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diy project: kate’s pretty paper coat rack

by Grace Bonney

april showers bring may flowers, right? let’s hope so, even though oakland is still in the showers mode. I found some gorgeous spring floral papers from snow & graham at my local art store and have decided to make may the month of pretty paper diys. have fun! – kate

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What You’ll Need:
1. decorative paper
2. coat hooks (i found all of these vintage hooks on ebay and at flea markets, but i have seen nice new ones at home stores like anthropologie and target)
3. screws
4. piece of scrap wood (you can also buy cheap precut shelves at ikea which would work fine)
5. spray adhesive
6. scissors
7. ruler and pencil
8. drill


1. lay out your paper face down on a clean, flat surface. spray the front of your piece of wood with a thin, even coat of spray adhesive.

2. lay the wood down on the paper. spray the sides and back of the wood and wrap the paper around and flatten on the back like you are wrapping a present. pull the sides tightly and flatten down one side at a time to prevent air bubbles or wrinkles.

3. you can finish the sides like a wrapped present, or you can cut slits in the four corners of the overhang, remove the flap on the back of the piece, fold in the two side flaps, and then fold the flap from the front to the back and glue shut. finish both sides and glue to close.

4. now your wood is cleanly covered with the paper. if you want to seal the whole thing with mod podge or sealant do this now. this will protect against stains and rips, but it also gives the surface a slight sheen. i left mine as just the paper because it won’t be in a place that gets too much wear and tear.

5. lay out your hooks to decide placement. once you have a general idea, use your ruler to make and mark exact measurements. it will look much more professional if the hooks are evenly spaced and level. i measured everything and put tiny pen dots where i planned to drill.

6. drill tiny guide holes through the holes in the hooks into the wood. then follow with your drill or screwdriver to screw the hooks down. if you want to paint any screws, use a small paint brush to paint screws to match hooks. let those dry before touching anything.

7. measure 1 inch in from the corners and drill small holes completely through the wood. these are for your nails or screws that will attach the coat rack to the wall/door.

8. use a level to hang the coat rack and hammer nails through the corner holes you drilled.

NOTE: if you don’t like the look of antique mismatched hooks, you can spray paint all your hooks one color for a more modern look, or use wooden pegs instead. you can find these materials at home stores and wooden pegs are available at craft stores.


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