sneak peek: greenwich letterpress


our next sneak peek comes to us from amy salvini-swanson, who makes up half the team behind greenwich letterpress based out of greenwich village, nyc. i love that she’s not afraid to have fun with prints and patterns that weave their way into her fun and welcoming home. don’t miss the rest of the peek after the jump (with more images) and you can find all of our fantastic homes right here! [thanks, amy!] -anne

[above: Being a renter (especially in NYC) has it’s pros and cons, one big con at least for me is not being able to put up wallpaper. So in order to battle my white walls I tend to purchase items with bold patterns and bright colors. The rug is from Anthropologie. The Faux Bois Light is from 2modern. Log Pillow is from My Imaginary Boyfriend. I used it as a prop for my Log Lady costume last year.

The posters were a present from my parents for our first anniversary (Paper). We found them in a really amazing antique store in Paris. I had been on the hunt for vintage school posters for years and was over the moon when we came across them. My Mom made the curtains for us using Amy Butler fabric, she’s quite crafty. The table runner is from Velocity Art and Design.

Owning a store certainly has it’s perks. So I do get to take a lot of goodies home that we carry at the shop. I actually have to restrain myself from taking a lot more. These Cavallini posters and Yee-Haw Industries calendar are good examples.


My husband always tells me that if I had my way I would make our apartment into a diorama from the Museum of Natural History. Oh if  only to dream. So yes I have a thing for anything with an animal on it. Since I have a ton of clipart books I printed the images on the wall on my inkjet  at home. The frames are from Ikea, don’t know what I would do without the Ikea frame section. Couch is from Room and Board.


CLICK HERE for the rest of amy’s sneak peek (including additional, full-sized images) after the jump!

My Mom actually made this quilt by hand, if you can imagine. It took her over 2 years!. . . My sister and husband both bought this for me for Christmas, which I thought was an odd coincidence.  So now my sister had one! It’s pretty rad and all drawn by hand. I am a sucker for anything with an owl.

I also have been collecting matches for years. They’re a little harder to come by these days since most places don’t allow smoking.

I have also been collecting snow globes for years. The cheesier the better. Unfortunately I lost a bunch of them when my cat decided that he wanted to get a closer look at the shelf. Thanks Jarvis!

This cart was originally used for sorting shoes at an old factory. You can still see the shoe sizes on the front. It’s great because it’s on wheels.


Greenwich Letterpress is a great store–I was actually planning on stopping in later this week (if the weather clears up). Amazing apartment too, I love all of the little collections.

Victoria Bennett Beyer

What a cool apartment – I just love the assortment of things. I’d make my home into the museum of natural history, too, if my husband would let me :)

The art above the couch reminds me a bit of Paper Sparrow’s work:


I love the animal prints. They are so cute. I have that white cushion with the stitched colours from Ikea too! Such good value but so so nice.
I love the letters in the frame too. Really lovely.



Even without any wallpaper, I love all the color! Is there any chance you could tell me where your yellow + white pillow cases came from. Or if they were made by hand, could you tell me the fabric?


I love Greenwich Letterpress. I’m actually going there to pick out birth announcements this week. Awesome apartment!


Okay, I need to know where the bunny candlesticks on the table came from!!! I adore bunnies <3

Very cute and colorful place by the way!


Wow! Love your place Amy! I also have a collection of booze, I mean snowglobes!

Greenwich Letterpress rules!


so great to see your apartment. i am in love with your store, and now i see where it gets all its style from. and i too am a big lover of animal stuff so have to try and restrain myself — not always so easy!


I love the old school posters in the dining area & the matchbook collection. It’s always nice to see different ways of displaying collections (I have way to many collections myself!)


I too love animals. Love the way it brings color and life to the great functionality of a new york appartment. Way to go!

becky z-dub

what couch is that from room and board? I love it!


Where did you find that little table with metal legs and wood top that has one little lamp on it next to the container of magazines? I love it.


Amy- being familiar with GLP, it’s so nice to see your personal space! What a lovely apartment… Your antique clock is amazing. Does it still work and where did you get it?!


This house is full of all the things I like!! this is my favourite over all!!

Amy-Greenwich Letterpress

Wanted to answer a few questions for ya.
-The yellow-white pillowcases are from Dwell.
-I really wish I knew were the rabbit candlesticks were from, they were a gift. I should investigate!
-The wood and metal nesting tables are from a company called Roost.
-Hi Jordan! The clock does work, my husbands Great Uncle actually made it! Saw your place on here, it is so awesome.
Thanks again everyone for your really sweet comments they made my day!


Hi Amy — your home has such a wonderful, whimsical feel. And I too am obsessed with vintage school posters. I’m actually going to Paris in a few weeks – do you remember the name of that antique store where you got yours? Thanks!!


Amy is one stylish gal! I’m not surprised. Their store is so fabulous, that it makes sense to me that their store is, too :)


I am in love with the rug in the first photo-may I ask where it came from? :)
Lovely home!

Suzy Gardini

I love the clock with the owls! Where did you get that!!!
Thanks so much…cool home!!!


I love the store and this apt!!!! So cute! The rug is beautiful, owl clock is awesome and animal prints look perfect in her living room. I also have to say I’m not surprised, but it’s so fun to see such a stylish and comfortable space :)