made from bits of old china plates, and i’ve been thinking about gardening ever since. so i was happy to hear from allison cecil at ‘monkeys always look‘. allison creates custom garden markers using vintage silver-plated forks, knives and spoons- each piece is made to order (allison will email you pictures of available silverware for you to choose from) and would make a fun gift for the green thumb in your life. you can order your own garden marker right here for $8. thanks, allison!



This is damn brilliant! What a great use for old silverware! Plus, shiny to keep the birds and squirrels out of the veggie patch.

Laurie Buckman

This designer is brilliant. I am ordering.


Love them. Super great. Would also make for cool place setting markers for an event…


I love those! I just started planting my own garden last week and I was thinking that I wanted some snazzy plant markers. Thank you!


I love these, plus I love monkeysalwayslook’s entire shop. She is wonderfully creative and organic in all her creations.

Kathleen (Mom's Friend)

These are so unique – a perfect gift for a gardening neighbor who has “everything”! Way to go Allison!

Lynda ( Mom's Buddy)

Stunning , creative and beyond brilliant!


I’m loving the idea ! and thinking about a diy version of it, using stencils and a paint meant for metal.

I wish I lived in the US…


I’m on a mission to not use plastic tags in my garden this year. They are just so junky! I love these and the ones you posted last week. Thanks for posting non-fussy garden stuff. Would love to see some DIY projects!


I love these!! I must use them for table markers at my wedding in the fall!


… what a wonderful ‘green’ idea…
the possibilities are endless … i work for a flatware company and we are always thinking of ways to use up extra spoons/forks we have kicking around… welding them together to make trivets… fruit bowls… recycling at it’s most beautiful… thank you .


Those are amazing, I found out about this post from Fern, at Life on a Balcony.



I first saw these on this site and now have them in my flower shop. They’ve been very popular–we are on our 3rd order–and Allison has been great to work with. Thanks for the great lead!

AC Silver

Oh we have a member of staff who is a silver spoon enthusiast I must show her this post, she will love it. Anything to do with spoons seems to excite her!