nikki’s luggage and kristen’s bar

next up is another makeover duo- the first is from nikki biallas of chic maps by nikki. she updated her vintage luggage with gift wrap and high-gloss mod podge for a totally different look. perfect for a summer trip. click here for more info on nikki’s project.


this cheerful table makeover comes from kristen davis. she also utilized gift wrap (don’t worry, there are non gift wrap makeovers up next) to re-work this $5 yard sale bamboo table into a colorful bar table (she even make a little flag garland for an extra kick). i’ve always wanted a cool bar table so this project is making me rethink the junk items i see at stoop sales each weekend. thanks, kristen!

[have a before & after you want to share on d*s? just shoot me an email right here with your pictures!]



I’ve been wanting a bar table lately as well! This gives me some ideas…


Wow, I read that as “huggage” and was totally intrigued! Silly me… Love the “after,” though!

Michael Dominic

Sometimes one should leave well enough alone.

The bag was great as is. I think that “treatment” ruined it.


I love the color combination of pink, brown, white! The yellow flowers add a nice kick, too!


I’ve been in search of the perfect bar table as long as I’ve been in my apartment (almost 2 years!) They all seem to be too expensive! This was a lovely idea, and I love the pink on the bambook. Girly without being too Hello Kitty. Love.

Our Little Love Nest

love all of it right down to the buntings…how inspiring!!! (the luggage is gorgeous after…I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Michael)


definitely not denying the cuteness of the “after” version of Nikki’s luggage… but I’m with Michael. i’d have kept it as is and loved it to pieces.


love the little flags on the cute pink bar table. What color is that?

Chic Maps by Nikki

Thanks to those of you who enjoyed my luggage. I have always loved vintage luggage but too often the pieces you can find (that I can afford!) are seriously damaged so for me the best way to still enjoy them a little TLC with a touch of me.

Abby G.

I wonder why the Canadian Club bottle was missing in the close up? Maybe someone had an afternoon cocktail?


I love what Nikki did with her luggage!!! I have the exact same set, the large and medium suit cases and the travel case as shown. I’ve thought of covering them for years and just never did it. Nikki you have inspired me that it can be done and is so worth it! thanks! now to find the perfect paper! :D

kristen davis

danielle – thanks! the color is just the pale pink spray paint from valspar (don’t know the name of it, but it’s the only pale pink they have – at lowe’s).

abby g. – haha, i actually sent in two different sets of pics, and was moving stuff around when i took them. woops! no cocktail here! ;)


I LOVE the little flags! I’m dying to fill my house with quirky garland like that, but am not sure how to craft it myself. Has anyone seen any tutorials on this?


that vintage suitcase is amazing! funny though, because just the other day I was searching for an old suitcase to do something like this too. This has inspired me to keep looking!!! yay:)


Oh, cool! I just got some great vintage luggage, and I haven’t done anything to it yet because I’m concentrating on getting the smell out, but this is great inspiration!


Love both of the makeovers. With a toddler in the house, I’m not sure I can swing a low bar right now, but someday…

Nikki Soppelsa

The ‘vintage’ part of this luggage is no longer…along with its ‘vintage value’.
Sometimes (even if terribly damaged), things are better left alone.

susan edwards

OMG! I LOVE the color and the paper you used for the bar. Cutest bar I’ve ever seen. I need one!
Love the luggage redo as well.


Luggage after= adorable. I love that the owner found it cheap, repurposed it into something *she* loves and kept it from possibly ending up in a landfill instead of going out to buy luggage she may not have been able to afford, charging it, then likely paying interest on her purchase. Reconfiguring and reusing things is almost always a win-win for our budgets and our planet…no matter what the “purists” say :) But, to each his own…


I love the luggage! You meant to add personality and create a piece that has a vintage look to use, not to preserve exactly as it was created for a museum. I think you did a great job! It’s adorable!

Kate Kainu

Both of these projects are completely adorable. Well done ladies! I love to look at your artistic inspirations because they tend to inspire me :). Keep up the good work. BTW, value belongs only to the owner of the piece in all senses. I’m pretty sure Nikki knew what she doing before she started the luggage makeover.