roz leibowitz

one of my favorite artists of all time is scad alumni, stephanie howard. i finally gave in and saved up for one of her “shag queen” drawings (my wedding present to myself) when i was in savannah and ever since i’ve been on the lookout for artists who work in a similar pen and ink style.

so i was happy to hear from tiana about a show of artist roz liebowitz‘s work. it reminds me so much of what i love about stephanie’s work, and has the same vintage mood and feel to it. i was particularly taken with roz’s ‘lena‘ drawing above, but they’re all quite impressive. click here to check out more of roz’s work at sears peyton.



Beautiful! I really love the third piece in this post…(center, right). But I’d be thrilled to have any of them.

Zoe Pawlak

These are really similar to Luke Painter’s new pieces which are ink on paper BUT CRAZY BIG! So glad you got yourself a wedding gift, good call Grace!