diy project: kitchen utensil key rack

we received a beautiful new set of silverware for our wedding and lately i’ve been sitting around trying to figure out what to do with our older, not so nice, silverware. i couldn’t bring myself to throw it out, so this project from d*s reader liz bloeser is just the ticket. liz decided to use up some leftover, thin silverware to create hooks for her home. these would be especially fun in the kitchen, but would work anywhere you need some extra hanging-room. it’s the perfect simple project to take care of that leftover silverware from college. thanks to liz for sharing this project with us!

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What you’ll need:

* 3 pieces of silverware (thin spoons and forks work best)
* Acrylic paint
* 3 pieces of square, unfinished wood (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents each)
* Clear Gorilla Glue
* 3 brass triangular hangers (you will glue these to the back of the wood)


1. Bend your utensils: I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is to drop the three utensils into boiling water. Once they’ve softened a bit, use tongs to remove the silverware from the water. Wearing cleaning gloves, bend the silverware around something small and round (I used a small drinking glass).

2. Paint your wood pieces, 1-2 coats of acrylic paint each.

3. glue the brass triangular hooks to the back (make sure they are straight or your key rack will hang crookedly)

4. Glue the utensils on the front using the smallest amount of Gorilla Glue possible. If you use too much glue, it will puff up alongside the silverware, so be careful!

5. Hang up your new key rack!


Green Key

These are cute, but I don’t think they will hold much weight.
I save old silverware for use at parties, picnics, etc. I leave a fork, knife and spoon in the car glove box for those times when I’ve got to pick up a salad or yogurt on the run. Another set is at my office. I don’t like using plastic utensils.


i’m so making some of these for all my old silverware (you can only use so many forks for camping, you know?)!

blue bicicletta

I think I will be having the same problem soon—I’m getting married in September. What a great idea, and I need a place to hang my keys! I’ve also always wanted to try making a silverware wind chime.


I am going to make a bunch of these as gifts!
It reminds me of my grandma, she would get old silverware from garage sales, hit them flat with a hammer and make them into wind chimes. I’ll have to find a picture and post it, because they are super cute as well!


FINE! I can’t just wake up in the morning and see my old roommate is featured on design sponge.. thats crazy!


Thrift store old stuff like that. Never throw perfectly useful stuff out just because you don’t want it anymore. Someone else could certainly use it.


I love it! I’m totally stealing this idea…along with some silverware from the bar so I can make it!


I know you were maybe just looking for a poetic segue, but … is there no life for old silver between the bin and a craft project? Almost anything beautiful in my life I found combing thrift stores. So for the sake of the likes of me, donate!


I never did want to throw away the college spoons. Now I know what to do with them!

The Masked Mommy

I LOVE this idea! I’m currently working on a “kitchen themed” kitchen, so this idea is totally going to be used! thanks for the inspiration!

Julissa Mora

This is so awesome! And perfect timing, because I’ve been getting annoyed with all the keys on our kitchen counter. Can’t wait to create my version of this! :)


I love this idea. I’m thinking about using them to hang up my aprons. They’re pretty but I forget about them folded up in a drawer.


We keep losing the keys to our papercutter in our studio because we just throw it on one of the shelves. We’re stealing! Thanks DS.


I like this as an idea for hooks in the kitchen, for things like tea towels and oven mitts! Very creative!


I did it in my house and then my girlfriend said that you’re crazy. I said I had to try. they look fantastic.


Nice idea, my daughter will use it as an idea at school, thank you for being so creative. I am from Guatemala, Central America


I think these would also be adorable as hooks for potholders or to display a favorite set of coffee mugs!


Hi there hope you dont mind me linking to your page and share these cool key racks in norwegian. regards Evy (If you mind please tell me and I delete the post ;) )


I love this! I am in the process of doing mine with a stamp design on the side and I am spraying my spoon with stone textured paint! Its going to be AMAZING!!!

april agustin

This is brilliant, I don’t have many keys but this might actually work for the necklaces and bracelets scattered on my desk :D


That’s a brilliant idea – gonna raid my parents’ souvenir spoons for that – perfect size and interesting top bit. Might flatten the spoon part to glue it onto wood… thanks for starting the idea…


I love this idea! I also have a splendid idea for artwork along these lines! Buy an old, framed canvas painting at a thrift store and paint it whatever color you desire. Spray paint old wooden utensils, then glue them to it…making a sort of different art piece for the kitchen!

Janine Aguero

LOVE this idea! Another idea for old silverware is making a wind chime. The people who owned our house before us, left one on our tree outside our bedroom…sweet music!


Very Cute idea!
Loved the idea for hanging aprons on them as well.
I think they might also make a cute “hook” for a curtain tieback.


How great idea!
I really need this rack, it’s perfect to me…because every day I don’t know where the keys are in my home…

Ali K.

Love this! I have several mismatched pieces of silverware. I had seen an awesome kitchen redo where they used a bent spoon or fork for a cabinet handle! It was beautiful and most vintage! Thanks for the tip on bending them!


I love it. Thank you for that beautiful idea. Had to try it. Don’t know if I’m allowed to post pictures here, but this is my version:
I used some old left over fabric and picture frames.

Sarah & Melissa