icff 2009: 10 more for the day

just like the stationery show, icff coverage will be continuing here all week, but i wanted to wrap up show coverage for the day with ten more of my favorites from icff. stay tuned tomorrow for more show coverage (and a new biz ladies post next)!

the furniture society of america booth felt a bit disjointed, but there were several great designers in their group: jennifer anderson (those are her mud and steel case chairs above), cory robinson of indiana university (that’s his table above), and my personal favorite- the lovely tanya aguiniga (that’s tanya’s soft seating directly above)

i loved the seafoam green metal detailing on this wooden table from uhuru. they’re so talented.

this line dryer and water saver from hero design lab were fantastic idea. such a clever idea for saving water- and creating something that’s visually pleasing as well (the designers were super friendly to boot).

designer patricia urquiola can do little to no wrong in my book. i loved her beaker-shaped rug at the show this year. it felt like a collection of warm winter sweaters.

this clever ‘cozy shelf’ design from michael weaker> (who we met at bklyn designs) turns any piece of wood and an L bracket into a cute decorative shelf. this floppy rubber piece just lays on top of the shelf to give the appearance of a decorative ledge. i’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from michael in the coming year. (this was shown as part of the umbra booth)

i loved these sweater poofs (lots of sweater-motifs going on this year, seems like a trickle up from design school trends) by donna wilson and the SUM wooden wall shelves by peter marigold.

arktura‘s sprout table was sweet and simple- they would be perfect for modern cafe seating. i also loved chris adamick of test collective’s turn table storage credenza. wish i could afford one of these for ac.

last but not least- lovely wooden botanical-themed shelving from pieter vantuyl.


Wow! Very innovative designs, truly inspirational! Thank you for sharing.


For the first time I went to ICFF last year~!
They have lot of interesting furnitures!


I LOVED LOVED Patricia Urquiola’s rugs. I never thought I could like a rug so much. I’m so glad you posted it because i didn’t remember her name.


so many great designs and ideas, One of the reasons I loved being in art school was the chance to look and and discuss works like these


I love reading other people’s recaps of ICFF and BKLYN DESIGNS. Even though I went to both shows, I always seem to find things online that I missed! I did see the HERO booth though and can verify that they were very nice people.

Soft Spoken

All of those designs are so beautiful. That wooden table with green detailing from uhuru is my favorite. The abstract wooden shelves are also very interesting. However, that seating from tanya aguiniga looks a little like coffin.


LOVE the botanical shelving. beautifully simple but gorgeous. my style to a teeeee


Oh, I so want that Cozy Shelf modified into a cover for my horrible apartment faux wood laminated kitchen dining counter (which I use as a TV perch and entertainment center).

Any brilliant ideas to cover it up (and take it off when I move)?


The Eames chairs made me so sad. I get that art does not need to be beautiful, but still-do you know why they are covered with mud?

I love love love all of the other wood, especially the botanical themed shelving.


So the Eames fans can sleep tonight – beneneath the mud there is only rebar and wire mesh.

Matthew Hebert

Cory Robinson is a man, for the record. Other than that little mistake your take on the furniture society booth is spot on!

Cory Robinson

Love the muddy Eames chairs – sorry I could be there to touch them!!!