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diy project: kate’s pretty paper coaster/trivets

by Grace Bonney

i caught on a little too late to the idea of unloading my cds, but that’s okay because most of my cds are scratched, dented, labeled with my name (camp!), and otherwise destroyed. yesterday my boyfriend actually found one covered with melted candy….oops! but even if i can’t sell them, i am determined to have some use come out of my trashed alt rock collection. the great thing about these recycled cd case coasters is that their size allows them to double as trivets. big enough for mugs, plates, and pitchers, these are useful indoors and outdoors and cost very little time or money to make. i see a group of four or six of these tied with a pretty bow as the perfect hostess gift. have fun!! – kate

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What You’ll Need:

1. old cd case (clear, with no stickers on the back)
2. decorative paper (from art and craft stores, or leftover wrapping paper, or magazine cut outs would look cool too)
3. scissors
4. masking tape (i found black at the art store, but that japanese colored masking tape that has been all the rage on blogs recently is now available in the us here)
5. exacto blade and cutting board


1. open the cd case and remove all album artwork papers from front and back. clean the cd case and dry it off.

2. trace the back of the cd on the back side of your paper. cut these templates out.

3. remove the plastic cd insert ( the part that holds the actual cd) from the back piece of the cd case. it should snap out and snap back in again later. slide your paper in and cut down any excess until it fits exactly in the back of the case. fold the left edge of the paper where it meets the spine of the case.

4. snap the plastic insert back in place. now you have a cd case with your pretty paper in the back and on the spine.

5. if you want your coaster to be double sided, trace the front of the cd case and cut out the template. slide the front template piece into the front of you cd case, like you would the album cover art. this is an optional step.

6. cut four pieces of tape that are each 1″ longer then the sides of the cd case. to cut out the designs, stick the tape down onto a cutting mat and use an exacto blade to cut the shapes. if you do not want to free cut it, you can draw the design on first with a pencil to make sure it looks okay, then cut the design.

7. gently peel up the tape from the cutting board and stick it on the sides of your cd case, overlapping with the back just enough to cover the edge. fold it down over the sides to hide the edges of the cd case. wrap the tape on the sides like you would a present. do this on all four sides with your four pieces of tape and snip the extra flaps off the sides with scissors.

8. if you are making your coasters double sided, you will want to overlap two pieces of tape just slightly lengthwise to form one thick piece of tape. follow step 6, but cut the design on both sides in a mirror image. then proceed to step 7.


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