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icff 2009: the british are coming (wallpaper)

by Grace Bonney

to put it simply- contemporary british designers do wallpaper really, really well. these designers were the bulk of the reason i spent 2 hours in this 3 row section alone. catherine hammerton, tracy kendall and clarissa hulse are so good at what they do. (so was lizzie allen but unfortunately they weren’t keen on people photographing their booth)

it’s always a pleasure to see what designer tracy kendall has to share. she’s friendly, talented and full of great new ideas this year. and for the 2009 show, tracy focused on attaching tiny sequins, glittery tags, letters and puzzle pieces to wallpaper (by painstakingly hand-sewing each one). i loved all of the texture in her booth and was quite impressed with the stitched papers shown below. she’s always a class-act and this year was no exception.


designer catherine hammerton is just awesome. i have a major girl crush on her because she is so talented, so sweet and always comes up with designs that make me squeal with happiness. this year was no different- as she debuted a gorgeous series of layered/shingled wallpapers (the two images above) and two collections that had a fun DIY element. both ‘grace’ and ‘collection 09’ are beautiful flat papers that come with accessories that you can place and glue to create your own custom design. the ‘grace’ piece (the pale white style below) comes with paper flourish packs that you punch out and stick on the paper, and the ‘collection 09’ style (the collage-y piece below) comes with a fun pack of vintage knick-knacks that i would be excited about on its own. stated simply: catherine hammerton rules.


CLICK HERE for two more wallpaper designers after the jump!

wallpaper designs from clarissa hulse are always full of bright color and wonderfully sophisticated. this year there were bright pinks and oranges- but this two-toned floral print (top left) was my favorite.

last but not least, a playful pink wallpaper pattern from chato & co.

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