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diy wednesdays: personalized wallpaper stationery

by anne


with all the endless emails, texts, tweets, and “pokes” flying around these days, we’ve found our appreciation for simple handmade cards growing stronger. we always keep a stock of blank stationery on hand so we can quickly whip up personalized little notes to send off to friends and family. mother’s day is the perfect excuse to send a handmade hello to the one person in your life who will appreciate it most. you can make and send a single special card, or create a whole matching set that she can use as a line of personalized stationery.

this project is adapted from our new book wallpaper projects, and is also an example of some of the fun things we’ve got planned for the two classes we’ll be teaching next month at squam art workshops in new hampshire. in addition to playing around with wallpaper, we’ll also be leading a workshop on nature-inspired crafts. we’ve always dreamed of going to creativity camp, and we can’t wait to spend a few days at beautiful squam lake making crafts and a whole bunch of new friends. hope you can join us!

happy mother’s day to all the crafty moms out there! (especially our moms, who taught us everything we know.)

derek & lauren

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here’s what you’ll need:
scraps of wallpaper (or giftwrap)
blank notecards and envelopes
scrap paper for template
metal ruler
rubber cement
x-acto blade and cutting mat

unfold a blank card and trace around it on the backside of your wallpaper. subtract 1/8” from each side and cut out.

apply rubber cement to both the backside of the wallpaper and the outside of the card and carefully adhere them together. place a heavy book on top while the glue sets.

to make the envelope liner, open the flap of the envelope and trace around it on a piece of scrap paper. subtract 1/8” from all sides and cut out your template.

trace around the template on the backside of your wallpaper, and cut out your piece.

apply rubber cement to both the backside of the wallpaper and the inside of the envelope and carefully adhere the wallpaper inside the envelope. place under a heavy book while the glue sets.

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