icff 2009: i heart wood

this year’s icff showcased some really beautiful woodworking- something i find myself increasingly interested in. some of my favorites in this theme were shimna, scott braun and larimore. each designer approached the material differently, but with an equally beautiful result.

first up is shimna, and designer aaron huston’s beautiful furniture. i loved the way aaron inserted a walnut into this coffee table- it was such a playful detail and gave the table a little something extra that took it beyond being just a lovely coffee table. i also loved shimna‘s bed, which featured built-in storage and these adorable pop-out boxes to store small things like rings and glasses (just a gentle push and they slide open). i love the chunky wooden legs on shimna’s furniture- they’re a nice contrast to the thin, slightly-mid century legs that are still showing up on a lot of furniture at the show. and the record bench? gorgeous. i think that’s something even ac could get behind.

next up is designer scott braun of brooklyn. scott designed this beautiful outdoor chair using reclaimed railroad ties. i loved the texture of each piece of wood. it was so sturdy and so handsome.

designer jack larimore showed a beautiful collection of furniture made from re-used timber and other salvaged materials found near larimore’s studio in pennsylvania. i loved how raw everything looked- but still clean and modern enough to use indoors.



Grace, thanks for the woodworking shoutout! Looking at the coverage of ICFF, there is a lot of non-wood furniture, so it’s great to see some attention paid to the wooden stuff. I’ll check out the designers you highlighted. Thanks! Mitch


Absolutely, love wooden furniture.
Great designs here and i like when there is recycled and salvaged wood going into some of these designs like Scott Brauns outdoor lounge chair. He has some fantastic work on his site such as a sideboard/buffet cabinet and some Carlo slung chairs which are very cool. .


I love reclaimed! It’s very popular out this way in BC – if you’re ever in Vancouver there’s a great shop on Granville that showcases all sorts of furniture made from re-claimed wood. Locally (here in Courtenay, BC) there is a fellow who makes flooring out of wood from the famous Stanley Park. There was a huge storm a year or so ago and he bought the downed trees for his business. Truely unique… and sustainable!


love the bed in the first and second pictures. am afraid to know how much it would cost, though :)


I *LOVE* that bed. I wonder how expensive it is…or if it is available in Canada.