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sneak peek: cathy + robin of heath ceramics

by Grace Bonney

cathy and robin of heath ceramics have one of the most beautiful homes i’ve ever seen. beautiful enough that it’s appeared in a number of magazines. but when coraline at heath shared this images with me i couldn’t resist sharing them here again- all that color, all those tiles! what’s not to love? i thought this would be the perfect home to kick off the week with- even though today is a holiday i wanted to ease into the week with a beautiful home- as a way to announce that….this week is devoted to sneak peeks*! anne has been working like crazy to code over 25 sneak peeks to run during my absence so we’ll be running at least 2 a day between now and when i return on june 3rd. so, sit back, and get ready to dive into some beautiful homes this week and next. it’s going to be a sneak peek-a-thon! [all images in this post courtesy of heath ceramics]

*there will also be biz ladies, diy, city guide, weeder’s digest and before & after content this week, but the majority of posts will be all about interiors.

CLICK HERE for the full set of heath images on flickr!


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  • this is serious inspiration for how i want to live! i especially love all the subway tiles!

  • This house is beautiful – it combines elements of warmth, romanticism, modern and minimalist…i’m blown away!

  • Wow — those multicoloured tiles are amazing (especially outdoors). Beautiful home, as usual — sneak peeks are my favourite! Looking forward to a week’s worth.

  • Amazing! Non-stop Sneak Peeks, my favorite! It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to have a look into all of these creative, inspiring people’s homes. And what a way to start it off! This home is beautiful! I love the vertical tiles. Lovely! (and is it just me, or do they have at least one of all of the most important chair designs from the last century?! Lucky people!)

  • one word – SICK! (good sick)

    its sneak peeks like this that make me so MAD, i just want to throw my hands up and say ‘whats the point of even trying-my place looks so crappy in comparison!!!’ but seriously i am just hunter green with envy over this one. every room, every piece of furniture, art, all of it is just so…gfff! i give up! its great.

    even her lil dress is adorable!

  • Oh i flippin love those yellow tiles. I remember seeing this kitchen before and saved it but didn’t take note where I got the pic from. Thanks once again for another amazing house tour. Mel

  • Your home is my favourite of all the sneak peeks on Design Sponge. I love everything! You kitchen and bathroom tiles are fantastic.

  • It’s lovely to see tiles used so lavishly, and outside as well as in. Such rich colours and textures add so much to an interior – makes me want to get out the grout!

  • gorgeous home. question: i’ve been trying to find that type of photo/letter/paper display. can you tell me the resource for it? does it have a ball grip underneath? what is it called? thank you so much.

  • What colour is that soft green on the walls, oh and the teal? I love the overall mood of the home. The mix of furniture and natural fibres is fantastic. And that little outdoor sink, so sweet.

  • I’d like to know where the rug is from in the top picture, are those flor tiles as well? Love it all!

  • WOW::::::::::::::so refreshing… the green tiled bathroom gives a feel of relaxing amidst nature…like in a forest or something. I liked the birdie table lamp and the red and yellow fabric chairs…which add instant colour to the areas….LOVELY

  • i rented a downstairs flat from cathy years and years ago (different place to this one). i have to say that she has always had phenomenal taste and everything she touches in the design world turns to gold. glad to see her doing so well in life!

  • i’m so curious about the chaise/couch and about the fireplace — is that a retrofit? does anyone know where one might find one? thanks for sharing this lovely home!

  • Perfect balance of scale, color, textures, art and design. It is lovely overall. Does anyone know where to get the metal strip holding the photos/notes against that pretty green wall?

  • the house really is beautiful my only thing is why is the water running in the kitchen photo. i know lots of magazines do this and it always seems such a waste to me. i know it’s minor….the house is beautiful!

  • Gorgeous colour palette and such an exquisitely felt connection to textures. A beautifully choreographed home that isn’t stilted — one longs to sit in one of the fantastic chairs reading a book, or sipping wine with light shining through the windows.

  • Thanks for all the the generous comments about our house! btw, we have a 4 year old and 2 giant dogs so it doesn’t look like this all the time.
    Here are some answers to questions in the comments above:
    1. Yep, we did the yard for HGTV landscapers challenge a couple of years ago.
    2. All the tile is Heath, made in Sausalito, everything but the outdoor benches is second quality leftover tile.
    3. kitchen counter is concrete, from concreteworks in oakland.
    4. Fireplace – we found it at the Deco/Modernism show in SF a few years back. – tip go sunday after 2 pm and you can negotiate amazing deals.
    5. letter/photo display is home made (robin) it has a piece of velvet ribbon underneath to create friction to hold photos.
    6. Paint – can’t remember the color names, but they are all from Pratt and Lambert.
    7. Globe – also from Deco./modernism show in SF.
    8. Chaise is from Crate and Barrel
    9. Mingo Saldivar poster is from the Ballroom Marfa, TX, ballroommarfa.org

  • Hi, this is a longshot that anyone will see this comment since it’s been a few days I guess, but just in case… where can I find plain round glass finials like that… the toppers on your staircase poles? They are perfect and just what I am looking for. I have been unable to find anything like them.

  • And one more question if Catherine happens to revisit…where did your kid-size table & chairs come from (behind the red womb chair)? I have been looking for a set like this–inconspicuous but at home in a modern setting.

  • the round glass finials on the staircase are for the ends of curtain rods (from restoration hardware) you can buy them separate from the curtain rods.

    table is from Ikea, comes unfinished but looks really nice if you take the time to finish it well.

  • hi cathy,
    you home is beautiful as are your ceramics!!!
    i have a home in oakland and am looking at having a similar woodstove installed there. my installer had all kinds of questions regarding ul listing etc… did you face any code challenges installing a vintage woodstove? and, i see you are using the original pipe. did you have it lined? thanks, dunya

  • Hi Dunya, on the code challenges of the fireplace, our response is “it’s always been there”. I’m sure if we were to get a permit for installing a stove such as that it would not fly. A company called Malmfireplaces.com makes new ones that are very similar, so those should be to code…good luck.

  • Beautiful house! I especially love the artwork which appears to be abstract spaghetti and meatballs (hanging above your adorable yellow chair). Where did you find such a fun print?

    Thank you!

  • I had the same question as lindsay. I love the print that’s in the photo with the yellow chair! Where did this come from? Great artwork.

  • What a lovely & warm home! I love the little woven bird lamp. I’m daydreaming here, but I wonder what the New York subway system would look like retiled by Heath Ceramics… probably freakin’ awesome!