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sneak peek: timber!

by anne

sue daly of timber! (and founder of renegade craft fair) is a city dweller but most of her inspiration for her work comes from the great outdoors, so it’s only appropriate that she and her husband mat (also an artist) find themselves living in a home that feels like living in a treehouse. their third floor apartment in a vintage building in chicago’s hyde park is surrounded by trees on all sides. so as they’re nestled in the treetops, they’ve managed to incorporate much of the outdoors in, from the wood trim to artwork on the walls. don’t miss the complete post and check out additional images here (and the full sized images described in the captions). (thanks to sue and mat for the great peek, and to tate gunnerson for the shots!) –anne

[above: we probably spend the most time in our living room when we’re at home.  our furniture is a mix of vintage and modern.  the artwork is made up of prints + paintings we’ve picked up along the way, featuring works by leia bell, matte stephens, sugarloop, jaime zollars, amazing talking paintings, diana sudyka, chris natali and others.  the pillow covers are designed and printed by three sheets 2 the wind.]




the kitchen is the room we put the most work into.  it used to look straight out of the great depression.  again, we stuck with the vintage/modern vibe, mixing the old with the new.  the breakfast table and chairs are vintage, as well as the cow hanging above.  the plates are from marshall field’s, and were given to my mom from my dad every year for christmas during the ’60s & ’70s.  in here we also have a nice teacup print by golden hen press.


our bedroom is super cozy.  the quilt was a gift from my sister.  in here we have paintings by our friends nick + nadine from sonnenzimmer, and a giant sleeping kitty print from another friend, jay ryan of the bird machine.


other favorite things in the apartment:  pet paintings by leia bell that mat got me for my birthday.  little house collection.  little print collection.  wooden bird + branch mobile.  owl bank, to save up for dates.






mat made a ton of stuff hanging in our apartment, including some paintings in the hallway and a collage in our bedroom.  the most infamous though, is the very first renegade craft fair poster, feauring a patchwork owl at night.  this is the print that brought us together!

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  • So awesome to see you two on here, your place is beautiful. I love the orange and blues in the kitchen, i have the same tiles for my kitchen back splash as well!
    Mat, Diana and JAy prints under one roof, how ever could that have happened? :)

    Mat i still have many of these renegade posters you made as well as some others we traded a looooong time ago when i was on a road trip across country and stopped at the bird machine. They’re still some of my very favorites. Thanks for sharing your space

  • maybe it’s because i’m bred in kentucky, or because i’m a slow learner, but i’m stunned by how great it looks the way these two hurl orange and turquoise together. it should be a riot failure, a white collar shame, but instead it works four feet to infinity. it’s like a positronic ray of sunshine! or radishes! things are definitely not quiet in that room. wow. i almost forget to breath!

    i love how these dual showmen work their styles together; all the lines between them have been erased. and so photogenic. i knew they liked taking pictures, but having their picture taken? you’d think they were amateur pornographers!

    i have eighteen questions (what a madison earful), but i’ll ask just two:
    1) who made the bird/tree art in shot no. 11? it’s not a memory i can drag up — maybe i have amnesia – but i think i’ve seen it before.
    2) where did you get those bessemer process lamps?

  • I love all the color, and funnily enough I have the goose version of the little cow you have above your passthrough. the amber eyes are much less creepy on the cow though! What a great place!

  • We have that same owl mobile!! My husband thinks it’s kind of creepy, especially hanging over the baby’s crib…but I love it!

  • it’s so lovely to see your home! lovely colors + warmth. i think everyone has a soft spot for mat’s renegade owl posters. i have the one from my first renegade fair hanging in our home. makes me smile everyday.

  • I have become a huge fan of turquoise and orange/red. So this is right up my alley. Plus, I desperately wish the renegade craft fair would come south to houston.

  • hi and thanks for the awesome compliments! also, to “one man buck”
    you are a genius, who are you? The wood piece above the tv is part of a long one line poem by Christopher Natali, it was painstakingly printed onto these wood pieces that seamlessly wrapped around the walls of a bookstore in pittsburgh. Chris is a mad genius. this is a portion of said poem that didn’t make the final cut, but is one of our favorite pieces.

  • Wow! I have the pig version of the cow, and Jessica M. says that she has the goose. We could all get together and have a little amber-eyed menagerie.

  • oh how fun to see ‘my’ fiesta plates on display! i’ve been dreaming about glass-doored cabinets…but oh the challenges of renting!

  • a beautiful space. i love everything about this… i would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on where the lasercut wooden bird + branch mobile is from (i have seen it somewhere (online) before but can’t recall where!)

  • grace, with your wedding and these adorable married couples being featured on the site, how long must i wait for a wedding tab on the main site or a regular feature? :)

  • Emma, I think the tree branch lamp is from Pottery Barn — at least, I have one exactly like it and that’s where I found it.

  • Yeahhh!! It is so nice to see Chicago creative – design folk featured. Thank you! How wonderful. Love your home.
    chicago chum

  • Hi everybody! Thanks for all the nice comments!! Glad you all like the kitchen so much – it was really fun to design, and we’re so happy how it all came together. I think the orange and turquoise color combo was kind of a gamble, so it’s good to know that the contrast works!

    To answer your questions –>

    Marsha, the countertop is LG HI-MACS, which is an awesome alternative to corian. It’s more affordable, and I think they have have a better color selection.

    The branch lamps came from Pottery Barn, like Ashley said.

    The embroidered tree and birds wall hanging is from Urban Outfitters.

    The clock is from Decoylab. She has a ton of new designs, colors and shapes – so you should definitely check that out!

    I can’t recall where the branch mobile came from, unfortunately. I love it, and another cool thing about it is that it came on a sheet of wood. So, when you punch the mobile out, you’re left with the wood sheet that has all the silhouette shapes knocked out. It’s kind of like buying two pieces in one, and looks really cool hanging in our living room!

    Thanks again everybody, this was fun to do!

  • Susie, you mean the owl mobile? I got if for you, silly! For Christmas one year. I ordered it from a dealer who sells them here in the US, but they are made in Sweden, I think? Saw an article in a magazine about these particular mobiles, and when I saw the owl, I had to get it for you. Love your home, so cozy and YOU! Love the quilt! (wink). Also, great picture arranging above the couch. And so cool seeing Mom’s plates. Gotta hang mine up too. Good job guys!

  • i’m wondering about the kitchen cabinets. we are in desperate need of more efficient storage and your cabinets look like just the ticket! where can i find them and are they expensive!? beautiful place.

  • Hi pamela,
    the cabinets are from ikea, not expensive at all (as far as cabinetry goes that is) they’re actually really sturdy too.

  • So many cute things! I like the pillow & the display above the couch, in the first photo! Even though it’s an eclectic mix of things, it all works so well together. Thanks for showing us this lovely place.

  • Ok, just saw the link for “additional images”, duh! Now I see the bird and branch mobile! VERY cute! Need to see a picture of Che’, Axl, & (other) kitty to see where some of the inspiration for the animal prints comes from!

  • That cow head has been hanging around our kitchen walls for ages and ages. Perfect whimsy…sometimes I dress her up with a little necklace, or a Christmas wreath…but usu. she is simply wearing our dog’s leash.

  • It is hard to tell exactly what color the kitchen orange/red is…..could you tell us please? I have the same Fiesta dishes and would love one accent wall:)