sneak peek: jill crawford


jill crawford is a los angeles-based interior designer and graphic artist, and while typically she’s off working on amazing homes, hotels, pads or post-production facilities, today we have a special sneak peek into her own home. her current specialty is in large-scale graphic design for walls which are a fun and unique element in her spaces. check out the rest of her peek after the jump.  additional images of her home can be found here and don’t miss more of her work right here. [thanks, jill!] -anne







I love the inside, but I drool for the exterior. The green garage door is a perfect balance to the landscape against the white.


Oh gosh, I want it all now. Loving the interior but especially the modern exterior! Awesome!


I really like the green and grey color choices in the interior but I’m disappointed in the poorly shopped exterior. There are quite a few repeating patterns in that hedge… so it leaves me wondering what it really looks like.


i love the birds on the wire. so unexpected inside! it’s just lovely


The exterior landscaping has been pretty heavily tweaked in Photoshop. I’m curious to know what it really looks like.


beautiful modern house!!! and even though the interiors are of really good taste and harmonious, i felt them a little too “photographic”, and rather artificial… maybe because of the usual peeks, so homely like and spontaneous…

but wondeful entrance to a house!


Kinda of a tangent question, but can anyone identify the round yellow flowers/plants in the vase in the first picture? I got them once for my apartment and loved them but can’t recall the name!


wow, so clean, so fresh, like a glass of cucumber water at the spa… it!!!


love the night stands. where did you get them from?


love it! especially the bedroom and dining rooms…


i don’t know where to begin. i love your house and want to move in stat! how did you do the wall with the birds on a wire…the bathroom is perfection!! and the outside is a dream. love love love.


oh and the bedroom. where did you find that bed frame & side tables?


Wow! I am in awe – what a fantastic designer – so inspirational, so sophisticated and livable. I love all the colors.

carrie @ bloomacious

I just love when people who own these Eiklerish houses really know how to paint and landscape them to make them work! There’s a tract of these homes in northern california where the homeowners don’t understand the design and “updated” them to reflect other types of architecture and the results are really sad.


Love the bathroom double sink vanity! who is the manufacturer?


oh wow. i definitely wonder about the photoshop work there. show us what it really looks like!

Cindy Jacobs

Does anyone know where the black and white bed coverlet come from?


Love the color of the garage door, it’s a nice solution to the typical ugliness that garage doors create. But I see the photoshopping in that image too and it makes me question the validity of the rest of the house.

Jill Crawford

Ok, first I fess up: I did some (obviously lousy, since so many picked up on it) photoshop tweaks to the hedge on the exterior, cuz the darn thing just refuses to fill in and looks really scraggly–otherwise, everything else is for real.

2nd, Thank You! for all the lovely comments!

And to answer the questions above: the flowers are called Billy balls; nightstands are vintage from a thriftshop and were lacquered white; headboard I designed and made myself; bathroom cabinets are custom made to my design; bathroom sinks are Purist series by Kohler

And thanks again–you guys made my day!

–the designer


what a beautiful home! also wondering where the lamps in the bedroom are from and the white tufted armchair in the second photo?

Jill Crawford

lamps in bedroom came from CB2 (switched out the shades); the white tufted chair is a vintage Milo Baughman–similar ones are pretty easy to find on ebay


the bedroom looks hotel chic and those bathroom sinks are exactly what i want. Love the look!

hilary pecis

I cruise these pages and although there are many beautiful homes, I rarely feel the need to write anything.
But this is a dream home! Thanks for sharing.


beautiful home!! where did you buy the white desk from? i LOVE it!!


jill, love the cleanness, and color. thank you for sharing this! thank you for the graphic simplicity…

Jayme Ludwig

Beautiful. All of it. I truly hope to find a house EXACTLY like this when I move to LA next year. Having the budget to make it look like this will be another story.


wow, talking about statements! Great home, i didn’t mind the lousy photoshopjob, it just shows the potential :-)


I love all the little touches! Can I ask you where you got your yellow flowers in the tall white vase (first picture)? I just love the pop of color it adds!