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sneak peek: jessica lynch

by anne


our next sneak peek comes to us from jessica lynch of slow shirts who made a SERIOUS splash with her before & after industrial fireplace. turns out the rest of her home is pretty fabulous as well. i’m definitely loving the richness of the color choices combined with the natural wood. click here for more great images! [thanks so much, jessica!]anne


Escaped Wolf screen print by Phil Elverum, Old drive in Theatre photo by  Flint Jamison. Vintage arrows from HelloVictory.  [click here for more on the fireplace].



This is a close up of one of  our new stools we have been collaborating on with local woodworkers and blacksmith here on Guemes island.  We screen print the color layer,  laser on top our illustration, then hand ink the engravings in different colors.  This is our ship in a bottle design.



This bathroom took me and about seven other people over two years to finally finish.


Large 1980 aerial photograph of Valdez shipping terminal in Alaska,  found at our local kiwanis thrift store.  Black iron eagle from some ones garage.



[right: Starting from the bottom,  Muffler diptych painting by Bliss,  the target-drop screen print by Aesthetic apparatus,  small teal square painting by Aaron Power,   laser mountain painting by Deth P. Sun,   and at top, screen print of red seiner boat by slow loris .]




We get about 50% of our electricity and hot water from the sun.

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  • Jessica! Your home is so beautiful. I’m an Anacortes native and have loved your work for years. Congratulations on all your success as an artist!

  • This house is drop dead gorgeous without being a “showpace”. It seems to be a real labor of love, a true home. To me, it is brilliant in every sense of the word.
    Would you share the names and sources of your colors?

  • What an amazing house! I would love to know the paint color of the blue and the olive in the kitchen. They are an amazing color combo.

  • Jessica, I am in love!

    Like wide open spaces, I am in awe of the exterior. Would you mind telling us about the materials used?

  • Just an FYI, the comment i made about the bathroom taking over two years to complete, was placed under the wrong bathroom photo. It was the floor to ceiling tile bathroom that took so long.


  • Wow, I got a little short of breath looking at these photos! Seriously incredible home! Good to see a little Minneapolis love with the Aesthetic Apparatus print :)

  • The house is actually not huge – the exterior makes it look gigantic because of the solar panels and garage/studio space that takes up half the building. It is more-or-less a one floor dwelling, and the space is used amazingly well.

    Jessica has a great eye for color, texture and placement. I am in awe.

  • Hi!

    Paint colors are Jaquard (olive green ) and Steamer (the blue/gray) from Divine paint. In the bedrooms are Windham gray from pratt and Lambert.

    The prints in the bathroom are actually paintings by MAtthew Feld, aka driftwould. Love his work, and have collected a few pieces over the years.

    Exterior materials are barn metal siding and painted wood.

  • I’d love to know what the name of the gray paint color is that was used in the bathroom.

  • I can’t remember the bathroom color! Sorry Stacey. If i track it down i’ll let you know.

    The car is a ’71 Honda AN600. It makes a mini cooper look like an elephant. It’s my island ride. I live on Guemes Island population 600 or so. It’s only 7.92 miles around the perimeter, we have one gas pump at Andersons General store and a lot of interesting people on this rock. Worth a visit, we give studio tours too. There’s more pics of our studio workspace in the “click here” option above.

    And thanks everyone for the nice comments!

  • Is that exterior PURPLE??? I LOVE it! I wonder what my HOA would say if all of a sudden there was a beautiful purple home in the midst of our sea of beige stucco…

    PS – The wide-plank honey wood floors are gorgeous.

  • I love how everything is so unique, yet works so well together in the space. The new STOOLS are amazing! How long have they been available for? Do you make them to order? Where do you get your inspiration from? AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sorry Caroline, no purple. The exterior is two shades of Gray and it’s a red metal roof. One day while riding in the ferry passenger cabin, right at the time I had to come up with my house colors, i looked around at the walls that were a two tone gray, with a red boxed fire extinguisher hanging and decided to use the same for my house.

  • oh wow- maybe one of my favorite homes ever featured on here! both my boyfriend and i were drooling over it. and what a view!

  • Oh wow, your house is lovely. It fits so well with it’s surroundings, without overtaking the natural beauty around it! I definitely think it’s neat to see someone “local” on D*S for once (close enough to Vancouver Island, that is, to count as being local for me).

    Does the last photo face inland? I felt curious about how small the windows appear and the glorious sunlight in your photos.

  • Great home! Can I find out where you got the fabric for the red and cream rectangular cushions on the bench? Great pattern…!

  • I love your place, your work and I also love your dining room table and chairs.
    Where did you find such a beautiful oval table?

  • I LOVE that everything in your home looks like it has a story. I feel it’s so important to love the things that surround you and your home seems to epitomize that sentiment. Thanks for sharing. -T

  • Amazing house and colors… with just the right amount of artwork. I agree with Jeanne, those stools look incredibly well made and definitely one of a kind.

  • I stayed at this beautiful and quirky abode for about a week and never felt more comfortable, visually stimulated, nor humbled by the beauty of the nature the home sits in and around than here. Every detail in this home was handpicked by Jessica and it was an absolute treat to be able to spend time there. Much love.

  • I love the toilet! It’s very sleek and modern. What brand is it? If you don’t mind, I’d love to know how much it costs. Thanks!

  • CK- i think those pillows were from ikea, it was a few years ago, so i may be wrong.

    Ab- the Danish table i found on ebay also a few years ago, & got it send to me cheap too via greyhound! It has 2 leaves for big parties. The chairs were my grandmothers that she bought at an estate sale in Pennsylvania quite sometime ago.

    StacyZ- Yes dust bunnies, dog fur bunnies, I got ’em all. It’s a never-ending battle around here.

  • A lot of thought went into this home, furniture, artwork, colors… everything! Thank you for sharing. It’s truly amazing! I’m so inspired.

  • Glad to see the T-shirt biz is treating Jessica well. She’s got a lovely house and some great thrift and flea store finds.

  • MAtthew Feld has made it out of the loo as well, and into the kitchen. Don’t worry Kara, i’ve got a lot of his pieces to go around!

    N. Bassett- the toilets are made by Toto, and are dual flush. I bought three at once from a discount warehouse and got them for half of what they retail. I think they regularly go for around $250. a piece. Worth looking around at discount home stores. I did this for just about everything in my house and saved a lot of money! A lot of searching, but very worth it.

  • Hi Laura, the apple holder is just a little wooden canoe type object i found at a garage sale.. Funny thing is, it was in a fire and the side against the wall is burnt, but i didn’t care and snagged it up for .25 cents anyway :)

  • You are a very lucky monkey. And you’re so young to have such a fabulous place! Many adults only dream of this. Good job selling Tshirts!!!!!

  • perfect home. love the paint choices. I take inspiration from your home into my own. Sometimes it takes a while to get it how you want it. Congrats on your efforts.

  • Jessica your home is gorgeous and makes me miss Washington just that much more! (we moved to Utah two years ago for a job.)

    This is so uniquely NW… just beautiful.

  • Hai Jessica,
    What a beautiful house, view and everything!!
    I’ll ask you the only question that hasn’t been asked: what kind of wood is on that floor? such a beautiful color and texture