sneak peek: dan funderburgh


here at d*s we’re big fans of brooklyn-based wallpaper designer and artist dan funderburgh. just as influences for his patterns range from 14th century moorish mosaic to 60’s American op art, his wide range of tastes weave themselves into the framework of his home. don’t miss the full peek after the jump, as well as additional images, and, as always, you can find all of our sneak peeks right here! [thanks, dan!] -anne]

[above: When we moved in the realtor told me that the weird corrugated roof could be rolled back like a sun roof. I believed him for a second. This isn’t true, but would be pretty sweet if it was. The pillow is a design by Lee Misenheimer from a long time ago. ]

This washstand holds up a few important knick-knacks including another Eva Funderburgh creation. The hard to see print above is by my friend Kimou Meyer.

I’m halfway done painting these ceramic beasts by my sister Eva, that are part of a series of collaborative pieces we’re doing. Her work is outstanding and can be found at

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Jennette’s sewing machine and several sample rolls from FlavorPaper. Above is photo by Peter Sutherland. . . Don’t trip on the soccer ball. Print by Max Vogel.

This is a kitchen nook. Highlights include a small battalion of stalwart plants, a postcard with an image of Butros Butros Ghali and a large non-functional golden spray painted boom-box [see additional images for better view] that I won in a breakdancing contest in Kansas City. I’ve since retired from competition.


Bed & board games & a Charley Harper poster celebrating the alpine northwest. I’m from Seattle originally and I’m very fond of both C.Harper and the Olympic Mountains.


Won in a breakdancing competition! Hahahahahaha! That is way awesome!


The cut out chain saw and scissors – Dan your work is amazing! I am inspired also by the first photo of your bookshelves and bicycles. Those are a couple of my challenges and this just works.


i love how everything looks like its in the right place but not too “matchy”

Agree with Tracey that that chain saw and scissors are amazing!


I love the eclectic feel that this house has. Its full of interesting and worldly tid-bits. Feels like you can walk through the halls and tell a story about everything in it.


Is it me, or does everybody in the world owns this rocking chair?

In every sneak peek there is one. I guess I’ll have to get one for myself…

Love the ceramics.


Wonderful & interesting things throughout! I need a ‘wall of books’ bookcase like his!


Looks lovely! I love the green sofa and kitchen – where can I get a sofa like this? :)


Thank you so much for this sneak peek! Dan is one of my favorite artists and now I get to check out his sister Eva’s work as well!!

Nadine Kuzak

What’s that piece above the coat rack Dan – looks like a traditional representation of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Heart, yet she’s veiled as in an Muslim tradition. Provocative, but I don’t get it.