icff preview: amt design + timothy liles

designer timothy liles who will be debuting this fun chalk pendant at the designboom booth, #2266. they’re the perfect accompaniment to his crayon rings.


designer alissia melka-teichroew of amt design (click here for a tour of alissia’s home) is debuting several pieces at this year’s icff. alissia’s lonely hangers (above) were derived from cup handles that were broken off their cups. they can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, anywhere. the lonely hangers will be shown at designboom goes ny local, details here.


i love alissia’s new “jointed jewelery”. this work in progress was inspired by a simple ball joint- but created with advanced selective laster sintering, which makes it possible to create a ball joint connection in one piece. you can visit alissia’s jewelry in person at 400 years later- CITE goes dutch.

last but least for alissia is a new series of textiles called taped table linen (which will be shown at the 400 Years Later exhibit + NY local/designboom. these linens feature a pattern drawn using tape, which mimics, “the old-school way of patterning a woven damask”. alissia’s collection will include tea towels, a table cloth and napkins, and will be shown at icff in not only these grey shades, but in bright colors.

Tricia - Avolli

Chalk pendant…humm…
interesting. Do you think it will rub off on ones clothes?

Functional jewelry…it reminds me of the candy necklaces I had as a little girl. You could wear it or eat it. With the chalk pendant and crayon ring you can wear it or create with it.

Tricia – Avolli


eek i LOVE those chalkboard necklaces…a little obsessed with facets. great stuff!

Young Hunting

If you like the chalk pendants, look at Dani M’s designs. They are very similar except they will last forever as they are made of porcelain and sterling silver.


She is from Melbourne, Australia and has an online shop on her site. If something is not in stock on her site you can email her. She is lovely.