sneak peek: amanda orcutt of amandromeda

today’s first sneak peek belongs to amanda orcutt of siloam springs, arkansas. amanda runs a beautiful online shop, amandromeda, that specializes in vintage furniture and home accessories, and recently- with the help of her husband and a contractor- renovated the top floor of a 100 year old building in historic downtown siloam springs. i was instantly taken with amanda’s home (especially the hammock in the living space), each space has a wonderful mix of new and old objects and an open, lofty feel that would make any tiny apartment dweller envious. thanks to mark jackson of mark jackson studio for lending us these images of amanda’s home- i hope you’ll enjoy amanda’s home as much as i did.

We live above a flower shop in historic downtown Siloam Springs, AR. This building is over 100 years old and previously there was nothing up here. My husband Matt grew up in Bolivia and the hammock in the lounge area (top image) is from there.

I bought my entire kitchen on eBay the only exception is the fridge and it’s a hand-me-down from my parents that we covered in chalkboard paint and my son, Isaiah, loves to draw on it (see additional image after the jump)! My dad built my dining table.

The claw foot tub in the master bath was found in another building down the street and I got it for free. All I had to do was get it re-glazed and buy new plumbing hardware.


CLICK HERE for the rest of Amanda’s peek (including additional, full-sized images) after the jump!

The chandeliers in the master bedroom and bath were my grandmother’s.

The words painted on the wall above the bed in the master are lyrics to the song my husband Matt wrote me and sang in our wedding.


oh beautiful! i love that this is from the midwest! way to show there is good taste and good design…even in the heartland :)

What an amazing space! I love the fact that the ceilings are so tall and that there is so much natural light that spills in :)


Gorgeous, I really love all the brick and the quirky furnishings and accessories. Really beautifully put together!

sarah hawley

Wow is right. I looked at the pictures before I finished reading the post and was surprised to learn this was in Arkansas and not NYC. Great to know that interesting design is alive and kicking all around the country (but we already knew that!).


Thanks again so much for posting my house! It is such a huge honor. I’m pretty giddy right now.


This is sooo beautiful. I used to live in Siloam Springs, well, West Siloam Springs to be exact and I loved going downtown. Had no idea people actually lived in all that space above the shops.


I LOVE this house. I love the mixture of everything, it works so well together. Its Beautiful!!!

(another) Hannah

I really love the Chesterfield – so cosy. Where did you find it?


This house has a great sense of play. I totally get the vibe that a happy family lives there.


Hannah, I bought the chesterfield at a second hand shop so I’m not totally sure where it originated.


I second the love on the sofa! I’m looking for something similar for my own house and I’d love any hints on where to find something like it!


Gorgeous house! Can I ask how those floors are done? They look like concrete but with some kind of beautiful treatment.


Love your house.

the yellow and black wall hanging, with all the place names on are places where i am from in england. i am from Fleet. :)


Sharon, thanks for the compliment on my house! The floors are sheets of plywood that we sanded and stained and put a lot of urethane on. They are just screwed down so you can see the screw holes and everything! I mixed the stain myself from two different colors.


love the Chesterfield sofa….would love to know where you found it. thanks!


I used to live in this town while in college and always wanted to have a loft downtown. I love this!


Beautiful photos! I love the rustic brick wall and the feminine chandelier combination. :)

alex sunday

love the rugs! especially the one by the bath. i’d buy the black and white one, but they don’t ship it out of the US!!


I used to live in Siloam during college as well. It’s great to see it show up on your blog!


That apartment is PERFECT. Seriously. Brick, wood, tons of shelves, and a hammock. Sweet.


What a fun and beautiful home. I love all of the chandeliers, the chalk board fridge (every child’s dream) and the song lyrics painted on the wall.

Amy Dean

Oh my!! Amanda!
Siloam Springs is such a small town and my mother grew up there in the yellow victorian on the corner of the main street of “downtown”!! It was her grandfather’s house and he was the town Doctor for 50 years at least, in the late 19th century! He had the house built! We visited 3 years ago when we were adopting our daughter from Kansas. It’s sad cuz some guy in Oakland, CA (across the Bay from San Francisco) owns it and has done nothing to it. I wonder if he has yet?
We became friendly with the lady who works in the Sil. Spr. chamber of Commerce across the street from the house. She keeps us up to date with whats going on. I am so impressed with your style and taste, a gorgeous , relaxed home. Siloam breeds people with great taste! as my mom has oodles of it too! Take care!


the white/navy/red rug in the bathroom —- where’s it from. love it. want it! Now!


I’m from near Aldershot, UK on the wallhanging! how amazing to see such a peice hanging so awesomely in a house! that made no sense but you get my drift ;)


Beautiful space! I’d like to know how you painted the fridge. Did you sand and prime it first? …then paint with chalkboard paint? This would perk up my tired old fridge–and it’s a fantasticly clever idea.

Miss Jess

This is gorgeous. Amanda, kudos to you and your husband for creating such a warm, happy, lovely, amazing home!

pink mist

i adore this loft! i esp love the kitchen’s industrial appliances against the exposed brick walls – super cool :) love the chalkboard refrigerator!


I used to visit my Aunt who lived just a few miles outside of siloam springs, arkansas. After years of visiting we relocated to Bentonville Arkansas and visted Siloam Springs often but after 2.5 years we moved back to Lincoln Nebr. because the are was just growing so fast and the schools just were not what we wanted for our kids. The area is a treasure chest of beautiful things and creative people. Love the space! Where did you purchase the black chandy in the top image? LOVELY SPACE!!!


I love all the comments! It really is such an encouragement! Well, the fridge went through many transformations-first we painted it white (it was cream) then we wallpaperd it, then chalkboard painted it green and then black. I don’t think we ever sanded it though. For the chalkboard paint you can just roll it right on. And most of my rugs came from Urban Outfitters. I love that place! And it’s so nice to read so many comments from people from Siloam!


its such a great place! with a great atmosphere! :D aawww you are sooo lucky a great husband with a good touch for lyrics and a free tub! >.< i will die for that tub! jaja


Love the whole place. Makes me want to move downtown in my own city (as long as we get the whole top floor).

What does it cost to have a claw foot tub reglazed?

Great job getting the appliances on Ebay! How do you handle shipping? Do you go get this stuff in person, and then check it out to make sure it really works, etc.


Down and Out Chic

i’m usually not a fan of exposed brick but these spaces are just wonderful (especially the bathroom). i might need to rethink my brick prejudice after all.


Love the textures and mood your place has. Good so see a fellow NWAer on DS. I’m in Springdale.


This makes my heart pound. I absolutely love the countless contrasts… must be like living in a visual playground. Thank you for the lovely contribution, amanda and grace!


beautiful home accompanied by a beautiful scripture on the fridge :)


I love all the words, and how they all express love. Love for God and family… it’s really beautiful :)


Wow! What street is this on?
I’m a JBU alumni, so Siloam has a fond place in my heart. So many cool old buildings there. Great space, very nice work.

gena biello

I just came across your post! What an amazing place. I especially love the kitchen. I have been tossing around the idea of painting our basic model white fridge with chalkboard paint, and this may have inspired me to take the plunge. It looks fantastic! Where did you get the hardware for yours? Thanks for your time!


I’m from Siloam Springs, AR, and I always hoped people would take downtown over and make it chic and adorable. Thanks for doing this! Living in NYC makes me miss small town charm.