d*s guest blog: paige’s diy project

i just wanted to take a quick-time out to thank paige russell for her wonderful guest blog posts this week- it’s been so much fun to read her mini-city-guides to kelowna, BC and burlington, vt. and today i’m absolutely in love with her end of the week DIY project.

this morning paige is sharing her instructions for creating a ‘green space travel case‘. i love the idea of having your own portable picnic lunch (green space included) and this is just such a fun way to reuse an old suitcase and turn it into something that gives you a few minutes of happiness a day. click here to check out paige’s instructions. click here to check out all of paige’s posts from this week.

paige also has a great post on local artists in kelowna today, so be sure to check that out, too! i’ll be back at 9am with the conclusion of stationery show coverage for the 2009 season.

[images above: the work of teal & gold. see post for details]

Samantha Lewis

Whoa crazy! Was planning on doing a mini version of this in my faux fireplace. It only goes about 8 inches in so I thought this would give the illusion of it going deeper. Now I have some reference to convince my husband with….


This looks amazing, but i can’t stop thinking of all the little spiders that could hide in it.

Jane Marie

If some of those pieces would stick out a few inches more than the rest, they might make cool coat hooks.